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Albus, Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2015-01-02 5:05pm
Last Chapter
2015-12-19 9:41pm
Last Updated
2015-12-19 9:41pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Through All This Tract of Years

The wolves had followed him for an hour now.

7,665 16
2 Truth is This

The Old Rectory always did its utmost to look like it had fallen out of a postcard.

5,209 12
3 Barren Ribs of Death

‘So when you were looking for a place to live, did you set up a contest for “most twee city in Britain”?’

6,367 9
4 Trouble of the Rain

‘Do you want me here with you?’ asked George, the two of them stood before the Potter family home in Godric Hollow.

5,955 7
5 Of Day and Night and Death and Hell

Rose was only a little surprised when Selena appeared at her door with a bottle of wine and declared, ‘We’re going out.’

6,575 10
6 Again to Come

Dawn brought smoke and death.

6,246 10
7 Heard the Call

‘This is your father’s warehouse,’ said Rose as they appeared with the spinning-crack of Apparition in the wide open space.

6,480 3
8 The Lawless Perch

It wasn’t snowing in Moscow, and Rose felt a little cheated.

6,614 13
9 In Nightblack Arms

‘Dad can get us a portkey to Denmark, if it is in Denmark,’ said Matt, bent over the map laid out on the table in their safehouse. ‘But from there we’re on our own.’

6,092 12
10 Confusion and Illusion

Armand Corentin wasn’t sure who he’d upset, but he knew it was someone important.

6,504 25
11 I Trust Thee to the Death

They sat in a tent, wayward friends and lovers and traitors and enemies, and gathered to listen to the tales of a dead man.

6,268 12
12 Man Was Less and Less

‘I don’t want to worry people,’ said Scorpius as they advanced through the shrouded woods of the Brocéliande Forest, ‘but I think we’re being followed.’

7,286 14
13 Blasted and Burnt

'Potter, they got the job done -'

7,032 9
14 Some Ten Steps

‘So there’s nowhere you’d guess he might have gone?’

6,238 7
15 Take Me, Cast Me Away

‘Do you want a coffee?’ Scorpius blurted the moment he’d shut the door behind Rose.

6,597 10
16 The Shadow of Any Lie

‘You should only keep it on for an hour or so at a time,’ said Dwyer, looking at the prosthetic hand like it might explode if Matt did the wrong thing.

6,291 5
17 In Mine Own Realm

Albus didn’t wait for a response before he dragged Scorpius in, gaze sweeping around the flat in a calm, authoritative manner.

6,893 8
18 O Earth That Soundest Hollow Under Me

‘I’m not sure why I’m here,’ said Selena, looking around the flat with a guarded expression.

5,654 7
19 Descending Through the Dismal Night

‘I’ll put some leftovers away for your father,’ said Ginny, hauling the platter with the remains of roast beef off the table.

5,882 16
20 The Old Order Changeth

‘You’re hunting Draco Malfoy.’

5,818 7
21 Love Most, Say Least

The Muggles had built the Gare d’Orsay over a hundred years ago, one of the latest stations built in Paris to play hub to the blossoming rail network.

6,787 6
22 And Fame Again

Avoiding romance meant Albus had missed some of the truly awful and fundamental moments of growing up.

6,554 8
23 A Hundred Winters

What had once been a bustling centre of international travel, espionage, and operations was now a gloomy and dusty warehouse, but still Matt stood in the centre of his father’s old base and saw what could be.

6,770 8
24 Of Blood and Custom

‘It’s a bit bare, but it’s at short notice,’ said Ron, gesturing across the flat the DMLE had mercifully arranged for Eva.

6,609 5
25 The True Old Times Are Dead

Scorpius had been left in a sombre silence for the rest of their time at Niemandhorn, and Rose was at first prepared to take that as normalcy.

5,789 7
26 Halfway Down the Slope to Hell

Emerald flames twisted, twirled, and faded.

6,034 7
27 Our Hearts Are Great

Once again Selena stood in front of Scorpius’ hotel room door and hammered on it.

5,714 8
28 Through the Dim Dawn

Dawn dragged its golden fingertips across the rooftops of London, a haze of light and hope to stream through the windows of his hotel suite, but no warmth could find Scorpius Malfoy.

5,936 5
29 Penance on Myself

‘So why have you come to me for help?’ said Selena, eyeballing Eva Saida with suspicion.

6,257 8
30 Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong

‘What’s happened? Do you need tea? Is something wrong? Do you want to hold Artemis?’ Rose flapped around Selena as her friend stalked into the living room, all poise and precision in a way that dripped apprehension and faltering control.

