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Andromeda, Sirius, Ted, Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa, R. Lestrange
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Romance
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2014-01-03 11:03am
Last Chapter
2015-01-13 6:12pm
Last Updated
2015-12-26 12:26am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Ambition

“You see the details, Andromeda. You see the beauty. That is an extraordinarily rare quality. I want you to make use of it. Make me proud.”

2,708 16
2 Dark Arts & Doubts

She had to come up with some kind of excuse. Tutor Ted Tonks? Spend time with a Mudblood and a Hufflepuff? Surely Professor Whitechapel didn't understand what an obscene request that was.

2,486 12
3 Impressions

"A good deal of Hufflepuffs are, after all. Mudbloods, that is.”

“A good deal of Slytherins are bigots,” Ted replied. “Looks like we both just proved the rule.”

3,157 11
4 Indiscretion

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was aware of how desperate and stupid she sounded. But she couldn’t help it. She just wanted safety and sanity again, and Ted seemed to be doing a pretty good job of providing it.

2,559 9
5 Damage Control

“Ladies of the House of Black don’t get . . . blitzed.” Andromeda frowned. She wasn’t entirely sure what “blitzed” meant, but it sounded uncouth and therefore definitely didn’t apply to her.

3,258 11
6 Slug Club

Andromeda was having trouble breathing. Probably just because idiotic Ted Tonks was sucking in all the surrounding oxygen supply.

5,294 11
7 Secrets & Stipulations

She would show him. She could do anything she wanted, go anywhere she wanted, be with whomever she wanted—and his rules would be given no consideration whatsoever. She was a free witch.

3,880 8
8 Rebellion, Within Reason

“I said,” Ted interrupted, “treat me like an equal. It doesn’t matter if you think I am or not. Talk to me like one of your society friends. Go ahead.”

2,224 7
9 Cavorting

It was impossible, though, wasn’t it? To enjoy spending any time in close proximity to a Muggleborn? Was this the punishment for cavorting? Perhaps Ted did have a disease after all, and perhaps Andromeda had caught it.

3,158 6
10 Discovery

She felt as though she always had to be on her best behavior, as though she were constantly being judged and found wanting. And this Christmas in particular, what would everyone say about the fact that Narcissa was engaged while Rabastan was still dragging his feet?

2,653 9
11 Confrontation & Contraband

Ted wouldn’t care if she’d made a spectacle of herself. He wouldn’t care if she hadn’t retained her pristine reputation, wouldn’t care what the onlookers would say behind her back. All he would’ve cared about was if she was okay. And she wasn’t okay.

3,384 6
12 No Place Like Home

Rabastan was the one who had behaved badly. So why did she get the distinct impression from everyone else in this family that she was the one at fault?

3,673 6
13 Refuge

This was bad. This was so very bad. This was all because she didn’t have a plan in place. Now she was just floundering about, confused and upset and making really stupid judgment calls.

4,279 9
14 Wensleydale Cheese

Poor was a single hardboiled egg for breakfast. Poor was a bedroom the size of a king-sized bed. It was drafty windows and chilly mornings. It was awful.

4,614 9
15 Christmas Party

She had, however temporarily, forgotten about the greater troubles in life—namely that she’d estranged herself from her entire family and had nowhere to stay but the house of a no-name Muggleborn. She had been having a surprisingly, miraculously pleasant evening.

4,573 13
16 Answers

Andromeda stared in disbelief. But why are you surprised? You did tell him that, didn’t you? That he was a mutant, a fluke. That it would be better for him to never have been born. What else would Ted expect from you?

5,151 6
17 Mistake

She was blushing. Oh Merlin, no. Why was she blushing? Maybe he couldn’t tell in the firelight. Maybe.

5,735 13
18 According to Plan

“He’ll understand. He'll be happy I’m gone.”

5,548 6
19 Sisterly Care

She got to her feet, smoothed out her dress, and cast Narcissa a bright, charming smile that she reserved only for special occasions when smiling was the last thing she wanted to do.

5,630 6
20 Proposal

“If you don’t,” he said, “then I will no longer call you my daughter. You will no longer be welcomed into this home. Your inheritance will be split evenly between your other two sisters. Do you understand what I'm saying, Andromeda?”

4,842 11
21 Adjustment

Andromeda never thought that “mutually beneficial exchange” would be the three words to define her marriage.

3,461 6
22 Meetings

They had lost a certain amount of faith in her, and she had lost faith in them. The worst of it was, she didn’t know how either faith could ever be regained.

4,032 6
23 Emergency

"We don't know how to fix him this time." 

4,756 6
24 Blood Bond

“It has nothing to do with bloodlines,” said Madame Finley. “It’s something much deeper, more personal than that. It’s found in the very core of a person that makes them magical."

4,353 9
25 Persuasion

"There," she said. "What purist would do that?" 

4,122 9
26 Blizzard

“If it makes you feel better,” said Reginald, “you’ve got one significant advantage when it comes to formulating a solution.”

“What’s that?”

“You’re alive.”

4,960 5
27 Touch

Andromeda pressed her hand to her forehead, trying to sweep aside thoughts of Ted. Why was he intruding into her mind at the most inconvenient time? Right now, she was supposed to be focusing on playing nice with Rabastan, on coaxing information from him.

5,741 15
28 Hogsmeade

"This is, without a doubt, the strangest request I’ve ever heard.”

5,776 13
29 Hurt

“You know how this game works,” said Rabastan. “It’s all about who has the upper hand. And right now, I do.”

5,662 14
30 Aftermath

“I’m just wondering," said Nelson, "what it is that you’ve got going on with my brother."

4,619 11
31 Fumbling

“I’m still trying to process what I’ve done,” she said. “If I tried to do that immediately, all at once, I would break down.”

“So, what?” said Ted. “I’m just a distraction in the meantime?”

Andromeda’s gaze hardened. “No, Tonks. You’re the reason for the breakdown.”

4,338 13
32 Confession

“I was afraid I’d lost you," he said. 

“I told Nelson that I was just an owl away.”

“I don’t mean like that.”

3,707 9
33 Curse

She didn’t want to be here, on his doorstep. It was cruel to him, and crueler to herself.

But she had promised.

And there was nowhere else for her to go.

4,557 7
34 Oil & Water

“That’s always been the difference between you and me. Just another thing that pulls us apart. You’re an optimist. I’m not. I see this for what it is.”

6,278 9
35 Breakdown

“You’re my sister, Cissa. We love each other. That’s stronger than anything else.”

6,472 10
36 Dissonance & Resolve

Andromeda had meant to say something the moment he opened the door. She’d meant to let the apologies gush out, one after the other, meant to tell him everything she’d realized in the past hours, on her way back to London.

But now the moment had come, she’d frozen up, capable of doing little else than stare into his own wildly surprised eyes.

4,624 11
37 Irresistible

Couldn’t change be one of the most fantastic punch lines?

3,840 39


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