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Albus, Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
OC/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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First Published
2013-11-06 1:17pm
Last Chapter
2015-06-11 10:26pm
Last Updated
2015-06-11 10:26pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

His lip curled. 'Don't you go questionin' my loyalties. I was workin' for Thane all this year while you were who-knows-where.'

'Oh, yes.' A sardonic tone tugged at her voice. 'Fighting in the forests of Hogwarts. Truly an epic war which tied you together as brothers. Tell me, Downing, was it three schoolchildren who captured you, or four?'

2,346 15
2 Dream On

'...and I know you can afford it, you've just been lazy, swanning around tea shops with Albus all day.'

Scorpius' eyes narrowed. 'We also go to Quidditch shops and drink pints in the Leaky Cauldron, but I want to thank you for picking the visits to the tea shops as the part to mention.'

5,642 12
3 Many Moons

'We're starting in Venice,' he said, brow furrowing, because all of a sudden horrible prospects were looming in front of him and they were all called being stuck with his girlfriend's ex in a tent for a month. 'And going on from there.'

6,176 8
4 Hitch Your Wagon

'I'm just saying,' said Scorpius, and this time feinted high before he flung his Stun at Albus' ankles, making his friend dart to one side to avoid it. 'They think we'd hunt Thane?'

'Obviously they think we're as damaged as they are,' muttered Rose, sticking a pencil behind her ear as she rummaged through papers, brow furrowed.

5,622 10
5 Fly-By-Night

'It's not a festival at all,' Scorpius pointed out. 'This isn't some sort of late spring market, this isn't some sort of late spring anything. Selena was having us on.'

The frown deepened. 'She might have been mistaken.'

'Selena? Mistaken? About shopping? Doubt a compass points north, first.'

5,270 13
6 The Bigger They Are

'Because I thought I could convince Selena. I thought she'd come with us so I figured, hey, why start a fight about not wanting to be trapped in a tent for a month with your ex?'

'You're right. So much better for us to have a fight when it's too late to do something about it. You agreed to this, Scorpius, and so I'm not going to apologise for daring to be friendly with someone we're going to be spending this much time with!'

6,821 7
7 Into Darkness

It was less a hall than an expansion of the corridor, four metres wide and stretching forwards a long way. At the far wall was an open arch leading to darkness, the masonry around the doorway carved with intricate markings Scorpius couldn't make out from this distance.

'Bet you that's magic,' he said helpfully.

7,905 9
8 To the Occasion

'This isn't what our parents did. Evil knocked on their door, and they answered. We're looking at danger in the distance and we're riding out to meet it. Last time I did that, you nearly died. And yet, I'm still saddling up.'

5,749 12
9 City of Light

'First things first. We're. In. Paris.'

Albus' expression pinched. 'We're not going shopping -'

'I'm not saying we go shopping, I'm saying we take a moment to go, oh, my God, we're in Paris.' Selena swept around the group to seize Rose's arm in an iron hold. 'Though, yes, we're totally going shopping.'

5,481 6
10 Guiding Star

Rose, next to him, rolled her eyes. 'New rule: If we want to be discreet, we don't let Albus go anywhere in a t-shirt. I think his biceps are about to make girls pass out.'

'So it'd be wiser to let me go somewhere shirtless?' Albus smirked. 'I prefer them smiling at me for my biceps than my name.'

5,590 6
11 In Black and White

Matt sighed. 'We've got about five years to go through,' he said. 'Let's see who was fixated on city matters in the last few days.'

'Oh,' said Selena. 'This is the part of research that's really boring.'

7,461 5
12 Star-Crossed

'If he doesn't wine and dine her somewhere fancy I will be astonished, and if it doesn't make her positively swoon into his arms I'll eat my hat.’

Matt flinched. 'You're a very honest person. Please stop.'

7,576 16
13 Shot in the Dark

Thane leaned on the railing of the balcony that overlooked the Parisian bar's ground floor. 'My dear, you can be so predictable,' he sighed. 'Have you tried solving problems not by killing people?'

6,984 4
14 Black Sheep

'What, so you can bottle this up and let it gnaw at you? Why the hell shouldn't we talk about it?'

'Because it's not fair to you! Because we're not
just friends! Because I saw how you looked at me last night!' The words tumbled past her lips unbidden, because for all she valued Matt's company, his wellbeing was not first, or even second place on her priority list right then.

6,730 5
15 Down a Dark Alley

‘Fifty galleons won’t last long in a fancy casino.’