5,383 4
31 Of Winged Ambition

‘The Chalice was a matter of myth even eight hundred years ago,’ said de Sablé with honest apology. ‘I regret to say I do not know how it fell into the hands of the Templars, but we did not understand it even then. Most knights accepted it at face value as a gift from the Lord, and I was not involved in the decision to bear it with us to the Holy Land.’

6,230 5
32 On the Dusty Ways

‘Thanks.’ Albus looked at the cup, then across the table at Selena, who seemed intent on drowning her tea in sugar. ‘What do you want?’

6,408 3
33 The Thorns Were There

The South African Department of Magic reminded Albus of the Ministry.

6,047 5
34 Dash Against Mine Enemies

Several things were becoming clear to Eva.

5,914 4
35 We Are Not Angels Here

Investigating a shipwrecked freighter in a frozen land of eternal night was not one of her brightest ideas.

5,347 6
36 The Barren Cold

Pain and fear and eternal night meant Rose wasn’t sure how long it took before Scorpius left the sleigh’s front bench and joined her in the cabin proper.

6,142 6
37 Wonders Ye Have Done

Sunlight clawed through a gap in the curtains to land directly on Selena’s face, but when she rolled over to escape it she found herself in the empty, warm hollow in the bed left by Matt’s body.

6,211 6
38 The Storm Brake on the Mountain

The Thornweavers didn’t see her coming.

5,629 7
39 On Our Dull Side of Death

Rose didn’t haul on the reins to bring the carriage to a thundering halt of skidding ice and whipping winds until the ground stopped quaking underneath.

5,339 5
40 The Phantom Circle

Pain rippled up from the base of her spine and across like a wave, surging the breath out of her lungs, the heat from her body.

5,498 6
41 Touching Other Worlds

‘The Portkey back to England’s due tomorrow morning,’ said Hermione, ducking through the white canvas flap and into the bunkroom.

6,038 4
42 No Deed of Arms

When she walked in the office, Matt lunged to his feet as if stung, and for a moment it was like the old days.

5,378 5
43 I Love Thee to the Death

So, this is it. Scorpius sat on a wet bench on a rain-slicked stretch of Diagon Alley and stared at the door across the road. My last afternoon in this world is filled with perfect English weather.

7,138 10
44 Thy Doom is Mine

There was a stab of déjà vu when Eva opened the door to her safehouse and Albus slumped in like he was Atlas with a whole new world placed on his shoulders.

4,875 18
45 The Dream to Come

Teddy and Victoire’s wedding was four days after the ritual, so when there was a knock on the safehouse door Eva thought she was going to be arrested again.

6,361 16
46 The Shining of the Stars

The candlelight under the huge tent shone bright and silver, like starlight had been captured underneath tarpaulin.

6,290 13
47 Walked With Dreams and Darkness

Eva sat at the open window, feet dangling free in the cold air, and smoked a cigarette like a teenager trying to hide the smell.

6,800 7
48 Double Life

When it came to people who got only the good bits of what they deserved, Selena didn’t see Rose until the day after.

7,297 9
49 Free in Soul

‘It’s hard to believe that two months ago I spent most of my time in a boring safehouse in Copenhagen,’ groaned Scorpius. ‘That was pretty miserable.’

5,690 6
50 Storms May Shake the World

The old herbology factory which had become the Azure Skies Hotel stood at the top of a long, rolling hill that had once boasted fields of Anghulla Nettles, greenhouses for the local tea plants, but now was well-cultivated gardens to grant the discerning magical guest a heart-stopping view.

6,396 8
51 One Will in Everything

‘Lillian Rourke,’ said Draco Malfoy, sipping from his refilled teacup, ‘backed the Council of Thorns since the earliest days.'

6,215 6
52 Wasted All the Land

‘Back door,’ Scorpius coughed as they came cracking into existence in a long corridor of pale stone. ‘Of course it’s a clumsy arrival.’

6,457 3
53 Power on this Dead World

Knowing and knowing were two different things.

6,568 5
54 We Die Together by One Doom

‘It’s sick, Raskoph using golems,’ Matt rasped, still slumped with his back to the wall of the tiny office.

6,280 12
55 Who Makes Us Free

Scorpius had been interrogated by Auror Santiago before, but that was in a different life when he’d been a hero.

5,821 5
56 As If Time Were Nothing

‘You’re still here,’ Albus said before he could stop himself.

5,264 10
57 When All Our Wars Are Done

Scorpius’ reunion with Astoria lasted maybe another hour of awkward conversations and tentative plans for the future.

6,810 11
58 Epilogue

It all happened because of a party.

3,718 26


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