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Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Rose/Scorpius, James/OC
Humor, Romance, Young Adult
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse
Story Reviews
First Published
2014-02-16 11:10am
Last Chapter
2020-10-29 8:50am
Last Updated
2021-04-12 5:05pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The One Where Blair Gets Shipped Off to London

 Well, sometimes we have to do things we don’t really want to.” Dad says as he sits on my bed.

“And I assume visiting your annoying mother and twin sister in London is one of them?” I ask still hoping that I won’t have to go.

“Yes.” Dad confirms and I roll my eyes. 

2,568 4
2 The One Where Ashley's Boyfriend Encounters the Wrong Ashley

“I think you have the wrong person.” I say and he stands in front of me shocked with my American accent. “I guess you’re looking for Ashley.”

“And you’re not Ashley?” he asks still staring at me shocked. 

2,152 2
3 The One Where The Girls Come Up With The Idea

“So what are you saying?” Blair asks confused. I look at her with a smile and she looks at me finally understanding. “No, Ash, we can’t do that.”

“Why not?” I ask. “No one would notice.” 

2,580 1
4 The One Where Blair Meets James

“Listen...” I say and put the fork down looking at him, trying to remember his name.

“James.” He reminds me.

“James, right.” I say.

2,611 5
5 The One Where Ashley and Blair Have Something In Common

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asks me suspiciously. “You seem different.”

“What do you mean?” I ask nervously.

“Just three weeks ago you would kick me.” He says.

“Right.” I say. “Well, I’m giving you a free pass now.” 

3,123 0
6 The One Where Blair Crashes a Party

“You are so different this year.” James notices and I almost choke with my drink. “Good different.” He adds and smiles. “The old you would never spoke a word to me.”

“Can’t imagine why.” I say sarcastically.

3,221 3
7 The One Where Slughorn Ruins Everything

“I will pair you up according to the alphabet. That means that you, Mr Potter, will spend a great deal of time with...” No problem here. I’m a Hastings. H is nowhere close to P.

Except that I’m not Blair anymore. And Pierce is very, very close to Potter. I get a weird feeling when Slughorn grabs his notes and checks the pairings.

“Oh, with Miss Pierce!” Slughorn says proudly. 

2,675 1
8 The One Where Ashley Takes a Stand

“You’re hurt?” I ask again and he opens his mouth to say something. I raise my hand and stop him from talking. If I’m ever going to be Blair, now’s the time.

“Shut up!” I warn him and he gives me a weird look. “You don’t get to be hurt."

3,450 1
9 The One Where Ashley Gets Homesick

I slam the door so hard, he jumps of the sofa and points a wand at me.

“Blair, what in the name of Merlin’s pants?” he asks when he sees how angry I am.

“Boys!” I scream angrily and march towards my room. 

2,936 5
10 The One Where The Marauder's Map Is Lying

"There are little dots with names for every professor, student…” he says but I cut him off.

“What?!” I ask taking the map away from him. If the map shows every person and their name then my dot must say… “Ashley Monique Pierce.” I say out loud. 

2,922 7
11 The One Where James Kidnaps Blair

“You do realise this counts as kidnapping?” I ask.

“If by kidnapping you mean taking you out to have some fun, then yes, I am kidnapping you.” He says. “Or should I say funnapping you?”

“Your idiocy has no limits.” I say and he grins at me.

“Get dressed princess.” 

3,767 6
12 The One Where Blair Gets a Surprise

There is nothing in this world that could possibly ruin my day.

And then I see him.

Standing in the Entrance Hall looking around as if he was searching for someone.

My grandfather. 

2,966 5
13 The One Where Blair and Rose Have Something in Common

“It’s not that bad.” I say and smile remembering the last time Ash and I saw each other. “We hated each other for years. Well, not actually hated, but we fought a lot. But we actually made up this summer and we’re closer than ever."

3,216 5
14 The One Where Blair Realises Something

“You actually like him!”

“No I don’t!”

“Oh, just admit it!”


“So yes?” 

3,254 4
15 The One Where The Girls Have a Special Treat For The Holidays: Part 1

“You don’t understand.” I say and shake my head. “I don’t belong here.”

