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Hermione, Draco
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/OC
General, Mystery, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2013-06-20 3:22pm
Last Chapter
2014-02-20 1:10pm
Last Updated
2015-01-18 10:25am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Bad Dates, Hangovers and a Nightmare.

Hermione reflects on her dating life and meets an unexpected new co-worker.

1,298 19
2 Defeat and Dinner

Hermione groaned and sank into her chair, she hated to admit it, but Ginny was right. Starting tomorrow, she would be working with Malfoy.

1,611 8
3 Strange Behaviour

Draco is acting strange and Hermione is increasingly suspicious.

1,780 5
4 Mudbloods again

Hermione and Draco's boss plays a cruel trick to teach the fighting pair a lesson.

2,312 11
5 Memories in the Manor

Hermione and Draco return to the department of mysteries...

1,168 8
6 Bad timing, a bedroom and a bathroom

She climbed back into the still-running shower and became lost in her own thoughts. Obviously this was what Pertree meant when he said their journey was far from over. As she stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel, Hermione groaned at the realisation that she would probably be spending more time in her past with Malfoy.

2,141 6
7 Wedding plans

A wedding is planned and Draco asks Hermione for a favour.

1,712 6
8 A Day in Diagon Alley

It wasn't until she went to bed that night that Hermione realised she had just spent most of the day with Malfoy and actually enjoyed herself. How times had changed since Hogwarts.

2,226 8
9 The Polyjuice Plan

Draco finds out a secret of Hermione's. How will he react?

2,006 6
10 A Very Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and there's drama at the party....

2,801 30
11 Murder and the Manor

Hermione was so shocked at Draco's outburst that she only realised the churning feeling in her stomach that meant the memory was over as the Manor disappeared. She was left standing alone in her kitchen, tears falling down her face.

2,785 11
12 A Frosty Start to the Festive Season

"Not particularly, I'm preparing myself," he said, taking Hermione's glass and setting both of them down on the table next to them.

"For what?" Hermione asked nervously.

"Don't you feel it?"

"Feel what?" she breathed.

Draco took her hand...

2,187 10
13 The Two Christmases

"Nice girl, that Lucy. Smart," Draco winked before also walking away leaving Hermione standing alone and feeling unsure about what had just happened.

2,516 14
14 Festive Flirting

As soon as she was outside, Hermione apparated back to her own doorway and entered her flat, slamming the door behind her. She was absolutely furious at Draco; alcohol or not he had completely crossed the line.

1,864 19
15 A Forgotten Potions Class

The aftermath of the New Year's Eve party

1,868 16
16 Draco's Best Kept Secret

What has Draco been hiding and is it the reason he has been so different since starting work at the ministry?

1,570 34
17 Coffee and a Confession

She shook her head, inwardly chastising herself for letting the girls' taunts get to her. Of course she and Draco were just friends. Weren't they?

1,924 23
18 A Date with Destiny?

It's Ron and Juliette's wedding day!

3,541 15
19 Torture

Hermione and Draco visit the one memory neither wanted to see.

2,287 20
20 Going Solo

The morning after the night before...

3,270 17
21 Cimitero

Hermione takes drastic measures to help Draco

2,105 10
22 Damned Unspeakables

Hermione and Draco get a surprise at work.

2,649 19
23 Epilogue.

The final chapter!

1,703 44


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