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Mild violence
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Introduction and Prologue

Introduction and Prologue for The Legend, part one of The Traveller series. A Wizard named Proudfoot is hurrying to a rendezvous in Muggle London on a wet evening.

1900 1
2 Chapter One

He left everything shared between his favourite Barman, his Nurse and his cat.

Ron arrives early for a meeting using a fake ID he shouldn’t have and worrying that Kingsley will appear at any moment to drag him back to the Ministry.

1564 1
3 Chapter Two

Let’s just say I’ve had enough Ministerial interference to last me a while
Ron and the others are briefed on their surveillance subject. Ron slips up and momentarily forgets his cover story.

2237 0
4 Chapter Three

“Isn’t that you-know-who?”

Ron arrives home early for once and finds that before he left, Harry booked them a table at an exclusive London restaurant. Hermione is concerned that Harry has gone off unprepared.

1780 0
5 Chapter Four

More of a baggy white cotton and lumpy look.”

Just as they are leaving the restaurant, Ron recognises Stapler as a fellow diner. Ron discovers Harry helped their driver receive compensation from the Ministry, but can’t remember the details. Ron starts to put together a plan of action.

1755 0
6 Chapter Five

Get on well with your in-laws, do you?”

Ron consults with Brookes, the old warlock who taught Harry and himself when they were rookie Aurors. Ron explains his plan to Copeland and Blake.

1895 0
7 Chapter Six

No more overtime.”

Ron wishes the old man disguise created for him by Brookes hadn’t left him with aching joints. Even so, the plan seemed to have worked and they have been invited into the building.

2128 0
8 Chapter Seven

Call me Harrry.”

Ron meet a new friend with a familiar name, is annoyed that he can’t operate the coffee machine as well as Blake and recalls a football match.

1684 0
9 Chapter Eight

You got yourself into Bangen’s elite team and then your old school friend waltzes over and takes the big seat?”

They check the camera coverage and while Ron and Copeland take a look around outside they realise one of the jewellery thieves has returned.

2050 0
10 Chapter Nine

I was aiming for that clipboard.”

The jewellery thief is in custody but they arrive back to find themselves locked out of the office building and security is no-where to be seen. Ron has an idea how to get through the security doors.

2274 0
11 Chapter Ten

Oh, no. They’re not back in that store room again, are they?”

Conclusion to Part One. Ron finds himself sorry that the operation has been officially cancelled. The two most unlikely heroes receive bravery awards. Ron looks forward to briefing Harry.

1747 0


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