Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Humor, Romance, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
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2014-10-14 19:10:42
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Meet the Weasley's!

"Kill me now, Hugo," Dominique moaned dramatically.

"I can't ," I responded grimly, "Then there'll be no one left to kill me."

1466 23
2 On Their Way

"Told you you should've discussed the destination with the others instead of keeping it a secret," nana Molly whispers in Granddad's ear, only we can all hear it since she's whispering pretty loudly.

1294 15
3 The City of Nargles

It's a shame we can make houses blow up with the swing of a piece of wood, but still need some good ol' WiFi if we cant to check Wizbook.

2542 10
4 Family Quidditch and The Lovegood's Nargle Dance

Severus Snape was standing in the middle of the dance floor, sweating like an ocean, and dancing his feet off to a fast dubstep song.

5141 9
5 The Wizard Ninja

We were just babbling right now, trying to ignore what we didn't want to believe nor accept. But there was no escaping the fact that the Weasley family was going to lose their very dear Fred Weasley -- again.

3119 9
6 Weasley Partying!

"What's happening?" I whispered.

And then a rotten hand grabbed my neck, pushed me against a wall and started choking me. A tall dark creature came closer and closer to me, as I felt all happiness fade away...

3429 6
7 The Dementor Attack

I knew what I had to do. And I knew only I could do it. I was going to confront them about it. Ron and Hermione. And I was gonna do it today.

3483 8
8 Broken Bonds

But my blood was boiling. "Ron, you're telling me I shouldn't wronly acuse you of anything, but you're not exactly acting like a guy who has done nothing wrong," I said. "What the hell did you do to Hermione?"  

3791 7
9 The Fury of the Flaming Fiendfyre

When will be the next Voldemort? Tomorrow? The problem with magic is that its just gives too much power to too much people too easily. We, as the Ministry of Magic, have to do something.

4646 7
10 Revelations

"S-so... What's the plan?" I finally asked. "How are we going to stop him?" 

Professor Slughorn looked uneasy. "Well, that's what were discussing right now. Before today we didn't know Lestrange was behind this, nor that he was after the Weasley's... We have to form a plan based on all our information."

This was Slughorns way of saying: We have no plan, I figured... 

3998 6
11 Home

Out of the shadows stepped a tall man, with grey colored pants, a grey colored shirt, a grey coat, grey wavy hair, grey freckles, grey eyes, a small grey beard, a very white face, black shoes and a long nose. 

3073 8
12 Malfoy's Story

"Now that everybody's here," McGonagall began grimly, while Hermione conjured pen and paper, "Lets construct the plan that's going to help us take down Rodolphus Lestrange... For good."

4084 4
13 The Plan

Lestrange laughed again.

"This whole vacation... Every single detail of it... It was all planned by me. 25 years ago."

6023 2
14 The Battle of the City of Nargles Part I


7275 1
15 The Battle of the City of Nargles Part II The Horntail, The Living Death and the Snake

It opened its mouth, revealing brown, disgusting teeth, and tried to tear my head of but I only just managed to evade it -- I have extremely sharp reflexes because of Quidditch but the water slowed my movements. As I evaded the -- whatever it was -- I saw an image that would hunt me till the end of forever. Hundreds of eyes, wherever I looked, the channel was completely full -- of the same, skeleton-like creatures just floating in the water, looking at me.

6017 0
16 The Battle of the City of Nargles Part III The End of Everything

The walls, the water, the ceiling... Everything was burning up into thin air. "The world... Is ending..." Loriette whispered. We held each others hand even tighter than before. Everything around us was just dissapearing, like it was burning. Even the water was burning.

"They failed..." I whispered.

5729 0
17 The Battle of Hogwarts (Reprise)

And that's when I drew my wand, and aimed it at Hagrid's broad back, as he was running towards teenage-Harry, teenage-Ron and teenage-Hermione. 

2901 0
18 The Elder Wand & The Prince's Tale (Reprise)

And there he was. For the first time in my life, after hearing so much about him, I saw him in the flesh. Tall, completely hairless, completely clothed in dark robes, red eyes, a snake-like, flat nose and almost greenish skin. 


The Dark Lord... 

Tom Riddle... 


3213 0
19 The Fault in the Plan (Reprise)

"Perhaps..." Voldemort sissed. "However, regardless of how convincing you may think you are, I don't believe you for a second. I trust no one but my very own mind. I've got no reason to trust you. And I won't just step down easily. We can't both be the Dark Lord." 

"Very well..." the voice sissed. 

"So I guess we'll have to settle it the old fashioned way. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

4294 0
20 Lovestory.

I thought about Fred, Sirius and even Dumbledore and how after all these years, I'd finally get to meet them. I stepped through the veil. 

And died.

3645 1
21 Meet the Weasley's! (Reprise)

If you've made it this far, to the very end, thank you so so much for reading my story! Please, if you will, leave your thoughts in any way you'd like, I'd appreciate it a lot! Only this last chapter to go, enjoy :)



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