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Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Drama, Romance
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2014-10-27 6:10pm
Last Chapter
2018-03-19 12:09pm
Last Updated
2018-03-19 12:09pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Well met on the Hogwarts Express

In which two of our heroes are introduced to a third, much to the delight of Albus, but much to the chagrin of our main player, Rose

The merits of houses are discussed; Positions are declared; Scorpius and Rose are surprised by some information; and Rose just might give something a fair go.

“What house do you want to be sorted into?” Scorpius flushed and stopped smiling. With almost a nasty sneer Rose continued, “I bet you want to be a slimy Slytherin just like your dad?”

4,087 35
2 Dawnsfirstbloom

 In which the other member of our main quartet is introduced.

Introductions are made; a notable comparison is highlighted between the different ways to learn another language; and sweets are purchased.

Rose looked into the trusting, hopeful face of the little goblin and couldn't help but smile too, “So just found out you were a witch, did you?” 

4,456 16
3 Goblin Friends and Friends of Goblins

 In which something is revealed about Scorpius to Roses displeasure.

What money can buy; two goblins are surprised about different things; and the nature of Kiwi fruit.

“Yeah,” said Dawnsfirstbloom, “I think he could become Goblin Friend and probably in no time flat.”

3,283 12
4 The Sorting Hat’s Greatest Regret

 In which our principles are sorted into the Houses that will be their homes for the next seven years.

Rose experiences a new emotion; an unexpected acquaintance is revealed; sorting goes somewhat unexpectedly; and the Headmistress has some news.
So it was with a giant smile upon her face and no nerves at all that Rose led the first years up the centre of the Great Hall and out into the space before the raised teacher’s desk.

5,233 12
5 Rose Gets Settled In.

 In which nothing much hapens to contradict the title.


Rose's expectations are largely fufilled; what the night sky means to Dawnsfirstbloom; Rose Readers; and, Rose's opinion of the Statute Forbidding the Underaged Use of Magic. 

3,972 9
6 An Afternoon with Hagrid

In which the four friends spend most of their first day with Hagrid.

An invite is given; an invite is accepted by more than Rose first assumed; Hagrid comes to a realisation; the Nature of Giant food; and, tall tales but true are told.

“Are you sure, I wouldn’t be intruding?”

“Don’t be silly Scorp, of course you can come.”

Scorpius rounded the corner and came into view. “I didn’t say he was invited.” Rose said churlishly.

6,463 6
7 Hat’s for House-Elves

In which our major heroine fulfils an almost life-long dream.

Rose misunderstands Scorpius' reactions; Rose's assumptions are again proved to be incorrect; S is not necessarily for Slytherin; a cause of how the House of Slytherin may fall is explained.

Blinky paused to consider but didn’t stop blinking. She must have reached a decision because she grabbed Rose’s free hand. “If the young Miss would follow Blinky, yes?” I will take you to those that can help, oh yes I shall,” she said as she dragged Rose through the kitchens.

5,625 5
8 Rose's First Lesson: Transfiguration

In which our Heroine finally gets to do some magic (legally)

Rose gets to star in her own story; Human-ifying and goblin-ifying; a new chosen one, possibly; The finer points of Transfiguration.

"Well done Miss Weasley, five points to Gryffindor," and in a voice which only rose could hear added, "for not pretending to be anything other than yourself."

4,321 6
9 Other Lessons

In which our heroine participates in her other classes.

Binns 'as read by' is not so bad; how to master charms, the Rose Weasley way; yes Scorpius, pride does come before a fall; the best class ever in the history of schooling ever.

“Yes, sir. I can offer no excuse. Miss Weasley obviously thought it desirable to bring me to the attention of every other student in Hogwarts."

4,424 7
10 Quidditch Tryouts

In which our main heroine and her cousin try out for a place on the Quidditch team.

Not only the Gryffindors are interested in the Gryffindor try-outs: the 'reward' for being a show off: good advice is imparted for any leader: not everyone can make the team: the final team is selected, but it's not good news for all.

In a voice that didn’t carry beyond them Olivia said, “Weasley, you’re this **** close to being kicked off the team and you’re not even on it yet.”

10,578 5
11 Problems and Solutions

In which one of our main four finds a solution to his major problem.

Rose finally accepts something she hadn't before; the camaraderie of Quidditch, despite house differences; the Albus Variation; the camaraderie of a common enemy.

“Yes, I truly do. I know you, Albus; I know you are brave and loyal and you should be in Gryffindor.” She talked over him beginning to protest, “I also know you are smart too and sometimes sly and also very. Very. Big-hearted.”

6,713 3
12 Between the Tryouts

In which we observe a background player's comeuppance.

A new service comes to Hogwarts thanks to its introduction by Stephen the House-elf; Rose offers some on-the-spot testimony; let the punishment fit the crime; and, Rose encounters something she doesn't like.

"Miss Rose Weasley is known to us and I believe her testimony to be fair." and he bowed towards Rose and unseen by most gave her a subtle little wink.

