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Percy, Oliver, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2013-07-08 1:53am
Last Chapter
2014-11-22 5:47pm
Last Updated
2014-11-22 5:47pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Brothers and Sisters

 “Merlin, Bran,” Kat said, wrinkling up her nose. “Put some clothes on, would you? No-one wants to see anymore of you than we’re forced to.”

1,686 30
2 The Dementor on the Train

 “Wait,” said Penny, holding up her hand. “Something weird’s going on…we can’t be there yet.”

3,408 17
3 Two of Cups

 “The Two of Cups,” he said, holding it up for me to see. “Snap.”

4,359 15
4 The Patronus Charm

 “I’ve got an idea,” Oliver said. “Just picture me, in your mind. Shirtless, if that helps.”

4,636 9
5 The Trapdoor

 “Great,” Kat muttered. “Really comforting, thanks Dani. Well, you can go first in case a giant Chimaera jumps out at you or something.”

4,663 10
6 Quidditch Practise

 I scowled. “You Gryffindor spy!” I said. “You weren’t trying to steal our tactics now, were you?”

4,942 10
7 Making the Bet

“Let’s make a bet,” I said. “Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor. Keeper versus Keeper.”

3,839 7
8 Dating Advice

“I am not like Percy,” I said, feeling rather stung by this comment. “I polish the handle of my broom. Percy polishes his Head Boy badge. See the difference?”

3,607 6
9 Sirius Black

 “It’s Black,” she said in a hushed whisper. “Sirius Black. He’s here. In the castle. He’s broken in.”

3,763 4
10 The Polyjuice Potion

 “Excuse me!” Bran said. “Just because I’m not in Ravenclaw doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent, too!”

4,573 3
11 The First Wish

“SOMEONE’S FALLING!” I bellowed, as loud as I possibly could. “SOMEONE’S FALLING FROM THEIR BROOM!”

5,573 3
12 Girl's Night

 “We’re having a Girl’s Night and it’s going to be great! You and Dani are going to sort out whatever problems you currently have and we’ll all be friends again."

4,421 5
13 Sibling Rivalry

 “Dear me, the Mason triplets are having a bad day, aren’t they?”

4,842 5
14 The Second Wish

 “Well, how did it happen?” Bran asked. “Did you give him a love potion? Or is he under the Imperius Curse – that is illegal you know. You could go to prison for using that…”

5,513 4
15 Of Quidditch and Quandaries

I let out a loud cheer as Roger Davies got past the Hufflepuff Keeper and scored the first goal of the match. I had a feeling it was going to be a great game.

5,269 4
16 A Warm Welcome

 But I knew that Katrina Mason would never, ever like someone like me. So there was no point in getting my hopes up. 

3,087 5
17 Kat's Secret

What on earth was Kat doing, sneaking out of the house at night? 

5,661 4
18 Christmas Surprises

What on earth was Radley doing at my house? How did he get here? And most importantly, how did he know where I lived?

4,054 5
19 An Antidote to Love

“Hang on, let me get this straight!” Kat said. “You’ve been crushing on Radley for six years, and now you want to break up with him?”

4,708 2
20 Victory and Defeat

 "I’m not an imbecile Radley, I can butter my own toast,” I snapped, and Radley’s face fell. He looked so innocent that I almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

4,654 5
21 Stargazing

“Right up there is Orion,” I said, pointing at the sky. “You can’t see him from here, but he’s there. He fell in love with Merope and when she didn’t love him properly back, the gods put him into the sky.”

4,438 2
22 The Descent

There were also sounds from the beds around us, and Penny, sounding half-asleep, murmured; “What is going on?”

5,650 2
23 The Third Wish

“KAT!” I screamed, as Angus hurried over with a knife looking paler than I had ever seen him, and tried sawing through the huge, knotted branches while trying not to cut Kat’s neck.

4,157 4
24 Holding On

 I stared at him in disbelief. “Are you serious? My sister is unconscious in St Mungos and you want to talk about Quidditch?”

4,596 4
25 St Mungo's

 “Oh, stop being such a drama queen, Brandon,” I said impatiently. “Why are you here, anyway? I didn’t even think you knew where the library was.”

4,102 5
26 The Next Step

 I felt myself grinning. If that was true, Professor Dumbledore himself had recommended me to this Crouch man. I hadn’t even realized he knew who I was!

2,790 3
27 Careers Advice

As I walked down the very long corridor, my feet tapping on the stone floor each time I took a step, it suddenly occurred to me how much I would miss this place when I was gone.

2,854 2
28 The Last Match

 “You’re not just anything,” I told him firmly, feeling unbelievably sorry for the poor guy. “And you’re definitely not stupid and lame and embarrassing. I love you and I know Kat loves you, too. Maybe not in the way you want, but…”

4,200 2
29 Reflection

“Well, we’re done, aren’t we? Finished our schooling. No more classes, no more exams. We’ve learnt all we can at Hogwarts. It’s time to move on into the real world.”

5,607 1
30 Happy Endings

 “I just know,” Oliver said. “Gryffindors can know things too. I know we’ll be back at Hogwarts someday – if not in the way we expect.”

1,880 5


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