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Ron, Hermione, Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, Victoire, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing
Romance, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2013-10-28 3:37pm
Last Chapter
2014-12-04 9:53pm
Last Updated
2014-12-04 9:53pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Meeting and Sorting

First off... AHHH! My first chapter, well exciting!
The meeting of Livy, Rose, Al and Scorp all together and their Hogwarts sorting!

4,000 1
2 The Wotters

The meeting of almost the whole Wotter family, apart from a few who haven't quite got up to Hogwarts or have already left.

1,764 2
3 The Third Year and The Unexpected Experience

Will I ever get any peace? No? Good, it'd be boring without it!

2,469 0
4 Our Protective Boys and Jealousy

Rose and Livy have an interest in boys... wait... not if Al and Scorp have any thing to do with it.

Or will this stop the girls?
Not likely!

1,941 1
5 The Sleepover

The not-so-famous Weasley sleepover. First ever official Weaslsey sleepover for Livy and Scorp and everyone is super excited. Truth or Dare
Promises to come

3,980 1
6 The Aftermath and the Unexpected News

Sleeping Beauty needs her sleep, and won't be pleased if she is woken. Livy has been awoken from her slumber and there is no way Scorp and Al's news is going to help calm her fury.

2,535 1
7 Our Advice, The Date and The Assumptions

The boys are useless apparantly when it comes to girls, good job they have Livy and Rose!
The dreaded date has now arrived and it's not good news after... Poor Livy but Rose is okay, don't worry!

4,214 0
8 The Summer

Poor Livy may have lost one friend, but both Scorp and Rose are still there for her. It's a shame but she's still had fun this summer! Dancing lessons, birthday parties and plenty of letters sent.

2,695 0
9 The Train Ride to Hogwarts- Fifth Year

United once more, another year at Hogwarts, doomed for more disappointment for poor Livy. Hopefully everything will work up on Livy's side of the street.

1,197 0
10 The Date, The Helpful That Is Rose and The Revelation Courtesy Of Lily

The date with Joe has indeed arrived, will it go to plan?
Or is there a giant bucket of Cookies and Cream ice cream with Livy written all over it?
Well, everyone's here to help anyway!

2,966 0
11 The Accident and Repercussions

Al's had an accident. It isn't ideal, well not for Livy, he's fine. There might be some damage, this is not going to work well at all.
Let's see if we can get through this one Liv!

1,472 0
12 The Confessions and The Return of the Awful Nicknames

How's she going to react? How's he going to react?
Only one way to find out!

1,698 1
13 The Truths in Herbology and The Full Names

Leaving the hospital wing Al seriously needs to talk to Livy.
What's the Neville Longbottm?
Got another long story we've heard before to tell?

1,405 0
14 The Finished Sentence, The Wotter's Issue and The Many Letters

Al finally tells Livy how he feels,
But of course, something has to get in the way.
Wish them luck and Wish EVERYONE Well

3,599 1
15 The Return of The Wotters and The Conversation With Lils

The Wotters come back and Livy could not be happier!
Her chat with Lils goes well, bless her she's growing up!

5,019 0
16 The Talk With Rose and The Get Together

 Now Livy's going to tell Rose everything she wants to know and we also know more about Rose and Scorp! 
Then we go onto Al... Wish her luck!

2,572 0
17 The Two Of Us Need Help

So, maybe Livy needs some help adjusting to this whole dating thing, or maybe it's the attention, or...?
And, maybe Al panics slightly when Livy does.
Hopefully everything'll be okay, one step at a time!

3,833 1
18 The Date and The Interruption

They're together! And everything seems dandy until Livy thinks she may have said something that perhaps was a bit quick and rushed. Therefore immediately regrets it!
But Scorp's here to help!It's all good!

2,121 1
19 The Quidditch Games

Quidditch games to settle the differences.
A good way to do it?
Let's see who wins, couple vs couple! 

1,074 0
20 The Wedding to Put All Wedding's to Shame

 The wedding! 
The beautiful joining to two equally beautiful people! 

2,747 0
21 The News No One Expected

SPOILER ALERT- Huge news coming our way.
Something no one thought would happen, especially not to this young lady.
Only time will tell how this works out...

1,538 0
22 The Important People Know

How is everyone going to react to Rose's big news?
For everyone's sake, let's hope the latter

3,198 0
23 The Situation Continues and We Sort it out

Livy has taken things into her own hands,
Let's see how that works out,
Scorp... I'd watch out!

2,867 0
24 The Telling of Everything and Everyone Gets There Say

Livy plays Quidditch, tells Al and both are eager to find Rose and Scorp.
Here's hoping everything goes okay, they're always breaking the news to Vidy!

5,290 1
25 The Official Viewing

We're going to see a shot of the baby!
So cute!
Rose and Scorp also have some news for Livy and Al! Oooh! Exciting times!

1,660 2
26 The Going Back With Help

Livy and Scorp take Al and Rose back to the room of requirement for one last time.

2,580 0
27 The Betting and The Thinking Of The Future

Rose has a baby shower thrown for her (No thanks to Livy- all praise to Lily!)
And then Rose, Scorp, Al and Livy think of the future and how everything's going to work out now.
Where are their lives going to go now?

3,601 0
28 The End of Hogwarts

We're back to the beginning,
"Well, what can I say, we're done..."
Graduating ceremony with moving speeches,
Everyone's in tears!
Happy tears though!

2,028 1
29 The Epilogue

5 years later-
Baby Malfoy is now 5 and everyone's so grown up!
But's what's her name?
And what's everyone else doing with their lives?

1,837 9


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