3,947 3
13 How to Win Friends and Influence People

In which our major protagonist gets her way.

Scorpius proves his worth; a new and honorary member of the House of Slytherin; the repeat of an event that results in a far different outcome; the secret to not making enemies.

He took in her silence and raised one eyebrow. Goaded into saying something, anything, by that questioning eyebrow, she said, "Well, I guess I'll have some good competition this year at least."

4,736 2
14 Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw

In which one of our major players gets to play as Seeker in the first House Cup game of the year.

Certain teaching techniques are explained; Another reason to have Quidditch reserves; Madame Cleansweep is taken aback; The After Game Party as an indicator of human nature.

When the cheering started to abate, Dawnsfirstbloom said, "So is that it? Is that Quidditch then? Seems like a lot of fuss for nothing much."

4,095 2
15 Halloween

In which our major protagonist is 'dragged' along to the annual Halloween festivities

What holidays mean to different people; A discussion of the origins of the band; what happens when you meet a person in a costume party dressed as your enemy; someone has a good time.

This chapter is an entry for the 2015 Halloween Challenge

"Ah, Miss Weasley," someone said from beside her in a falsely deep voice, "I trust that you are enjoying the dance. It is truly a fine distraction for young persons, is it not?"

5,824 4
16 Rose's first Quidditch Game

In which our major protagonist participates in something she has been looking forward to for months.

On the nature of scoring certain games; Rose knows something important about Albus; what can happen when the books one seeks are in a rarely used section of shelves; on the nature of discipline.

"Um Albus, before the others get here, um, can I ask you a question?"

3,635 2
17 Home for Christmas: Albus

In which we see what happens when the first of our four protagonists goes home for Christmas.

Albus finally sees his dad; a minor illustration of the character of James; but a major illustration of the character of Harry Potter; Hermione is shown to have a sly sense of humour: and certain inescapable things about dads everywhere.

"I've wanted to talk to you, Albus, ever since I heard from your mother that you had invited Scorpius Malfoy here for New Years and after."

2,551 3
18 Home for Christmas: Rose

In which we see what happens when the second of our four protagonists goes home for Christmas.

Ron’s words to Rose on the station are remembered and brought up once more; To My-knee or not to Mi-ni, that is the question; Hermione tells her daughter some tales out of school; An explanation for the language mannerisms of the noble purebloods is given; and, Hugo drops a bombshell.

Rose knew there was another story that featured the word ‘Mudblood’ and she eagerly asked, "Mum, did you really punch Mr Malfoy in the face?"

4,725 2
19 Home for Christmas: Scorpius

In which we see what happens when the third of our four protagonists goes home for Christmas.

Scorpius's concerns about Albus's behaviour are unwarranted; until that is, he says something that causes Scorpius some concern; how you can love and hate something at the same time; and, The Lord of the Manor.

He got embarrassed, and when he did so he retreated into formality. Without raising his eyes he said, "Mother, Albus is greatly overstating my involvement."

3,549 1
20 Home for Christmas: Dawnsfirstbloom

In which the last of our major quartet returns home for her holidays too.

What can often happen when one meets those responsible for their good fortune: a return to the Home Tunnels at last: the nature of Dawnsfirstbloom’s reception is not quite what she expected.

“I'm, um, OK at magic I suppose,” she mumbled out, but she was better than that and her innate pride forced her to add, “they ‘aven't taught me a spell yet that I ‘aven't been able to do.”

4,848 1
21 Home for Christmas: Dawnsfirstbloom part two

In which Dawnsfirstbloom finds that not everything about her return home is as she would want it to be.

Meetings, interminable meetings: the differences in the zoning laws as relates to applications in the real world; Listeners ne'er hear good of themselves; what a difference a few months apart can make to friendships.

In the quickest bit of thinking that she had had to do for the longest time, Dawnsfirstbloom said, “Am I missing something?”

5,111 1
22 Over to Rose's

In which our little goblin goes t her best friends house for solace and finds advice.

The reactions of adults can be obscure to the young; what one might not do alone, one can find that it's easier to in the presence of a friend; the experiences of Hermione are revealed; and, what presents can be found at the chemists.

“Do either of you know what was going on?”

Dawnsfirstbloom shrugged her shoulders, she was too close, too emotionally involved to disengage herself and look at it objectively.

3,810 1
23 Christmas at the Burrow ...

In which the girls go over to the Burrow for Christmas.

The nature of Ron's parenting; What Hermione does at Christmas time; there's something Rose sees every Christmas, and it's not Santa; What Uncle Neville does at Christmastime; Quidditch, then lunch, then Prezzies.

Christmas at the Burrow was the usual chaotic affair.

5,265 1
24 ... New Years at the Potters

In which all of our four main protagonists meet for New Year's Eve at the house of Albus.

Construction of aperitifs as an aid to felicity; Olivia, a variation upon a theme; a reunion, is a acquaintance of old friends for one, but overwhelming for the other; Dawnsfirstbloom is given a lesson or two.