‘If I lose, sure.’ His smile was small, but smug.

5,937 3
16 In a Dream World

It was a bare, grey landscape, grey skies, the ground underneath rocky and flat, no sound on the air but the echo of their own breathing. It was barren and desolate and an absolutely perfect blank canvas for what was to come ahead. And she and Paquet were sat at a chessboard in the middle of the wasteland.

Paquet arched a superior eyebrow at the pieces on the board. ‘Why are we here?’

‘Because this is what I choose,’ said Rose.

6,240 8
17 Let the Chips Fall

‘You need to dress up to go somewhere like this.’

‘I have nice dresses!’ Rose paused. ‘Dress. Just the one - fine. I’ll talk to Selena.’

7,392 8
18 The Sky's the Limit

She had her hand slipped into his arm, but as he spoke, her mask of tight control flickered. ‘Don’t talk like there’s more than one of us, Doyle,’ she muttered out of the corner of her mouth as they swept inside. ‘They’ll think you’re crazy.’

‘I am a little crazy,’ he sighed, gaze sweeping the tables. ‘I hate not having my wand.’

6,430 7
19 Upping the Ante

‘We got lucky.’ He frowned.

live off luck.’

5,663 9
20 Showdown

‘I don’t want to panic you,’ shouted Scorpius as a Stun flew inches past his nose, ‘but I think they’ve spotted us!’

‘Yes! Thank you, Malfoy, for that scintillating tactical analysis!’

6,072 5
21 Come Fly With Me

‘Rose, Scorpius - where are they?’

He shook his head. ‘I didn’t see them.’

Matt gave a curt nod as he pulled out his pocket watch. ‘Five more minutes, then,’ he said, voice clipped, ‘and we go back to get them.’

5,440 8
22 Falling Feels Like Flying

‘The multi-pronged assault from different entrances, manipulation of the wards, diversions, and extractions, were your brain-children, though, mate. You’re getting scary.’

‘What’s scary,’ said Selena, ‘is the term “brain-children.”’

6,948 6
23 By the Wayside

'You say it like it is. I appreciate that.’

She shrugged. ‘Life’s too short to beat about the bush. Unless I’m manipulating a whole bunch of people to join me on a global hunt for an international super-mercenary.'

7,923 7
24 A Snake Lies in the Grass

‘By any means possible? What is this, Inter arma enim silent leges?’ She looked blank. ‘Cicero. “In times of war, the law falls silent.”’

‘No.’ Her voice was flat. ‘Because I’m the law, and I am not silent.

10,098 9
25 Arisen

‘Can’t we just transfigure something?’

For the look Selena gave him, Scorpius might as well have said, “can’t we just rub mud all over ourselves then Morris dance down Diagon Alley”. ‘Do you know your measurements, Scorpius?’

7,444 8
26 Quicksilver

She looked at him, not breaking step down the narrow road they’d come from. ‘I am not supposed to be seen,’ she said. ‘That is the point.’

‘Are you supposed to give heart attacks?’

5,908 7
27 Lodestar

‘This city’s been ruled by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Seljuqs, the Ottomans - can’t we at least take a look around?’ said Matt as they stood outside a shop, waiting for Albus and Lisa to pick up supplies.

‘We’re heading to a lost Crusader wizard fort in the middle of the Syrian Desert,’ said Rose. ‘Isn’t that going to be enough culture?’

6,345 4
28 Valley of the Shadow

Then the breeze came again, and this time it was a chill which raised not just the hairs on his arms, but the hairs on the back of his neck, and he heard Rose’s breath catch the moment realisation came thudding into his chest.

‘This isn’t normal shadow,’ he gasped - and then they were engulfed.

7,159 6
29 The Fallen

‘Oh, no, everything’s gone abstract again,’ Rose groaned when she realised she was stood in her front garden back home. ‘I am sick of this existential -’

7,259 9
30 The Sudden Stop

One of the foremost figures, whose brown clothes hung off it in rags, stumbled to a halt. When it drew breath, it was like it sucked both air and sound from the street, and when it spoke its voice was like burning parchment. ‘You ssstand for thisss one?’

Lisa’s hand finally fumbled up at his, grasping his fingers in an iron hold. ‘Don’t,’ she whispered.

Albus’ chin tilted half an inch up. ‘I do.’

