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James (II), OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Romance, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2014-06-09 11:38pm
Last Chapter
2017-08-09 5:59am
Last Updated
2017-08-09 5:59am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Hands Touch

 Stand tall. Easier said than done. But as Alba painstakingly pulled one leg, and then the other, up off the floor, she lifted her chin a little higher. Left. Right. Left. Right. 


Chapter title from the song "I'm not That Girl" in the musical Wicked by Stephen Schwartz

2,805 23
2 Eyes Meet

 Her eyes met with James’s for just a moment and she glared at him, a little satisfied that he looked half as miserable as she felt, mouth pulled taught, obviously ignoring the smiling mates he had about him. Served him right, turning her in to Pimbly. With a slight shake of her head she turned back around and headed out the doors, one crutch and foot after the other. 


Title from the song "I'm not That Girl" from the musical Wicked by Stephen Schwartz.

3,502 10
3 Sudden Silence

“Well, at some point, you just pull off the band-aid, and it hurts, but then it’s over, and you’re relieved. You heal. The potions are my band-aid, and my leg,” she looked down at the angry red mark in her calf, “it needs to breathe.”

Quote in Italics from Looking for Alaska by John Green, for the John Green Quote Challenge. Title from the song "I'm not That Girl" in the musical Wicked by Stephen Schwartz

3,789 11
4 Sudden Heat

“They’re here!” A little girl shrieked as she ran past Alba, her dark black braid bouncing behind her. 

 Alba turned and looked at James, a grin spread across his face.

“Save me a spot?” she asked, glancing back to where her crutches were leaned against the Ravenclaw table. Couldn’t just leave them there.

“Sure thing!” James exclaimed.

Chapter title from the musical Wicked by Stephen Schwartz

3,572 5
5 Don't Wish, Don't Start

The days tick by, until finally, the Champions are announced.

6,633 9
6 Wishing Only Wounds the Heart

“She’s expecting you,” a gargoyle said innocently enough from before her. Alba shook herself back to the present and waited for the staircase to raise upwards, creating a path to the office above.

3,128 5
7 Blithe Smile, Lithe Limb

 "Opinions are to be kept to yourself." The Mediator had a bad habit of getting quieter when he really wanted you to be listening. Several students were leaning forward to catch his last words. " Facts are educating... Opinions are gossip. I do not gossip." He spit the last word, and Alba imagined that were he actually flesh and blood, he might've spit on Ben. 

3,985 5
8 She's Who's Winsome

He was tall, at least six feet, and athletic, though thinner than the Roux boy from Beauxbatons. His hari was a dirty blonde, straight, and cut in a fashionable, uneven way that made it look much more disheveled than it actually was. Being friends with James, she knew what actual messiness looked, and what he had was certainly manufactured.

4,418 4
9 She Wins Him

“These token from us, your judges, are the standard by which you will be measured. Take good care of them, this is the only clue you will recieve. On December first, you will present yourself for the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament. Good Luck!”

6,390 4
10 There's a Girl I Know

“On the count of three-”







8,693 5
11 He Loves Her So


“It can’t be that close,” Alba frowned at the notice board down in the common room, yanking the parchment off its tack to shove her nose into the print for a closer look. “It can’t be that close, I can’t do it,” she insisted.

Maude giggled from behind, gazing at the picture from over Alba’s shoulder. “I’m not sure you have a choice, dear. It’s a package deal isn’t it?”

5,584 10
12 I Wasn't Born for the Rose and Pearl

One two three, one two three… Alba intoned, trying to keep time with the music while balancing on her borrowed shoes. “It’s the hair isn’t it?” She asked him, confident there were now enough couples twirling around in colorful dress robes to not notice if they were out of time a little bit.

4,183 7


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