“Speaking of Clan Sisters. It is a pleasure to finally meet you properly young Dawnsfirstbloom.” And he stepped forward with an upraised hand for her to shake.

6,001 1
25 Back to School From the Holidays

In which our main heroine has a case of the existential ennui, and wonders why exactly.

Bletching abounds: What is necessary in one game, is not so much in another one: A prank as a tribute to the father: Johnny-on-the-spot finds out more than she bargained for

He said, in a soft voice that didn’t carry beyond them. “I think you should go back to Chasing for a bit because if you carry on how you're going, I'm going to have to send you off for good.”

6,695 2
26 Rose's Charms

In which our major player teaches someone else and in the process does a little learning herself.

On the nature of jealousy versus rivalry; the basic nature of charms is explored; a challenge as to Rose’s sorting is mentioned, to Rose’s displeasure; and, Rose is battered over the head with a realisation about James that makes her think.

James looked impressed, but the Slytherin girl said, somewhat archly. “I guess it helps if your mum's the head of Magical Law Enforcement.”

4,725 1
27 The Return of Trevor

In which our heroine has a visit from an ‘old friend’

A prank or not a prank, that is the question: Who pranketh the pranksters?: A welcome nocturnal visitor?: We leave our impressions upon others, whether we know it or not: Rose knows exactly who’s hands she can trust.

“Very good Mr. Potter, very good.” McGonagall said as she walked back up to the staff table, sweeping past James and Fred who were astounded at what had just transpired.

5,023 3
28 Nana

In which our heroine visits with a dying House-elf.

Rose discovers an aspect of slavery; A consequence of slavery is revealed; Rose sees the true horrors of magically imposed slavery for herself.

Trevor continued as they walked, “you will see some interesting things tonight. Things that - most likely - no wizard has ever seen before.”

5,336 1
29 The Quidditch Adventure

In which our heroine plays in her last and most controversial quidditch game of the year.

Captain Wood has a particular position proposition for Rose: The immediate consequences of trying something new are seen: The end consequences of trying something new are also seen.

Olivia started to look excited, “but not her, not no one, has worked out all of it. I've kept it secret ‘till now, just in case we need it, and boy we sure do now. No one has realised it yet."

5,669 1
30 The Exam Which is not an Exam

In which our heroes start their first year exams.

The strategies involved in winning the Albus cup are outlined; the students find an unwanted extra exam; Grandmothers and Smiths; and, the real purpose of the Grandmother's visit is explained.

Dropforged weathered the first years ire and calmly said, “ I only promised you no exam, I didn't ever say that you wouldn't be tested.”

10,217 1
31 The Last Adventure of the Year

In which our heroes finish their exams and 'relax' in the last week left to them of their first year at Hogwarts.

How good it is to have School with now schooling; Albus displays all the traits for which he was sorted; Rose is involved in a wandering monster encounter; Scorpius is involved even more.

Professor Longbottom jumped in surprise when he saw the first year’s gathered at the end of the greenhouse.

“Oh, um, sorry kids, didn’t see you all there. I didn't expect anyone here today, you know there are no more lessons don't you?”

8,016 2
32 Albus and Scorpius go to Malfoy Manor

In which our two man male protagonists go to Malfoy Manor for the start of their holidays.

The nature of words and aglets are perused; some old acquaintances are reunited; the Manor is revealed in all it's glory and not found to be lacking; to one of our hero's consternation, he reveals information unknown to the other, but a history lesson from the Lady of the Manor enlightens them both.

Scorpius addressed Albus' mother, “Mrs Potter may I presume upon our acquaintance? Please allow me the honour of introducing my mother to you?”

7,851 1
33 The first few days at Malfoy Manor

In which our two male protagonists begin their holiday together.

Things quickly settle down after the disastrous start to the holiday; Enjoying the not often found, but glorious when it is, English Summer Sun; On the nature of Mimbletonia; Albus observes the return of the Master of the Manor.

Albus knew why his mate was distracting him with Quidditch and knew that Scorpius had to get round it sometime. “Scorp, it’s OK. I want to see the place.”

5,322 1
34 The Library of Malfoy Manor

In which our two main male protagonists explore the magnificent Library of Malfoy Manor.

A new character is revealed in an epistolary manner; the Lord of the Manor is revealed openly; Books and relics and games and comics and maps and ...; A fight and a secret revealed; An amazing game is played then a far more sedate one.

“Hey Scorp, that’s what I was going to ask you. I so need a map of this place – I just keep getting lost, buddy. Don’t you have a map? Come to think of it, wouldn’t a place like this have a library?”

6,976 1
35 A Plan for Malfoy Manor

In which our two main male protagonists begin to think about making a map of the House and Environs of Malfoy Manor.

Albus comes up with an idea; some of the nature of the Malfoy family is explained; Albus is very Albus and Scorpius loves him all the more for it; A co-conspiritor is required; a glimpse is shown into the nature of interrogations in the Malfoy household.

Scorpius let out a snort of laughter. “Come on, Albus, how many times have you had to be on the lookout for, or had any dealings with, someone who was invisible?”

4,556 1


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