“You do belong here.” He assures me with a small smile. “You’re here to do what you love. And when you do that, you’re best when you’re you.”

I look up at him, my eyes filled with tears. “You know.” 

2,938 3
16 The One Where The Girls Have a Special Treat For The Holidays: Part 2

He just looks at me for a moment and then he smiles looking up. I look up as well and notice a mistletoe which just appeared above us.

" A mistletoe.” I say and look at him.

“A mistletoe.” James repeats.

3,781 5
17 The One Where Blair Realises Everything Changed

“So, you’re ruining your life just for the sake of Ashley’s?” Nick asks me.

“Of course I am.” I say. “She’d do the same.”

“And I can’t tell her this?” he asks me.

“Absolutely not.” 


3,046 5
18 The One Where Ashley Gets Back on The Broom

Finally, the door opens and we find Gerard staring angrily at the two of us. Suddenly, when he realises there’s two of us, he opens his mouth in shock.

“What the..?!” he snaps. 

2,737 4
19 The One Where Blair Gets Heartbroken

“James!” I call him and he turns towards me, his light brown eyes suddenly cold.

“What?” he snaps and immediately I feel like someone punched me in the stomach.

“About what happened at the Platform…” I start.

“What about that?” he asks crossing his arms.

“I…” I start but suddenly realise I have nothing to say to him. I can’t exactly admit the truth. “I… I’m sorry.”

3,021 4
20 The One Where The Boys Are Acting Weird

“Nick, if you’re having problems you can always talk to me.” Dad says somehow calmer.

“I’m not!” Nick snaps.

“Fine!” Dad gives up. “But I’m warning you. Not only am I going to forbid you to hang out with Blair, but I will report you as well, Nick!”

“I said I was done!” Nick says furiously. 

2,720 7
21 The One Where Ashley Finds Out The Shocking News

“I’m not lying, sweetie.” She shakes her head with a smile. “And you know I’m not lying. That’s why you’re so worried. And if you don’t believe me, you can ask that girlfriend of his.” 

3,667 7
22 The One Where The Girls Make Some Serious Desicions

“I quit.” I cut him off.

“What?” he asks in confusion looking back at me.

“I quit the Quidditch team.” I repeat. “I’m done with all of you.”

3,812 9
23 The One Where The Parents Help Out

“You know how it feels then?” I cut him off and he nods his head.

“I do. You feel like someone shattered you into tiny pieces and you don’t know how you’ll ever pick yourself up.”

“Did you ever pick yourself up?” I ask.

“I’d like to say I did.” He shrugs. “But that would be a lie.” 

3,191 6
24 The One Where The Girls Celebrate Valentine's Day

I knew what I had to do. I had to think of Ashley as well.

“Yes.” I whisper to him. 

2,882 8
25 The One Where There's Another Engagement Planned

“I really like her, Blair.” He shrugs standing up from the table. “I never thought I’d find someone like her after your mother left. And now, I feel happy again. I just wanted to make sure you were okay with this first.”

No, no, no, no! I am most definitely not okay with this! Complete opposite actually! 

3,728 19
26 The One Where Dad Finds Out About The Wedding

"Dad,” I say carefully eyeing the black owl. “That’s Grandmother’s owl.”

He freezes as well looking at the owl and we exchange looks. “What do you think she wants?” he asks and I shrug. 

2,292 12
27 The One Where Nick Saves The Day

I close my eyes trying to feel my wand in the back pocket of my coat but before I even manage to find it, I hear a loud bang and when I open my eyes I find the guy lying unconscious on the floor. I look up and there’s Nick pointing his wand towards the man. 

3,230 10
28 The One Where Ashley Starts Believing in Destiny

“Did you do it?” I demand.

“Do what?” he asks tiredly rubbing his eyes.

“You know very well what!” I hiss. “Did you propose to Elena?”

He stares at me for a moment before he grabs a small box from his pocket and hands it to me.

“I couldn’t.”

3,049 8
29 The One Where The History Repeats Itself

I stare at both of them bitterly. “It feels like you’re divorcing again!” With that said, I march to my room leaving both of them hurt. Seconds later I hear a loud sound of my Mum disapparating and then the sound of my Dad closing the door of his bedroom. Everything after that is silence. 

