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Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire
Mystery, Action/Adventure, Angst
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2014-04-18 2:37pm
Last Chapter
2015-08-10 9:11pm
Last Updated
2015-08-10 9:11pm

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Rose didn’t respond. She was staring at the sky, at a small dot drew closer, growing larger until it took the form of a bird. An owl. Rose stood up and pointed at it. “A-Albus?” she said, her voice shaking.

“Is that-“

“An owl,” Rose whispered. “It’s my results. It’s got to be!”

“It might not be-“

“It is! I owled Professor Kendrick and asked when they would arrive and he said today!”

3,845 13
2 A Talk With James

“I need new books for everything,” he said, glancing down the list.

“I expected that, seeing as you’re a N.E.W.T. student now,” Mum said. “We can get everything on Saturday when we meet the Dursleys.”

Dad smirked and snorted into his stew. “Dudley said Marge canceled her yearly visit when she found out Bethany got a Hogwarts letter. Rescheduled it for October, when both kids will be in school.”

Albus laughed. “Bet Kaden was happy.”

3,665 8
3 Big News

“It sounded different coming from Georgia. Rose is becoming a healer. Every parent wants their kid to become a healer. Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron are going to be bragging about her for decades.”

“Mum and Dad will brag about you for ages if you get drafted by a team,” Albus said.

“Not as much as they will about you, if you make it into the Department of Mysteries. And you’re following in Dad’s footsteps.”

“You’ve got to stop comparing us. It’s getting on my nerves. Anyway, what did Georgia say?”

3,953 7
4 Occlumency

“Wow,” Albus said on their way back to the Leaky Cauldron. “When did you get so….”

“Brilliant?” Lily supplied with a wry smile. “I’m not seven anymore, Al, and I wish you and James would stop treating me like I am.”

“We don’t-“

“You do, Al,” Lily said. “Last year? When you gave me that talk?”

“That was all James!” Albus argued.

4,136 7
5 Balladanis's Visit

The Bludger came whizzing past Albus, nearly grazing his shoulder and Hugo came speeding after it, holding the Beater’s Bat in the strangest position Albus had ever seen.

“Oi, Hugo!” James shouted. “Don’t take out my best Chaser a month before term starts! And you’re not supposed to hold the bat in the middle. Hold it on the handle.”

“Sorry!” Hugo shouted as he adjusted his grip.

“Bloody hell,” James said, sighing. “If I put him on the team we wouldn’t have a team left.”

3,976 9
6 Gemma Brickston

The possibility of friends just like her seemed to be too good an opportunity to pass up and Gemma left without a glance back.

“Can I go, too, Kaden?” Bethany asked.

“You want to?” Kaden asked. “Go for it. You blew up a TV. You’ll fit right in.”

Bethany grinned and hurried out of the compartment, all worries about Hogwarts apparently gone.

3,684 5
7 The Burned Boat

“What’s taking so long?” John asked, craning his head to see the door, where there was no sign of the first years. “I’m starving.”

“Maybe there was trouble on the lake,” Rose suggested, furrowing her brow.

“If there was, I bet my sister created it,” John muttered.

“The professors don’t seem worried yet,” Kaden said.

3,694 10
8 Internships

The bell rang and Professor Burke stood up slowly. He jerkily grasped his cane and and walked in front of the desk, keeping one hand on the cane and one on the desk the entire time. When he reached the front of the desk, he leaned heavily on it

“Welcome to N.E.W.T. Potions. I want a show of hands. Who is taking this class because it’s a requirement of their intended career path?”

Albus glanced around the room and tentatively raised his hand. So did most everyone else, except for Amanda and Jackson.

4,058 6
9 New Beaters

“Hugo, no,” James said. “Aunt Hermione would murder me. And she won’t sign the consent form, so it’s not happening.”

“But-“ Hugo began.

“No, Hugo,” James and Albus said at the same time.

Hugo slunk off to the stands, looking dejected.

“I ought to tell Madam Pomfrey we just kept him from trying out,” Albus said. “She’ll love that I saved her work.”

4,313 5
10 Thestrals

“I wonder who Hagrid saw die,” Matt replied. “Has he ever mentioned it?”