6,040 3
31 Dead of Night

He didn’t move for a while, not until he heard the rustle from the door to the girls’ bunkroom, and when his hands slid down his face it was to reveal the tired and strained form of Selena. He frowned. ‘You look terrible.’

‘Says the man who got punched in the face today.’ But her voice was subdued, gaze concerned as she watched him. ‘I couldn’t help but overhear. Perhaps because I was stood at the door listening. You’re a good guy, Doyle.’

6,189 4
32 Whistle in the Dark

‘Ah,’ said Lisa in a low, flat voice, her chest heaving. ‘That was only a matter of time.’

Rose didn’t struggle, remained pinned against the wall. ‘I’m -’ She stopped herself. Apologising would be churlish. ‘Yeah. It was.’

Then there was a soft thump on the cabin floor, and Selena was on her feet, wand levelled at the back of Lisa’s head. ‘Okay. What’re we doing?’

6,157 4
33 Like a Stone

‘I don’t know,’ Rose admitted. ‘Except that I meant what I said. I still -’ She paused, and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. ‘I made it sound so minor in there, needing you to kick me out of funks. But I do. Need you, I mean.’

‘Careful, Weasley, we don’t want to cut ourselves on affection.’

5,924 5
34 Wing It

The wizard coughed, dust lodged in his throat, before beady eyes locked on Lisa. ‘You. You’re supposed to be -’

Then her boot moved to his throat. ‘Dead, yes, I know,’ said Lisa. ‘Tell me something I don’t know.’

Selena cocked her head. ‘You know, they talk better when you don’t stomp on their necks.’

6,417 5
35 The Fall that Kills You

Selena looked at the two halves of the broken dragon statue in her hands. ‘I’m assuming glue won’t work.’


He’s no fun. He doesn’t like my jokes.

5,555 6
36 Back in Black

‘Now that’s unsettling.’

‘What? I can say nice things.’

‘You just usually say them under layers of sarcasm, or pointing out how incredibly foolish someone was at the same time.’ Matt hesitated. ‘Don’t get me wrong. People need to be called on how ridiculous they’re being. But that’s, like, your

6,061 5
37 Mercurial Matters

‘You stole from me.’

‘Technically I stole from the government. You’re not the government. Yet.’

6,264 7
38 A Star to Steer Her By

‘Pfft. I was going to tell the Prophet. Sell my story, make some money on the side. Do you think maybe they’d let me be the Potter in the headlines if I did that?’

His fiddled with the bag strap to avoid meeting her gaze. ‘Yeah.’

‘Hey.’ She bounced over and swatted his hands away. ‘That was a joke. You can tell, because I was wearing my joking face.’

7,083 8
39 Moonlight and Roses

‘I’m not saying you shouldn’t hate him; I’m saying you should look at all the evidence. He put out a bounty on people who hurt you -’

‘No! No, he didn’t! He put a bounty on people who hurt the family. That’s what it’s about. That’s what it’s always been about. How the family looks. He’s been so obsessed with making the Malfoy name mean something since the war, since my grandfather died, that he’s not cared who he hurt. So long as we were the perfect little family unit, so long as we lived the lives he wanted, he’s been happy - and he’s been satisfied with nothing less.’

7,040 9
40 The Gleaming

‘Oh! Sorry!’ Astoria gave another sunny smile so like her son’s. ‘I’ve been making up six rooms, though you can use as many as you like.’

Had Rose’s intentions been less serious, she would have happily curled up and died at such a comment from her boyfriend’s mother.

6,709 4
41 Out of a Clear Blue Sky

‘Nobody would think less of you,’ said Rose hotly, ‘if you walked away from this.’

‘First,’ said Matt, ‘that’s a lie. You would. You say you wouldn’t, that we can all make our choices, but deep down you would judge me. And second, I would judge myself. And third, it’s like the lot of you have realised this, so even though you need me, you know I won’t leave no matter how shoddily you treat me.’

5,790 2
42 Landfall

‘There should be bodies,’ said Rose as they walked down the main street. Albus led the way, she and Selena had taken the flanks, and Scorpius watched their backs as much as he could. They’d never trained in formations or anything like this. It was just sense and instinct as their footsteps provided the only hint of life.

‘Don’t say that,’ Selena muttered. ‘You know why there aren’t.’

6,708 7
43 Bad Moon Rising

Just him. Four Inferi. Time to be a hero. And the most maddening thing was that, with impossible odds before him, a do-or-die situation, one thought ran through his head, one question: what would Malfoy do?

