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2013-07-15 18:59:13
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Teddy

Teddy has already received his first Hogwarts letter, and he's excited about getting his wand.

1728 4
2 Victoire

All Victoire wants to do is play outside with her best friend, Teddy. But rain and babysitting duty changes her plans...

1529 4
3 Dominique

Dominique is given the task of watching her restless four year old cousin Lucy

1465 3
4 Molly

Molly is in charge of keeping an eye on her little sister Lucy, as usual. But all Lucy wants to do is run around and play with Fred and James.

1505 3
5 Louis

Louis doesn't feel like playing with his cousins or really doing...well, anything. But when he is forced to play with Fred and James he must find a way to make it work.

1560 4
6 Fred

It's Fred's lucky day! He gets to spend the night at the Potters and play with James all night! (Well, as long as Aunt Ginny lets them at least).

2002 3
7 James

It's time for another picnic at the Burrow, and James is determined to sneak out some of Gramma's amazing treacle tart!

1488 4
8 Lucy

Fred and James are doing "secret" things and Lucy isn't allowed to join, so she needs to find other cousins to play with.

1925 4
9 Rose

Rose can't wait to show her cousin and best friend Albus her new book, but he's not coming.

1931 1
10 Albus

Albus and his siblings are forced to go to a birthday party for one of their muggle cousins. It didn't seem TOO bad until one showed the Potters something evil called a clown.

1746 4
11 Roxanne

All Roxanne really wants to do is play quidditch, but the boys won't let her join.

1731 1
12 Lily

Before the Potters leave for another Weasley Summer Picnic, James pulls a prank on Albus, giving Lily an idea.

1943 2
13 Hugo

It's Hugo's birthday, and his parents have given him a brands new camera!

1896 2
14 Bonus! Scorpius

It's just an average shopping trip to Diagon Alley for Scorpius Malfoy and his parents. After all, Diagon Alley is a very exciting place for a seven year old.

2150 4


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