4,553 7
30 The One Where Fred Shows Up With Good News

“I have no other choice.” I shrug. “Daniel and I set the date. There’s no point in your plan, Fred. Whatever he’s doing I’m sure that I can’t use that to get out of all this.”

Fred grins at me. “What if I told you differently?”

I stop walking and stare at him. “Don’t joke with me, Fred Weasley!”

3,399 16
31 The One Where The Truth About Nick Comes Out

"Your Dad-?” I try and he just shakes his head.

“He crossed the line this time.” Nick says sadly.

3,754 4
32 The One Where Feelings Get Hurt

“What about you?” I ask suddenly and he looks at me with his eyebrows raised.

“What about me?” he asks.

“What if your parents told you how to feel?” I ask. I lose my courage and look down at my heels. “What if they told you how to feel about me?” 

2,413 4
33 The One Where Plans Are Made

“Plus, your heart is promised to someone else, ha?” Savannah nudges me with a wink.

“If you’re referring to James-“ I start.

“No, we’re referring to Dumbledore.” Hilary says sarcastically. 

2,305 7
34 The One Where There's a Party

“To the greatest party Hogwarts has seen!” Savannah adds.

“And to the worst hangover the morning after!” I join in.

“Cheers!” Lydia finishes. 

3,391 9
35 The One Where Ashley Takes Matters Into Her Own Hands

“How can I leave him to handle this on his own?” I ask him. “How can I do nothing? I love him!”

“You can’t control everything.” Gerard says and I sigh but stay silent. 

2,441 9
36 The One Where There's a Date

 “Waiting for someone?” I ask crossing my arms.

“Yes, for a pretty blonde with sharp tongue.” He says with a smile. “Have you seen her around?”

“Unfortunately not.” I shake my head. “But if she knew you were waiting for her, she probably ran away.”

“Never mind, I just found her.”

3,642 8
37 The One Where There Is a Brit Invasion

I mean,” he continues. “Why would Blair ever go to London? She’s a pure American! She’s so much American she has a bald eagle tattooed on her back. She eats a Big Mac for lunch every day. Why would someone like that visit London?”

Dom looks at me all freaked out. “He put something in his coffee, didn’t he?”

“Either that or he’s been smoking something stronger than his usual Marlboro’s.” I say. 

3,804 3
38 The One Where There's a Quidditch Match

“And what about you?” James asks.

“What about me?” I ask.

“What if you’re named the Holyhead Harpies Captain and then we become rivals?” he jokes and I shake my head at him.

“I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.” 

4,040 5
39 The One Where There's a Blast From The Past

“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in.” he says and I know he noticed me. With a sigh I turn around and stare at the guy in front of me.

“Hi, Seth.” 

4,283 4
40 The One Where Nick Comes Back

“Well,” Hilary comments. “It seems Gryffindor winning the game made everyone score last night.” 

2,839 5
41 The One Where There Are Exams

“You’ll be a Quidditch star.” He says. “What do you have to study for?”

“A Quidditch star or not, I still have to pass my exams.” I point out. 

3,433 6
42 The One Where a New Member Joins The Gang

“Just try to relax.” I say and she looks at me angrily suddenly.

“You try to relax when there’s a watermelon squeezing out of your you-know-what!” she yells at me. 

5,510 5
43 The One Where The Truth Comes Out

“Ashley?” James who’s wandering in front of the Great Hall asks and all three of us stop walking, my heart sinking into my feet. Ashley and I turn around to face James who’s standing in shock starring at the three of us.

“Well, fuck.” I hear Nick mutter.

“James-“ I start.

“What the fuck?!” James snaps starring at us, his eyes wondering from me to Ashley. “You- There’s- You two- I-“

8,380 6
44 The One Where Everything\'s Revealed

“Is anyone up for a cup of tea?” she asks.

“Let’s make it a cup of brandy.” Grandmother insists. “Merlin knows tea won’t get us through a day like this!”

4,573 1
45 The One Where It All Ends

“I can’t.” she says.

“You can’t admit you were wrong?” I ask and she smiles a bit at me.

“It’s a lot harder than it looks, am I right?”

“It brings up a lot of pain.”

11,223 4
46 Epilogue

One year later, a wedding takes place. 

7,748 7


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