Forget Malfoy. Are you a Gryffindor or not? He’s not here. You are. And you’re a better duellist than him, a better wizard, a smarter wizard, and if you want to keep believing that, Matty, you better cowboy the hell up and save the girl.

7,337 7
44 In the Dead Vast

‘Compromise,’ Scorpius said, lifting his wand alongside Albus'. ‘We run away together.’

‘It’s the Slytherin way.’

‘Can you stop your male bonding so we can flee for our lives!’ Selena yelled from the back window.

6,359 5
45 The Darkness and the Light

When she pulled back, her eyes were blazing, hand at his jaw, and she took a slow, shuddering breath. ‘Al. A lot’s going to happen from here. But this is real. You know that?’

As if you could ever be like those other girls. His answer was another kiss, this one softer, reassuring. ‘This is real.’

6,600 5
46 The Witching Time

‘War.’ Scorpius rested his hands on the railing and frowned up the cliffs to where his mother’s house sat. ‘I didn’t think of it as a war.’

‘Wizarding wars aren’t armies lining up. They’re daggers in the dark, scraps down Diagon Alley. Infiltrations and ideologies. That sort.’ Harley sipped his coffee. ‘Saw it all over the world with the task force. Council’s been finding isolated pockets of wizards and trying to kill them. Just to show they can.’

6,410 6
47 Leap of Faith

‘I know, right?’ Scorpius scowled. ‘They’re emasculating us with their magical competence and doing this by themselves. Before us, even.’

‘Exactly.’ Albus flicked his wand at his feet, and Scorpius saw his heels rise, the air cushioning him underfoot with the levitation charm. ‘Our very manliness is at stake.’

‘Yeah.’ Scorpius clutched at his arm. ‘Don’t you dare let me go down on my own.’

7,247 10
48 That Either Makes Me

The voice - voices - rumbled and rolled, and the coloured light coalesced before them to take the shape, once more, of the Guardian. It seemed more real now, no less anonymous, but the colour gave it life, form, emotion. ‘Do not presume to claim it if you are unworthy.’

Selena’s lip curled. ‘I’m not sure I’m up to being judged by the ghost of crazy murderers dead for centuries.’

6,974 9
49 Or Fordoes Me Quite

‘You weren’t an amazing mentor.’ Scorpius grimaced as the words came out wrong. ‘You were a human mentor. A real one. It’s hard not to feel like a screw-up when the Boy Who Lived or his sidekicks are telling you it gets better. What do they know, they’re heroes.’

Lockett raised an eyebrow. ‘Are you telling me I was inspiring because I’m a screw-up?’

5,587 6
50 In the Pale Moonlight

‘Oh, Kirke.’ She shook her head. ‘The woman who makes Rose Weasley at her most uptight look laid-back and open-minded. Can you imagine how this holiday would have gone if they’d brought her instead of you and me?’

‘It would have probably contained one hundred percent less death, dark wizards, and international hunts for ancient artifacts.’

7,813 6
51 Ashes, Ashes

Scorpius squared his shoulders and took another step forward. ‘What do you need?’ he asked, voice low, careful, and he tried to not glance at Rose and Albus. I will hurl myself from the top of these towers before I let you hurt them.

Thane looked him up and down, and something flickered in his gaze. ‘You will suffice, Mister Malfoy. I could make use of Mister Doyle or maybe Ms Rourke, but it began with you and I, didn’t it? Fitting it should end in such a way.’

6,249 7
52 Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night

‘What’re you doing here?’ was all he asked in the end, his voice filled with ashes.

Raskoph gave a flourish of the wrist towards the scaffolding which could only be mocking. ‘Welcome, Malfoy, to Project Starfall. Because the rising star that was Eridanos is falling, and something new shall come from its remains.’

6,705 11
53 Wander Forth the Sons

The fire in the study was crackling away despite that it was only noon, Draco Malfoy stood before it. One hand rested on the mantelpiece as he gazed into the flames, and had this been any other day, Hermione would have cynically assumed he was trying to paint himself as lord of the manor for his visitors.

Harry kept his expression schooled as he stepped in. ‘Draco.’

5,814 10
54 Daybreak

‘I’m sorry.’ Tears were how Rose coped. Selena could understand that. Tears and anger and hiding from everything and eventually an international rampage of vengeance were how she had coped. But being sardonic was how Selena now coped with Rose coping, and she had to remember it wasn’t helpful.

5,629 21


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