“No. Hagrid doesn’t like to talk about the past. Do you think ghosts can see thestrals?”

“Probably. They’ve seen themselves die,” John said.

“Matt should go ask Myrtle,” Albus said, smirking.

Matt turned bright red. “I’d rather it remain a mystery.”

3,749 8
11 Spying

Angie was one of Albus’s quieter cousins, and she didn’t like Quidditch. Albus wasn’t sure where she got either trait from since she was Uncle George and Aunt Alicia’s daughter.

“Hi, Angie,” Albus said once he and John reached the table. He sat down in the only empty chair, and John dragged one over from an adjacent table.

“Hey, Al,” Angie said, without looking up from her notebook. Albus glanced at it and saw she was in the process of drawing some sort of dragon.

“Angie, can I ask you something?” Albus said. “And it might be a little strange.”

3,581 6
12 Liability

“John, guess what happened!” Gemma shouted.

“What?” John said as he ladled soup into his bowl. “You look like one of your professors just canceled exams for the year.”

“If that happened, I’d be dancing around the room,” Gemma said. “But I just heard that Professor Burke dropped a cauldron in the second years’ Potions class this afternoon. The potion went everywhere! Half of them are in the hospital wing!”

“How is that exciting?” Albus asked, wincing. “That’s awful.”

3,743 8
13 Nonverbal Spells

Albus, Rose, John, and Amanda took a more leisurely pace to Charms, arriving just in time to see Scorpius Malfoy loudly showing off his brand new watch, which he’d received for his seventeenth birthday.

“It’s pure silver,” Malfoy drawled, his eyes fixed on Albus and his friends. “Very expensive. Mum and Dad sent it on Saturday, just in time for my birthday. I’m of-age now. I could do magic outside of school, if I desired. I could even take my Apparition test if I wanted to.”

“Except you haven’t had any lessons,” John muttered under his breath. “Bloody git.”

3,749 7
14 Rose's Decision

“The good news is between Nana Molly and Aunt Fleur, we won’t be expected to do anything except show up,” Albus pointed out.

“And the stag night,” James said with a wicked grin.

Albus felt his cheeks redden. “Er…stag night?”

3,886 6
15 Auror Headquarters

“Teddy,” Albus said. “I wasn’t sure you’d be in today.”

Teddy nodded. “Paperwork.”

“Auror Lupin is behind on his paperwork,” Johnson said. “Don’t pick up any bad habits while you’re here, Potter.”

Teddy’s hair turned slightly pink at the ends, to match his cheeks. “I’ll just get back to that paperwork….”

3,648 6
16 The Summons

“He’s got a whole corner devoted to electronics,” Matt said. “And we spent the entire time dissecting an old computer.”

“He does that at home, too,” Rose explained. “You should see his shed.”

“Then he showed me his collection of batteries and asked me if I’d like to have some to start my own collection,” Matt said, grinning. “I told him no.”

3,695 7
17 The Deposition

They took the lift to level two, where they walked quickly past the Auror Headquarters. A round man with very little hair was ranting to a peeved-looking Auror Johnson in the doorway. Once they were a safe distance away, Albus turned to his dad.

“Who was that?” he asked. “The wizard talking to Johnson?”

“John Dawlish,” Dad answered quietly. “Oldest one in the department. He’s been passed over for promotion to Head Auror three times now."

4,078 8
18 Dawlish


Albus startled and turned around to find Johnson standing in the entryway of the cubicle, looking at him curiously.

“Inquisitive. Good trait to have as an Auror. Dawlish wouldn’t want you lurking about his cubicle, however. Best get back to the post.”

Albus nodded. “Where is Dawlish, sir?”

3,527 11
19 Investigating

“You aren’t really going to let the violations go, are you?” Albus asked, still shocked about that aspect of the conversation. “He had a bucket of aconite out in the open. It’s probably gone bad.”

“How do you know how to properly store aconite?” Johnson asked.

Albus shrugged. “Must’ve come up in Potions.”

“My kids do tell me Professor Burke is rather…unconventional. Anyway, no, I won’t let the violations go. But I will wait until after the undercover plan is over to give him citations.”

