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Lupin, Moody, A. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Remus/OC, Other Pairing
Horror/Dark, Mystery, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2014-02-01 6:54pm
Last Chapter
2017-04-04 11:29pm
Last Updated
2017-04-04 11:29pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 One: The Beginning

Hell is a hangover.

Edited as of 8/23/2015.

1,650 4
2 Two: Bad Press

I sink into the blackest of moods, staring at my hands for a long time before I come to an inevitable conclusion: I need a drink.

Edited as of 8/25/2015.

3,206 2
3 Three: The Hanged Man

Suddenly a wave of intuition crashes over me. No, wait, that’s nausea.

Edited as of 10/1/2015.

3,158 2
4 Four: Truth Shall Out

“It’s nice of you to offer,” I say finally, “but I think I should tell you, I don’t really see us working out in the long run.”

3,241 1
5 Five: Strength

“This is a crime scene, O’Keefe,” says Moody through gritted teeth, “You can’t help yourself to a drink on a bloody crime scene.

3,281 1
6 Six: A Darkness Within

“I’m a werewolf,” he breathes into my ear.

3,424 4
7 Seven: The Wheel of Fortune

“Special delivery!” says the loud, exuberant voice of James Potter. “Hello, O’Keefe!”

4,094 5
8 Eight: The Hermit

One thousand Galleons?” says Barnabus, out of sorts. “You’re robbing me!”

3,159 1
9 Nine: Justice

Something begins to dawn on me, a pattern that I didn’t see before.

3,235 3
10 Ten: Into the Darkness

“Well, this is nice. Not exactly the sort of place you’d expect a serial killer to live.”

3,761 3
11 Eleven: The Chariot

"Good," says Sirius. "I need to talk to you."

2,902 1
12 Twelve: Making Connections

"I’d just like you to know that I find it astounding that you’ve managed to survive this long on the planet, given your blatant disregard for your own safety.”

3,167 3
13 Thirteen: The Lovers

Suddenly I need a drink like a kelpie needs water.

3,519 3
14 Fourteen: The Hierophant

“A message just arrived from Moody,” he says. “It’s not good news.”

3,158 2
15 Fifteen: A Sudden Brightness

“Are you sure Moody has a mantelpiece?” I ask, giggling. “I’ve sort of always pictured him living in a cave somewhere."

3,778 3
16 Sixteen: The Emperor

I roll my eyes. “I'm suggesting that we frame him.”

3,197 7
17 Seventeen: Things Brought to Light

He looks up at me, anxiety written all across his face. Judging by his expression, he seems to be waiting for me to kick over the table or make a go for his throat.

2,798 3
18 Eighteen: The Empress

When he finally draws back from me, the shoulder of his robes is soaking wet with tears and, presumably, phlegm. Strangely, I don’t feel embarrassed about this at all.

3,704 5
19 Nineteen: The High Priestess

“Time to play now, Priestess.”

2,455 2
20 Twenty: A Low Flicker

I’m not willing to apologize, but I can’t stand the idea of Remus being genuinely angry at me.

3,093 2
21 Twenty-One: A Bright Glow

I laugh harshly. “So you figured I’d come crawling back to you, now I’ve got nothing else to do?

3,264 1
22 Twenty-Two: A Changed Place

Sleepy-eyed, Kevin North sits up in his bed at the sight of me.

3,217 4
23 Twenty-Three: The Wand Thief

"I'm sorry about this, Aislin," he says. His hand shakes as he points his wand at me. He looks terrified.

2,816 2
24 Twenty-Four: The Two Doors

“You’re standing in front of two doors at the moment. Behind one is a small chance of danger. Behind the other is a certainty of a very long time in Azkaban. Which door sounds nice to you?”

2,489 1
25 Twenty-Five: The Dead Streets

“I would’ve thought, O’Keefe,” he says quietly, “that the last few days would’ve been enough to show you that all this is more than a joke.”

3,833 0
26 Twenty-Six: No Regrets

My brain feels completely frozen over with shock -- I can’t think what to say, what to do. I only know that I can’t let this happen, I’ve got to do whatever it takes to keep him here.

2,771 2
27 Twenty-Seven: The Plunge

But I’m not someone smart, I’m Aislin bloody O’Keefe, so I march straight out my front door, down the stairs, and out into the desolate length of Diagon Alley.

2,726 0
28 Twenty-Eight: The World on Fire

Even as we run, the stairway below is growing brighter and brighter, and I can hear strange hissing and growling sounds echoing up from the bottom floors, as if the fire were speaking to itself.

2,734 2
29 Twenty-Nine: All the Fallen

“Why don’t we have a toast?” I suggest, grinning.

3,425 4
30 Thirty: The End

But it’s a lone figure that materializes out of the green flames -- the figure of a tall, slim man with dark hair and deep-set, grey eyes.

2,000 9


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