Harry, Ron, OC
Mystery, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Mild violence
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2014-03-25 07:04:36
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Introduction and Prologue

“Personally, I’m considering early retirement.”

Introduction with Spoilers and “An Interesting Fact That Might Become Relevant To The Plot”. Henry Neville is forced to re-evaluate his current standing with the Minister of Magic.

3900 0
2 Chapter 1 - Breakfast Television

“Dunno what you were worried about, Ginny. He seems as bright as he’s ever going to be.”

Harry wakes in a strange room. Ron and Ginny are concerned for his wellbeing but show him the current television news coverage.

2076 0
3 Chapter 2 – London Briefing

“Expert? Oh, you mean Hermione?”

Harry is briefed by the few Ministry Staff remaining and then begins to form a plan.

2639 0
4 Chapter 3 - Asking for Help

“Are you going to tell me why we’re here or do you just want me to summon you another cow?”

To Ron’s consternation, Harry gets Draco to do his civic duty and join them on a trip to the village of Stoneforde where Stapler is rumoured to have worked on his inventions.

1753 0
5 Chapter 4 – Pritchard’s Workshops

“See? Not even Ron knows, and I tell him just about everything.”

In Stoneforde they visit the workshops and discover the con man has family links to the local area.

2262 0
6 Chapter 5 - Ms, Miss & Mrs Brown

“Oh, I don’t think Azkaban is taking new prisoners at the moment, Mr Potter.”

Harry, Ron and Draco meet a lady who knows much more than she first lets on.

3781 0
7 Chapter 6 – The Test Station

“Tell us about the mostly. Weasley, are you taking notes?”

Harry, Ron and Draco visit the old Navy research station where Stapler conducted pilot tests of his machines for the Muggle Government.

2162 0
8 Chapter 7 – Draco Inspects the Stores

“Weasley, I’m going to rip your ears off!”

Draco takes charge and orders Ron to inspect the skips while he and Harry visit the stores. Ron takes his revenge. They have lunch with Astoria and discover part of Stapler’s invention that has no detectable trace of magic.

1879 0
9 Chapter 8 - Harry asks Draco for help

“I wasn’t entirely kidding about turning you into a vegetable, you know?”

A worsening Harry finally asks Draco for help. Unknown to Harry, Draco makes a deal.

2204 0
10 Chapter 9 – The Malfoys Annoy Ginny

“She even asked if I wanted some of her old dresses and offered to let them out for me!”

They return home none the wiser about whatever Draco is up to. Ginny is offended by the kindness shown by the Malfoys. Ron arrives early so he and Harry can discuss a few matters over bacon sandwiches. By the time Draco arrives they have each changed their minds what to do next.

2263 0
11 Chapter 10 – All at Sea

“Who out-ranks an Admiral? I want to be one of those.”

Mrs Twinn brings a message which Harry instructs her to file away. Harry and Draco head for a harbour in Devonport to catch up with Brookes and the others.

3566 0
12 Chapter 11 - Ron Calls in a Favour

“I need to ask you for another favour. Before you agree, I was specifically warned not to let this thing develop into a Bangen style operation.”

While Harry goes to sea, Ron organises a raid on Stapler’s only known registered address.

2212 0
13 Chapter 12 - Boarding the Kirgerist

“Where did you come from, Lieutenant-Commander?”

Harry and Ron meet up to disrupt the Muggle navy operations. They return to find the Trening under Stapler’s control.

2208 0
14 Chapter 13 – The Celebrity Chef

“Slow the boat! Slow the boat!”

Harry and Ron capture Stephenson and finally meet Stapler. Harry learns a little about Proudfoot before Ignatius starts to exert more control. Harry proposes a truce.

2171 0
15 Chapter 14 - Azkaban Docks

“Has everyone here lost their magic?”

They take the motor launch and head for Azkaban island. Henry Neville decides to speak to Harry. They discover the Azkaban guards and Kingley’s Ministry people have lost most of their magic. Kingsley confesses what he knows.

2618 0
16 Chapter 15 – Brothers Reunited

“I want to come out!”

Harry allows the Muggles to continue their break out attempt, but is horrified by what Ignatius does to his twin brother the moment they meet. Harry offers an appeal and asks Hermione to present the prisoner’s case.

2664 0
17 Chapter 16 – The Appeal Begins

“That’s most considerate, Draco. Thank you.”

Ron organises some protection for Hermione. The appeal begins and Draco insists upon taking a Judge’s seat next to Harry.

3866 0
18 Chapter 17 – The Verdict

“Wizards! You’re always acting so superior! Even joking at the end of your days. Well, you don’t fool me. I know your deepest fears. I know.”

An over confident Ignatius takes the stand. With Edward’s help, Harry renders his judgement.

2233 0
19 Chapter 18 – Draco Intervenes

“Congratulations? Did you manage to leave the house with matching socks this morning, Weasley?”

Harry confirms Ron’s promotion. A visitor arrives to object to Harry’s verdict. Draco intervenes to defend Harry.

2746 0
20 Epilogue

“I’m not sure if I should worry more about you or Ron’s ex.”

Harry introduces himself to Detective Copeland disguised as a cleaner.

1673 1


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