3,575 4
20 Halloween

“Your sister,” Albus said, turning to John, “is going to singlehandedly burn the castle down.”

John groaned, although Albus wasn’t sure whether it was Albus’s revelation about his sister or the fact that he just landed on Park Place, where Amanda had a hotel.

“Just give me your properties and I’ll let you keep the hundred,” Amanda said with a wicked grin.

“Evil,” John muttered. “Pure evil. What were you saying, Al?”

3,619 9
21 Dawlish's Plan

“You’re better than Galivant,” John said.

“Thanks,” James said, “but I still need everyone playing their best. Lisa’s captain, too, so they won’t only be looking at our Seeking skills. They’ll be looking to see how well we bring our players together.”

“We’re going to cream Hufflepuff,” John said. “Stop worrying.”

James nodded. “I’m going to change,” he muttered. He picked up his pile of robes and disappeared into one of the changing stalls.

“It’s strange to see him nervous,” Albus whispered to John.

3,657 4
22 The Trial

At precisely nine o’clock, the courtroom door slammed shut. It was opened again with a loud creak thirty seconds later and Dawlish came strolling in, unaware of the fact that every single person had turned to look at him. He slipped into Albus’s row and sat down next to him.

“Morning,” he said.

“Er, good morning, sir,” Albus replied.

3,611 5
23 The Recipe

“So, really, all they’ve got is that DNA evidence?” John asked.

Albus nodded. “Dawlish said they’re relying on people’s prejudices and all the publicity. Trial by media, he said.”

“That’s awful,” Kaden said.

“Boone also doesn’t have an alibi. The prosecutor brought that up. Plus they’ve got Elsie, the little liar. They’ll call her to the stand tomorrow or Wednesday and she’ll lie through her teeth about whatever it is she saw that day.”

3,721 4
24 Panic

Albus watched as Matt’s dad walked down the aisle to stand. He sat down and was sworn in by the judge. The Wizengamot watched with curious stares.

“I’ve always liked him,” Dawlish said. “Bit of a mystery why he came here from Australia, but I’m not questioning it.”

“Please state your name for the court,” Watkins said.

3,583 5
25 Breaking Point

“I understand you conduct research as well as see patients? Could you please tell the court what you research?”

“I’d be glad to. I research the effects of lycanthropy on the human body, essentially what happens to a person when they have to transform into a werewolf and then back to a human every month. The physical effects, not the mental effects.”

“Interesting,” Watkins said. “Overall, do you find the effects to be positive or negative?”

3,355 6
26 The Verdict

“Lily?” Albus asked as he approached them from behind.

Lily jumped, causing the boy to tumble off the log they were sitting on. He stood up quickly and put his arm around Lily’s back.

“Albus!” Lily shouted. “Why would you do that?!”

“How else was I supposed to get your attention? Can I talk to you…alone?”

Lily sighed and turned to the boy. “Pat, I’ll meet you back in the castle, okay? Wait for me in the Entrance Hall.”

4,099 7
27 The Cave

“Aunt Marge is visiting this year,” Kaden lamented.

“I thought she didn’t visit when you and Bethany were around,” John said.

“She’s technically visiting my grandparents. But we’re all going to their house for Christmas Eve and Christmas, so it’s the same thing. It’ll be a nightmare.”

3,523 4
28 Stag Party

“You realize Muggles aren’t of age until they’re 18, right?” Amanda asked.

“Damn. I knew I was forgetting something,” James muttered. He looked at Cedric. “Make sure you look a little older, too. Don’t shave between now and then. Maybe add a mustache if you’re handy with appearance charms. Maybe I can have Teddy give Al a beard before we head out.”

Rose and John burst out laughing. “Make sure you get pictures of that, James,” Rose said.

3,880 6
29 The Wedding

“I’m 132!” Muriel exclaimed. “Can’t you have had this wedding inside somewhere? It’s bloody December! And look, I’m the first one out here. Are you going to make an old woman sit here all by herself in the cold until this thing starts?”

“Don’t worry, Aunt Muriel,” Uncle Bill said. “There are plenty of heating charms. And you won’t be alone-“

“Damn right I won’t,” she said. “You’ll stay out here with me.”

