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    Albus, Scorpius, OC, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Other Pairing
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Drama, Mystery, Romance
    Next Generation
    Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2014-01-03 5:46pm
    Last Chapter
    2015-06-10 12:09am
    Last Updated
    2015-06-10 12:09am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 And the stage had been set.

    It was five thirty in the morning. Scorpius Malfoy stared at the dead man’s face. His skin was tinted a cold stiff blue. He’d been dead for a several hours. Scorpius could feel his brain trying to catch up. His mind didn’t run at optimal speed at five thirty in the morning.

    2,299 4
    2 Dead Men and Snapping Teacups

    “I’m a natural at looking at dead people?” Albus deadpanned, glaring sideways at Scorpius, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose irritably. Dead bodies always made him irritable.

    3,965 4
    3 Things We Lost in the Fire

    Merlin, give him the most disturbing of murders and most violent of deaths, give him blood and gore and he could face it with a frozen face. But Azkaban. He couldn’t even begin to analyse his own feelings about Azkaban.

    2,148 4
    4 Sacrifice for What Greater Good.

    “Good. Now be a good girl while I go look at dead bodies in the basement.” Albus said, his scowl deepening at the mere thought of the forensics department.

    “I can’t freaking move you idiot.” Lucy hissed, narrowing her eyes at him as she tried to kick him in the shins.

    2,629 4
    5 My quenwood is interested in you.

    Scorpius resisted the urge to run away from the auror department and not come back until Milly had sorted out this case on her own.

    2,111 2
    6 Hanged Men and Cluedo Cards.

    Lucy couldn’t quite understand how she ended up wrapped tight and unable to move in Albus’ large fluffy purple blanket twice in the same week. Then again, she also couldn’t understand how someone had succeeded in hanging a large dead man from her rafters, while she was in the same building.

    2,741 2
    7 Lilac Cluedo Peices.

    “I can’t believe we’re playing a board-game and calling this research.” Scorpius said with a moan. “Personally I like this kind of research.” Albus said as he rolled the dice and moved his piece (Pastor Green) five spaces towards the dining room.

    2,125 3
    8 Clues, tea and wolfsbane.

    Jules grinned and opened his mouth to say something… and that was when they heard the screams. Their stared at each other with wide eyes. Than Jules bolted out of the shop towards the sound, and with a quick spell on her shop (weak and temporary, but it would do) Lucy bolted after him.

    2,837 2
    9 I Was Alone.

    Lucy was simply glad that Jules was gone when Albus arrived. Albus took one look at her, took one look at the dead body, and let lose a long string of swearwords that Lucy would never ever repeat.

    2,065 1
    10 Suspects and Alibi's

    Usually dress-shopping was not quite this eventful.

    2,040 0
    11 In which Harry Potter Frowns.

    “He’ll probably still try to lure you over to the dark side though.” Scorpius said, playfully tossing a crumpled up paper ball at Albus’ head.

    3,212 4
    12 Turning me Legal.

    “I’ll send you the bill for the fine. Now out of the chair. Don’t you have a black market shop to look after?” Scorpius said, shooing her out of his chair.
    “I sell legal stuff!” Lucy insisted, rolling her eyes as she made her way out of the door. 

    3,042 3
    13 The Things one Finds in Knockturn Alley.

    “Didn’t anyone tell you that good boys shouldn’t go down Knockton Alley?” Albus asked with a grin when Scorpius reported to medical with a dislocated shoulder and a variety of cuts and bruises.

    2,643 2
    14 Tired Hearts.

    Lucy looked at Gwyn calculatingly. “What did Clue lose in the war Gwyn?” She asked. “Her heart.” Gwyn replied with a mournful expression.

    2,553 3
    15 Timely Reminders and Clean Teacups.

    It took Scorpius a moment to think of what she meant by wedding, her looking at him expectantly with a shrewd gleam in her eyes that he was sure meant that she knew he had forgotten. When he finally remembered what wedding she meant he groaned. And he realised that his mother and grandmother would indeed be meeting Lucy Weasley at the wedding. As his date. 

    2,651 2
    16 The Story of Percy Ignatius Weasley.

    Scorpius had nodded quietly and retreated to his office with the file alone. He wondered if Lucy cared what was in her father’s file or if she like the Potter’s felt that her father had atoned for whatever sins he had committed during the war and that it was his business.

    3,118 1
    17 Files and an Overdose of Tea.

    Scorpius thought he was going to die. Of an overdose of tea. His grandmother had cordially invited him over for tea, and there really was no denying Narcissa Malfoy.  

    3,261 1
    18 Weddings and Grandmothers

    “We watch and wait. And maybe. Maybe someone will show their hand just enough for me to do something about it.” He replied.  

    2,363 7
    19 Weddings are terribly boring

    “Mrs Rosier here has a particular fondness for my antiques.” Lucy said sweetly.

    2,153 3
    20 Elvish Wine and Ghosts

    He also had no idea how he had ended up drinking plain old earl grey tea while both of the women were holding wineglasses with his grandmothers most expensive elvish wine.

    1,609 7


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