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Bellatrix, Regulus, R. Lestrange, Voldemort, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
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Drama, Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2014-01-11 2:28am
Last Chapter
2018-02-10 5:51am
Last Updated
2018-02-10 5:51am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Of Freedom and Dark Marks.

Mother was intent on having me agree to a respectable marriage by the end of this year, and if it wouldn’t be done by Christmas it would be forced upon me come June when I would be done with Hogwarts. I simply couldn’t become a working woman and die an old maid.

1,814 2
2 Of Thestrals and Paupers.

“Oh, right. The fabulous life of Claire Nott with her glorious parties and fancy gents hankering for a dance. It’s like you’re the princess and I’m the pauper,” She said laughing at her own metaphor.

I laughed along too, but deep down I knew that I would rather be the pauper.

2,200 2
3 Of First Dates and Toasts.

I didn’t think the man who would marry me would be so lucky. Something inside of me would die in the lifestyle of a pureblood wife.

2,913 2
4 Of Good Nights and House Elves.

It was past curfew and since I had been the one to question his being here, it was even more obvious that I should not be.  I felt my cheeks pink slightly for being in the wrong.

2,483 3
5 Of Scrubbing and Stars.

I can’t say if I was doing this because I felt like I wanted to scrub away the contamination of a muggle for my own sake or because I felt like my friends would be able to tell. Like interacting with those who had contact with muggles would somehow leave a physical mark.

2,212 2
6 Of Control and Problems.

I smirked, now shifting to face him, knowing that in this situation I had full control. I had control and there was something maddeningly addicting in that. Evan reached up and cupped my cheek, his eyes flicking between my lips and my eyes.

2,122 2
7 Of Broom Closets and Bludgers.

I knew the rules, and in all technicalities Slytherin had won.

And it was all my fault.

2,154 3
8 Of Winning and Drinking.

I could feel Regulus watching me as I weaved my way to Evan. I could feel his eyes on me as I reached him and Rosier swept me up and drew me in for a sloppy and happy kiss. And for some reason, I wanted him to watch me. Not out of spite, but some thing in me stirred at having the attention of Regulus Arcturus Black.

2,355 2
9 Of Overheard Conversations and Apologies.

She looked peaceful like this, her chest rising every so often and the tiniest of smiles etched on her lips. It was hard to believe that a few days prior she was knocked out of the sky by a bludger.

2,602 5
10 Of Bad Shags and True Love.

Initially I felt I should come to Evan’s defense as his girlfriend, I shouldn’t allow Black to dishonor his name in such a way. However, in the presence of Regulus I felt little want or pressing to make excuses for him.

2,864 2
11 Of Heart Matters and Hospital Wings.

I faltered, I could see his cool demeanor coming back and I had no interest of toying with him now. Regulus wasn’t someone I wanted to get on the bad side of, mostly for the reason of his Dark Mark. I knew how you got a Dark Mark.

3,019 1
12 Of New Friendships and Knowing.

I had never admitted that out loud, and as it left my lips and rolled over Regulus I felt safe in saying it. I felt like I could be that honest and he wouldn’t look down on me for admitting it, or chastise me for not being more loyal.

2,888 1
13 Of Secrets and Fear.

They should fear the pack of boys that they had grown up around in these halls, taken classes with, and completed assignments along side. They should fear my brothers, the boys I had grown up surrounded by and worst of all they should fear the boy I was expected to marry.

2,148 2
14 Of Dungeons and Underestimation.

He removed the cloak from his shoulders and put it on mine, his school shirt neatly pressed underneath and tucked in to his black trousers. The only thing misplaced about his outfit was the lack of a tie and his shirt unbuttoned two from the top.

“Thank you,” I said softly, staring down as his hands smoothed the cloak over my shoulders.

2,859 3
15 Of Rosier and St. Mungo's.

“Maybe it’s because I know what you are. You’re a little boy pretending to be a man. You think you know what it takes to be a Death Eater, to serve our cause, and maybe even do it passionately. But every thing you have done to this point is child’s play,” I said vehemently, my eyes boring in to his.

1,861 2
16 Of More St. Mungo's and the Kitchens.

I still remember her smile so vividly. Her face and smile shone so brightly, almost like a glow that surrounded her as she flew. She was brilliant, brave, and talented. That was the day I decided I wanted to be more like her, and less like my family. I had never seen anyone glow like that. It was like she was as bright as the sun, and I wanted to be sunshine too.

2,086 2
17 Of Never Kissing and Bastien.

I wanted to scream at him, yell at him for the way those boys acted. They pointed a wand at a human being and enjoyed causing pain.

1,422 1
18 Of Dumbledore and Sunshine.

 But if Anabelle was sunshine, then Regulus was the moon.

4,326 3
19 Of Goodbyes and Nightmares.

“You’ll never be like them, Claire,” came a sinister voice near my ear.

2,694 1
20 Of Futures and (More) Drinking.

In his presence my desire to drink increased as if doing so would numb the pain his actions had brought. All I could see when I saw him was a desperate Anabelle searching for me and a red flash.

3,301 1
21 Of Confessions and Bedrooms.

I sighed heavily now, once more unsatisfied with the state of my feelings this evening. Evan still managed to unsettle me despite how little I cared for him. Bastien was still kind in the strangest ways and yet, I could not bring myself to fully accept a life with him. Regulus still pulled on the strings of my heart, and yet I was still left with an indebted body guard instead of the offer of his heart to me.

2,210 0


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