4,338 4
30 The New Year

Lily walked by, with a large slice of cake, and Albus flagged her down. She sat next to him and started eating. “I love cake,” she said, after swallowing the first bite.

“Have you seen Rose?” Albus asked.

“She left with Matt a few minutes ago,” Lily said. “Are the two of them together? I overheard a few Hufflepuffs saying they were, but then Rose went to Hogsmeade with that bloke from Slytherin.”

“No, they aren’t,” Albus said as he stood up. “I’ll see you later.”

4,235 3
31 Difficult, Dangerous, and Disappointing

“Apparition,” she began, “the art of disappearing and then reappearing in a different place. It is difficult and it is dangerous. You will splinch yourself. But if you try hard enough and practice enough, you can learn. How, you might ask? The three Ds-“

“What’s the third?” John asked. “She already said difficult and dangerous.”

“Shhh!” Rose hissed.

3,589 3
32 The Accident

James sighed. “The school brooms are all Comets. They’ll do even worse. Switch with me. You fly my Firebolt and I’ll fly your Nimbus.”

Albus stared at his brother. “But James, there’s at least one scout out there. I’ll fly her Nimbus and she can fly my Firebolt.”

“No,” James said. “I’m the captain. I’ll take the Nimbus.”

“But James-“ Grace began.

3,634 9
33 Aftermath

“Come on, Gin, let’s go get some tea,” Dad said, putting his arm around his wife.

“But-“ Mum protested.

“He’ll be fine. Al or Lily can get us if we’re needed.” Dad turned to Albus. “We’ll be in the tea room.”

“Finally,” James muttered after the door shut behind Mum and Dad. “They haven’t left me alone. Lily, could you hand me that pudding cup?” He jerked his right arm in the direction of his bedside table.

3,710 3
34 Broken

“Does it even matter?” Amanda asked. “And isn’t it better for people to think he crashed because of the broom instead of his own flying skill?”

“It’s the principle of the thing,” Albus said. “What if James has a TBI and told the team and one of them told a reporter? It’d be all over the Prophet, too. And then he’d have no chance of getting recruited, even if he did make a full recovery. Not to mention the whole world would know his private business.”

“Albus is right,” Matt said. “No one should’ve said anything.”

3,482 6
35 The Interrogation

“Are you nervous?” Albus asked, happy to have something else to think about other than James.

Matt smirked. “Al, you know I’m always nervous. But I’m not at all nervous about my Apparition test. It’s weird.”

“Is it weird being of age?” Albus asked.

“Honestly? It’s not that different. Come down to the common room with me.”

3,758 5
36 James's Return

“Thanks,” James said as he slowly stood up. “I’m going to bed now, then. I’ve been going to bed earlier than Auntie Muriel lately.”

Albus laughed. “And you’ve got matching canes.”

James groaned. “Don’t remind me. She came to visit me last week, you know.”

“Auntie Muriel?” Albus asked.

3,545 4
37 A New Seeker

“Are you still the captain, James?” one of the younger girls asked.

“No,” James said. “Albus is the captain. I’m just here helping.”

Albus turned to James, who gave him a small nod. “All right,” Albus said, turning back to the crowd. “First, we’re only looking for Seekers. Second, if you’re a first year, you can’t try out. Third, if you’re Hugo, you can’t try out.”

“Oh, come on!” Hugo shouted. A few of the first years grumbled similar sentiments.

“Aunt Hermione forbade it,” Albus said. “Go sit down.”

3,450 3
38 An Adjustment

“Cedric talked to me last night,” Albus began. He knew he had to bring this up gently.

James’s right hand twitched and he slid it off the table and into his lap.

“He and Ben think you’re avoiding them. They say that as soon as class is over you come here and tell them not to follow you.”

James said nothing. He picked up his wand and tapped it on the table. A few small, red sparks emitted from it.

“Why are you hiding out here?” Albus asked.

3,662 4
39 Captain Albus Potter

“That’s wonderful,” Mum said, her voice still a higher pitch than normal. She reached over and squeezed James’s good hand.

