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Albus, Hugo, Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance
Next Generation
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2013-11-02 10:27pm
Last Chapter
2015-11-03 8:12pm
Last Updated
2015-11-03 8:12pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I. Luck

Like some of her classmates and all of her family, Sybil would be lying if she said she believed in staying on the straight and narrow with all her heart.

3,949 15
2 II. Egress

There are some things bigger than one party, and there are some basic principles greater than one witch.

5,428 9
3 III. Arrest

Anyone who thought they could start a crime empire in Hogwarts had to by definition have a massive stupid streak somewhere.

5,256 8
4 IV. Terror

That was what they all said before they fell into their death and morality spirals, wasn’t it?

5,107 6
5 V. Resurrection

Sybil was going for a rah-rah sentiment that I need foot soldiers and indentured servants did not really inspire.

5,713 8
6 VI. Bounty

If they were going to make their great statement, cement their legacy, they were going to do it big.

5,116 3
7 VII. Honour

This world had nothing to do with blood, and it was not structured by destiny.

5,001 7
8 VIII. Control

It was so obviously fabricated, just another set piece for him to trot out at the right moment, but it recalled real life so well that she rather wanted to believe it.

5,527 6
9 IX. Message

Ophelia didn’t believe in her brand of saccharine fighting.

5,283 3
10 X. Trust

As much as they lambasted him for it, Hogwarts as a whole would be sorely disappointed should their rogue Gryffindor prince up and decide to grow a heart.

5,340 4
11 XI. Madness

In this family, it was almost a declaration of love.

5,368 3
12 XII. Stratagem

The day Ophelia heard I’m sorry from her lips would be the day she dyed her hair blonde.

6,112 4
13 XIII. Bread

If she was going to give up her Valentine’s Night to hang around him the whole time, she didn’t want to have mild palpitations every time she glanced at him.

7,095 1
14 XIV. And Circuses

There was so much of Albus in her and vice versa that she couldn’t believe he would ever say it, because she never would.

6,523 2
15 XV. Worth

There was life in his eyes, and it burned.

5,639 0
16 XVI. Victory

They were too smart to fall apart at the eleventh hour. They were too foolish to believe they wouldn’t eventually.

7,371 5
17 XVII. Story

If he was going to face the traitor in the triumvirate, it might as well be on the ides of March.

6,104 1
18 XVIII. Audacity

It was almost like fate, but Finlay Thackeray didn’t believe in fate.

6,056 0
19 XIX. Revenge

This, she would smile and recall, was the beginning of the end.

6,808 2
20 XX. Sound

They were too far gone to worry about winning with honour.

5,853 2
21 XXI. And Fury

He didn’t look like someone who was in love with her.

6,844 3
22 XXII. Farce

She would do anything to fight that invading truth.

6,012 2
23 XXIII. Harmony

It would take perspective, and that was a precious, rare gem here.

5,076 0
24 XXIV. Sin

If by some miracle they each made it out of this place, neither of them would ever be the same.

5,163 0
25 XXV. Constellations

She should have thrown aside everything to save her.

6,853 1
26 XXVI. Gold

Antigone could not match him lie for lie.

6,915 0
27 XXVII. Queen

She didn’t need anything except her own ego to tell her she was safe.

7,067 1
28 XXVIII. Salt

She had willed herself to forget that lost causes could not be found again.

6,985 0
29 XXIX. Salvation

Hogwarts had left her for dead.

5,450 4
30 XXX. Monster

She didn’t care if he was happy with her rising star.

5,994 1
31 XXXI. History

He knew what they both were, and he feared it.

5,709 1
32 XXXII. Colour

There were some things no one could escape.

6,263 0
33 XXXIII. Blood

This was magic at its deepest and most personal and most dangerous.

5,001 0
34 XXXIV. Perfidy

There was only one way it might end.

7,249 1

It was never going to be a pretty time.

3,305 3


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