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Next Generation
Slash (same-sex pairing), Spoilers
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2014-12-22 17:53:07
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Cleanness Leaping

Filled with curiosity, she turned over the envelope in her small hands, and saw a smudged stamp of the Hogwarts crest on the other side. 

Her heart skipped a beat.

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2 Sunrising

After waiting in tittering silence for a few minutes, the doors opened slightly, and a young man slid through the gap, and pushed it shut again. He had a round face, but was tall and wore a set of fashionably cut black robes. He gave them all a wide smile, before looking down at them and saying:

“I am Professor Longbottom, welcome to Hogwarts. Are you all ready for the Sorting?”

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3 Windier Skies

Charlotte stood alone for a moment in the now deserted corridor, when she heard a muffled sniff issue from a broom cupboard behind her. 

She edged towards it, and on placing her ear to the wooden floor she heard a soft crinkling of paper, followed by a few more successive sniffs.

Curiosity getting the better of her, Charlotte carefully opened the door and poked her head in. Curled up amongst the mops and buckets, was a mousy-haired Teddy Lupin.

1341 0
4 Restless Blood

“What’s everyone saying?” Charlotte asked, clueless.

“You didn't hear?” Harvey said incredulously as they entered Flourish and Blotts, the bell tinkling gently as the door shut behind them. “Everyone’s been talking about it.”

“No, what happened?” Charlotte enquired.

“Well,” Mirabel said, dropping her voice. “It came out that both of their fathers are, or were, werewolves.” She said dramatically.


1420 0
5 The Winds of the World

“Hi guys.” Charlotte said, standing up and finding herself looking out for the Weasleys for the second time that day. “How was your summer?” She said, as nonchalantly as possible, trying to ignore the fact that everyone’s eyes were now on her.

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