James nodded. “No cane. That’s good.”

“Very good!” Mum said.

“And the bad news?” James asked quietly.

3,654 4
40 The Break-Up

All right,” Matt said. “Give the Apparition a go. I think your main issue is you aren’t focused enough. It’s like Occlumency. You’ve got to clear your mind.”

“Because you were so good with Occlumency,” Albus muttered.

“Shut up,” Matt said. “Think of the three Ds. Destination-“

“Yeah, yeah,” Albus interrupted. “Just let me try it.”

3,629 3
41 Quidditch Protocols

“Can we go to that meeting?” John asked. “They can’t just change Quidditch.”

“If we wear the Invisibility Cloak, we can,” Albus said.

“Would it really be a bad thing?” Amanda asked. “If Kendrick had called off that match James wouldn’t have gotten injured.”

“It’s a slippery slope,” John explained.

4,022 5
42 The Protest

“You would’ve followed her, right? If it weren’t for James?”

Albus nodded. It felt weird not following Elsie because up until that point, Albus had always chosen to satisfy his curiosity, even if it was slightly dangerous. Rose would be proud.

“You’re a good brother, Al,” John said. “I can’t see any of my sisters looking after me the way you’ve been looking after James if I ever got a serious Quidditch injury.”

3,535 3
43 Loss

Albus had not thought of that. “Do you think I’m reading too much into it?”

Rose smirked. “You do have a tendency to do that, but I don’t know. I’ve hardly spoken with James in the past month. He only talks to you.”

Albus sighed. “You always know what to do about Matt when something’s going on with him.”

“Because Matt talks to me,” Rose pointed out. “But I’m glad James is seeing a psychiatrist. I don’t know what’s going on with him, but I know it’s something.”

3,688 6
44 Change

“Well?” Albus prompted, when none of them said anything.

“Show him, James,” Dad said, a small smile appearing on his face.

James lifted his right arm. It was shaking worse than normal and Albus was confused as to why his dad was smiling about this. Confused, he looked at Dad, whose smile had grown. Mum was now smiling as well.

Slowly, and with much concentration, James squeezed his fingers together, until he was halfway to making a fist. It was more movement than Albus had seen him able to do since the accident.

3,357 3
45 The Funeral

“It’s probably a family house,” Albus said. “Most old wizarding families have estates like this that they pass down.”

Matt nodded. “That makes sense. That’s what my house in Australia was.”

Albus’s parents, Matt’s parents, and the other adults wandered off to a corner to talk, leaving Albus, Matt, Kaden, and Amy alone. Both Amy and Kaden still looked very upset.

3,525 3
46 Progress

“It’s not your fault the team lost,” James said as he walked into the office and leaned against the desk. Over the past few weeks James had regained a bit of his color and had put on a few of the pounds he’d lost after the accident. He wasn’t back to normal, but it was a start.

“I know it’s not,” Albus said.

“Come on,” James said as he stood up straight again. “I want to go fly.”

Albus snapped his head up and stared at his brother. “You what?”

3,502 5
47 A Squib

“The spell for turning an animal into a goblet,” Rose said as she showed James the proper wand movement.

James mimicked the wand movement with his new wand in his left hand and screwed up his face in thought. “Er…haven’t the slightest.”

“Veriverto,” Rose said quietly. “I’ll give you an easier one. Summoning charm.”

“Oh, come on, I know this one,” James said as he furrowed his brow. “I swear I know it. It’s there, but I just can’t….” He sighed and sat back against his chair. “This is hopeless.”

3,420 5
48 Wrongfully Imprisoned

“And what about you?” Madam Pomfrey said, turning to Albus after she checked on Elsie for the fifth time. “What did you do?”

“Nothing!” Albus said. “I swear!”

“He’s fine,” Dad added. “He brought the situation to my attention. Going to make a fine Auror.”

3,514 3
49 One More Year

The seventh years climbed into the boats, taking up much more space than they had as first years. Once they were all in, Hagrid climbed into his own, and raised his pink umbrella just as the sky opened up and the rain poured down in buckets. The boats surged forward, disappearing into the growing fog.

2,858 15


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