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Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Regulus, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Other Pairing
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2014-09-27 5:27am
Last Chapter
2018-04-07 10:52pm
Last Updated
2018-04-16 11:09pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 First impressions.

First impressions always have a long lasting effect.

4,471 4
2 Slytherin's aren't people, they're target practice.

Four years on and the hate is strong.

2,690 2
3 The topic of Remus Lupin.

Remus Lupin, the lesser of four evils.

3,448 1
4 Boys will be boys.

Sirius Black, an expert on hair colour and lady's skin.

3,247 2
5 The stickfast hex.

The Gryffindor boys weren't the only ones that got up to mischief. 

4,047 2
6 Bloody McKinnon's.

Sausages under attack, prefects lying to themselves and Dumbledore's riddles.

3,415 4
7 The disappearance of the sixth year boys.

Aaliyah Adam's losing her mind, and Sirius Black being dramatic.

3,271 2
8 Wizarding pick-up lines.

James and Peter were the morning crew. Remus and Sirius would sooner hex you.

3,838 2
9 The Adams family.

An introduction is in Order.

3,611 2
10 The Potter manor.

Mrs Potter, the only known person to diffuse Sirius Black's morning tempers.

3,396 1
11 Sluggy's Christmas do.

The Slytherin's aren't always the ones to turn your stomach. 

3,499 2
12 Pity party in the library.

Remus Lupin was a very self-loathing, yet protective guy.

3,882 3
13 Red team versus the yellow guys.

Sirius Black has always been partial to watching quidditch. 

3,157 3
14 Curses in the corridors.

Let's not be so naive to believe James Potter started every fight.

3,839 1
15 Caught in the act.

Two Black encounters in two days.

3,289 5
16 Full moon runs.

There was only specific reasons Sirius Black flirted. And getting his way was one of them.

3,500 3
17 Marlene's initiative.

The boldest of the Gryffindor sixth years was none other than Marlene McKinnon.

3,831 5
18 Remus's Kiss.

Ali usually faded into the background, but lately someone was noticing her and pointing her out. 

3,885 6
19 The pranks committee.

The Minister of Pranks, the Advisor to the Minister, the Senior Undersecretary and the Junior Assistant. 

3,844 2
20 The marauders specialty.

The boy's always had a knack for recruiting outcasts. 

3,083 5
21 Stupid Black.

Dreamy kisses and lunch time banter.

3,334 4
22 Pranks gone wrong.

Sirius Black was far from perfect as was each of the Marauders.

3,150 7
23 Role reversal.

Oh how the tables have turned.

3,063 3
24 The path of forgiveness.

Remus could never truly hate anyone besides himself.

3,396 7
25 Courtyard wrestling and secrets uncovered.

The kneazles out of the bag.

4,298 4
26 Lily's forced confession.

Sirius enjoys a laugh. 

4,095 2
27 Sirius Black, mastermind matchmaker.

Sirius shipped Jily way before it was cool.

3,203 4
28 Crazy Anne Adams.

Happy family times and a move for the better. 

3,343 5
29 Cokeworth, England.

James Potter and his pet posse.

3,886 2
30 Uncle Alphard's will.

What do boy's do with a lump sum of gold?

3,679 4
31 The Hogwarts Express.

Lily Evans had always held a fancy for messy hair and glasses.

3,230 3
32 A match made in Hogwarts.

Marlene McKinnon was abrasive and callous with everyone, bar one Remus Lupin.

3,495 5
33 Sirius's morning tempers.

Not many people can defuse them. In fact, only two to date. 

3,785 7
34 Somebody for my wand.

James Potter was nothing if not ridiculuos in the face of love.

3,399 12
35 Lily Evans, Head Girl and all around bombshell.

Lily Evans was not only brilliant, but cheeky, fun, and also quite fearsome.

3,141 6
36 The Three Broomsticks.

Sirius and James were no strangers to the young Madam Rosmerta.

4,703 11
37 First date.

James had it all planned out, but his hangover had other plans.

3,183 11
38 Another first date.

No one gets it right the first time around. 

3,460 9
39 The Hogwarts beast.

Aaliyah Adams had a title among her peers she wasn't quite aware of.

3,595 12
40 James's Kiss.

The second kiss and the second Black.

3,529 8
41 Transfiguration practice.

Poor Sirius was at the end of his tether with a certain prefects study style.

3,714 10
42 Full moon moods.

The Marauders knew exactly how to take care of their favourite wolf.

3,850 11
43 Siblings by default.

Lily Evans and Sirius Black shared more in common than they knew.

4,089 4
44 Social experiments.

There were certain words that should not be uttered after certain exchanges. Ali never followed social norms.

3,715 21
45 Sirius's Kiss.

Exactly what was going through Sirius's head after such an intimate exchange?

3,112 11
46 The queen of solitude.

Aaliyah was finally coming to terms with her feelings.

3,524 9
47 Definitions and tactics.

The not so secretive make-out duo. 

3,537 14
48 Back to back Black.

It was very unfortunate when a law abiding citizen fell for a petty criminal.

5,313 14
49 Sirius's confession.

Sometimes love takes a backsteat to more pressing matters.

5,531 7
50 Sirius meets the Adams.

Sirius had never met a family quite like it.

5,353 12
51 Ali's circle of friends.

She was starting to realise she may actually have one.

3,635 6
52 Gown recon.

Ali had to go behind enemy lines to retrieve a lost soldier.

3,766 8
53 The strongest of the Marauders.

James Potter had always been a leader. 

4,465 9
54 Heckling Potter.

Sirius and Lily had a shared hobby.

4,558 4
55 Digging deeper.

A night spent in the boys dorm.

6,066 11
56 Message received.

Ali finally got over her stubborn pride long enough to send her apology. 

3,467 16
57 Denial and isolation.

Everyone wanted to be there for Ali. 

4,301 13
58 The Minister of pranks.

Remus was never as innocent as people painted him to be.

3,904 9
59 Anger and bargaining.

Ali was very confused from the influx of emotions in her head.

6,830 13
60 A change of character.

Ali had a habit of ignoring the bad behaviour of those that she really loved.

4,136 12
61 The end of an era.

And the start of the real battle.

6,786 23
62 Two jealous redheads.

James officially meets the Evans.

4,440 8
63 Ali's secret mission.

Sirius and Christian can certainly agree on one thing.

6,682 7
64 Torn.

No matter what, Regulus would always love his big brother.

6,774 10
65 The polite smile.

Regulus Black was a mystery to Ali. 

3,870 8
66 James and Sirius take London.

How exactly did Sirius and James end up in that alleyway before Fisher and Anderson?

4,357 12
67 Actions not advised.

There's only so long self denial can last.

6,455 11
68 School me, Adams.

Ali was breaking at the seams over her workload as Head Girl.

4,716 14
69 Misconstrued encounters.

Sirius has never been good at sharing.

5,323 15
70 Bodmin Moor Millennium

Quidditch and confusion. And maybe a little conflict. 

6,522 8
71 Many different admissions.

Ali finds herself sick and with the time to think things over. 

7,430 15
72 Islington, London.

Ali goes in search of the Black family home.

4,592 11
73 James' spontaneity.

Remus winds up at the Potters, even on days he doesn't plan to.

4,354 16
74 The summer of 1979.

 Lily and James's wedding.

3,811 3
75 Separate discoveries.

 Ali and Sirius both make a startling revelation.

3,200 3
76 I will be continuing this story! Read for more information.

I will be continuing on ao3. Search my username there!

559 0


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