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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Molly, George, Ginny, Teddy, Victoire
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Bill/Fleur, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2014-05-03 9:03pm
Last Chapter
2015-11-01 8:07am
Last Updated
2015-11-01 8:07am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Telling Harry

August 2003

Ron and Hermione are coming back from their honeymoon and Ginny haven't told anyone about her little secret.

1,576 2
2 The Weasley's Reaction

 It's time to tell the rest of the family the big news.

2,299 2
3 Telling Teddy

 It's time to have a chat with Andromeda Tonks and to finally tell little Teddy the big news.

2,577 3
4 Carrier Changes

October 2003

The months go by and soon Ginny will have to come clean at her job. Plus, what happens to make Harry so worried about his kid's future and gets him thinking about Sirius?

3,082 3
5 Godparents' Secrets

November 2003

Ron and Ginny go out to dinner instead of their usual Quidditch matches on the Burrow because of Ginny's pregnancy while Harry and Hermione go out on their usual movie night. What's so important about it?

2,122 1
6 Christmas Spirit

December 2003

It's come the time for Harry and Ginny's Christmas Eve party with their friends and family. 

2,684 3
7 A Family of Families

 Christmas Day at the Burrow was arrived along with Santa.

2,235 1
8 New Year's Rough Start

 Ginny and Hermione cannot wait for this year's Ministry New Year's party.... 

3,213 3
9 New Beginnings

January 2004

After the new year, Harry and Ron have now new responsabilities on the Auror Office, Ginny struggles with her options for the future and what about George, how's he feeling about becoming a husband and a father

2,983 3
10 Old Grudges and Lovers

February 2004

Valentine's Day is approuching and so is the mission Harry and Ron will be out for. 

4,140 4
11 Bonded for Life

 George and Angelina's big day has arrived.

2,448 5
12 A Trip Down Memory Lane

March 2004

The boys are out in mission. The girls haven't seen each other for weeks, but Hermione have some news for Ginny. Ding dong, who's that?

4,230 5
13 Girl Talk

A breakthrough in the boys mission may get them closer to finally come home. Hermione is planning a surprise baby shower in the woods, with just the girls with some juicy and spicy talk. 

5,445 5
14 Arrivals

May Harry and Ron finally go home? As for Ginny and Teddy, they have a full-shopping morning ahead of her with her friend and sister-in-law, Angelina

4,846 4
15 Meet J. S. P.

Harry and Ginny Potter are overwhelmed with the joy of Being Parents. The Weasleys are on their toes to meet the newest member of the family. And what puts Hermione on her nerve?? 


4,996 7
16 Couple Time

April 2004

Teddy's sixth birthday party comes on a roll. Hermione and Ron each call out Harry for a side-talk. George and Angelina are on a little and funny row. Harry realizes how hard a newborn child is when it comes to his relationship with Ginny.

5,428 7
17 Party Much

May 2004

Battle of Hogwarts Anniversary day is promised to be quite a day for everyone. 

5,313 5
18 Place Your Bets

July 2004

Harry, Ron and George know Susan and Seamus like each other: what will they do with that information? Neville and Hannah's wedding is coming up, and no good wedding is complete without stag and hen parties.

5,180 5
19 First Times

August/September 2004

Ginny receives an owl while in the Hyde Park with James and Teddy.

And September 1st is here with loads going on: Teddy's first day at school, Ginny's new job and Hogsmeade store grand opening. 

5,214 4
20 Trick or Love

October 2004

Hermione and Ron are planning their first Halloween party, but can't come to a common sense about their costumes.

5,249 3
21 A Tradition of Sorts

December 2004

Another Potter Christmas Eve dinner and a special visit to Godric's Hallow.

5,202 4
22 Love Vacationing

February 2005

Luna and Rolf are back and Ginny's is throwing a party for them; Valentine's Day is around the corner and all the couples have special plans including several trips outside England.

4,578 4
23 Overwhelming

March 2005

It's birthday season. Ron has arrived to the big 2.5 and it is James' first birthday!

5,301 4
24 Meeting in Diagon Alley

June 2005 

Ginny decides to do a little shopping before hers and Harry's wedding anniversary while Harry receives an annonymos letter at the Office.

5,339 3
25 New Friendships

Ginny wakes up at the hospital and Harry has a lot to deal with at the Office. 

Why does Percy insist so much on the a family gathering after Ginny's release from St. Mungo's?

5,303 5
26 Best Gift Ever

July 2005

Harry is obsessing about work and Ginny is NOT happy about, specially since she can't even leave the house.

5,773 6
27 Boy Talk

July/August 2005

Who in the world is X.O.? Harry and Ginny have a talk with an old friend. And it's time for the boys to talk before two unexpected guests come in. 

5,388 6
28 Red It Is

October 2005

Ginny, Teddy and Angelina head to Holyhead to watch the Harpies vs. the Bats whilst Harry and James take the chance to visit Ron at the shop.

6,102 7
29 Christmas Madness

December 2005

Traditions are made to be broken and the Potter's Christmas Eve was replaced by the greatest get-together at the Burrow at Christmas Day. 

4,548 7
30 Lateness Nightmare

January 2006

Ginny is in bedrest while Harry is taking a few days off work to take care of her. With both at home, the Potter Cottage has become a go-to point for everyone.

4,095 4
31 Love Is In The Air

February - May 2006

Love is the word in order for the Gang. From the Ministry to the Quidditch Pitch, love can be felt everywhere for everyone! 

5,121 7
32 New Additions

July - November 2006

It's baby season, but St. Mungo's is visited for another reason other than to delivery. Plus, the Wood's wedding is around the corner and Ron's and Hermione's Halloween party is back! 

6,112 6
33 Potter Vacation

July 2007

The Potter's go to their dreamed vacation with the kids. All they want is a little peace from their hurried lives and to be where no one knows them. Will they get what they dream of? 

4,979 4
34 Ten Years Later

May 2008

The Tenth Anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts is upon the Wizarding World and together with it, a full on reunion with a big party in the grounds of the castle.

5,229 5
35 Wedding of the Century

August 2008

Luna's and Rolf's day has come to shock! Brace yourselves for the last chapter!

5,924 7
36 Epilogue

September 2009

The first trip to Platform 9 and 3/4 in a long time. 

6,064 8


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