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Harry, Ginny, Albus, James (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire
Humor, Action/Adventure, Young Adult
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2013-10-26 12:40pm
Last Chapter
2014-02-23 10:15pm
Last Updated
2014-02-23 10:15pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Masquerade Ball

I was having a little trouble maneuvering with the heels, but it was manageable. Wendy looked like she about to fall flat on her face at any moment, poor dear. As I finally reached the bottom step, I looked up and my brown eyes met his green ones. My heart fluttered and my stomach turned. The only problem was…

It wasn’t Riley.

4,730 13
2 The Four Envelopes

I snorted. “I’m kind!” Albus raised one of his eyebrows and gave me a pointed look. “What? I am super nice. Ask Rose!”

“Rose is your friend,” Albus said, giving me another look.

I huffed. “Okay, so I’m not someone who is universally known as nice. Is that bad?”

Albus shook his head. “Oh, no! It’s not as if people make friends by being nice or anything.”

3,805 7
3 Ducibus

 Leadership qualities. Wisdom. Daring. Unafraid of toil. Ducibus.

3,708 6
4 Captain McKenna

“Do you think I’ll be a good captain? Do you think I am a good captain?”

“Oh, well…” I stopped and looked over at her. She was biting her lip and apprehension danced in her eyes. “Yeah, I think you could be a great captain one day. You have one major fault though.” Her face fell and I smirked. “Don’t try and kill your team.”

Her face lifted and she giggled. “Deal. Now let’s get you into the showers. You look a mess.”

3,725 3
5 Luculentus

Intelligence. Cleverness. Hard work. Nerve. Luculentus.

4,800 3
6 Transfiguration Studying

“How is this supposed to help me?” I asked, turning back to Riley. “If you keep distracting me, I’ll never get to studying!”

He smirked and grabbed one of my hands. “Every answer you get right I’ll reward you. Sound okay?”

4,028 3
7 Puritas

Cunning. Traditionalism. Ambition. Power. Puritas.

3,160 2


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