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Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, James, Lily, Sirius, Narcissa, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OC
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Contains profanity
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First Published
2004-04-15 10:57pm
Last Chapter
2005-03-18 7:29am
Last Updated
2005-10-03 8:38am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 I Hate You James Potter!

Image hosted by *Beautiful banner made by the wonderful Ingrid!* *COMPLETED* Starts at the end of James and Lily's fifth year. Lily hates James with everything that is inside of her, but how does he turn her heart? What does James do to make Lily's heart beat faster and slower at the same time? How does James betray her? How do they rekindle thier love, can they get over the death of their families? From 5th to 7th year.

3,902 42
2 On Our Way To Dumbledore's Office

When James and Lily finally get back to the Common Room, Lily writes her parents to tell them that she's bringing a date. The next day Lily's friends find out from Lily , and James's friends find out from James.

3,970 11
3 Notes

Does Dumbledore let James go to the funeral with Lily?

3,475 11
4 Friday

Friday has come, the day that Lily and James leave for the muggleworld. How will this day effect the two teens?

3,833 14
5 Meeting the Evans

James and Lily make it to the muggle world, and it's time for James to meet Mr. and Mrs. Evans...and Petunia....

3,735 20
6 Grandma Rose's Memorial

Lily and James get ready for Grandma Rose's Memorial, see how it effects Lily and will James really be there for her?

3,361 14
7 The Date

Lily is very upset about her grandmother, but can James cheer her up?

3,171 13
8 Grandma Rose's Funeral

James is there for Lily durring Grandma Rose's Funeral.

3,867 18
9 Meeting the Potters

James's parents are about to go on a business trip and they want to say good-bye to their son. Lily comes with him.

3,423 15
10 Back At Hogwarts

Lily and James get back to Hogwarts. They tell thier friends what happened...Who is this Sarah girl? What does Sirius spoil 4 Lily and James?

3,602 19
11 The Dance

What does Dumbledore announce, and how does the outcome of it make James upset....Lily feel badly...and Sirius and Cassidy....together?

3,399 13
12 Amos's Mistake

What happens to Lily, Amos, and James at the dance?

4,001 12
13 Yes

Yes...yes to what?

3,336 18
14 Lily Goes Home

Lily finally gets out of the hospital, what happens at her house? How was her 16th birthday?

3,476 20
15 Lily's Present

What does Lily get for her birthday that is the best?

3,547 18
16 September 1st

Back to Hogwarts.............

3,926 19
17 Tyler Smith

Who's Tyler Smith?

3,945 8
18 Blood

Is there something coming in the way of Lily and James coming together? Read, Review...and enjoy!

3,931 10
19 Changes

There are changes going on...but how does it effect Lily and James?

4,647 8
20 Letters

There are so many letters in this chapter...but what do they have to do with Lily and James?

3,523 18
21 Halloween will it go?

3,539 11
22 The Halloween Ball

It's finally the Halloween Ball...what could happen?

3,428 10
23 Finding Lily and James

Can Siruis and the gang find Lily and James after the collapse of the Great Hall before they get found and get detention?

4,458 8
24 James's Letter

Does Sirius get James and Lily back safe? What does James's letter have in store for the future?

4,397 12
25 Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

Quidditch game of the season! But what could go wrong?

4,288 5
26 Lily's Heartbreak

James's breaks Lily's heart and who will be her rebound?

4,717 11
27 Home for the Holidays

How does the group take Lily and James breakup? What will Lily and Tyler's kiss bring? And how long will James be out of his mind before he might lose Lily forever?!

4,094 13
28 Dates with Tyler

Dates with could it go?

4,739 17
29 Dates and Dinner

Dates and Dinner with Tyler

3,960 6
30 Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

How does the Christmas Eve dinner go with Tyler's family and can Lily be able to see James with Paris at the New Years Eve Ball?

3,978 12
31 The Annual Potter New Yeare Eve Ball

What could all happen at the ball? You'll just have to read to find out!

4,496 29
32 Sleepovers and Confrontations

What is Lily and James in for from their friends at their sleepovers? And what confrontations will occur?

4,055 19
33 Train Ride After Train Ride

The Sixth Year Gryffindors and Frank, are on their way back to Hogwarts but how will everything go? And will Lily and James get back together by the end of the year?

4,089 18
34 You're the Head Boy?

Lily's summer goes by very fast and she is devisated about Tyler's new job and he can't contact her. How surprised is Lily when she runs into James in Diagon Alley to find out he's still with Amelia Bones? And Who's Head Boy?

4,457 21
35 Head Boy and Girl

This chapter was already posted but yet I came on tonight and saw that it was deleted. This chapter is basically on the Head Boy and Girl

3,831 10

Funny chapter, and Lily is starting not to hate James...hey they have to start somewhere.

3,791 13
37 Tragedy and Triumph

Lily goes to Hogsmede and the Weasley's with Tyler. But will happen in the end when there's only Tragedy and Triumph?

4,154 12
38 Overcoming A Tragedy

Can Lily and James overcome a tragedy? Will it tear them farther a part or pull them together in their time of need.

3,871 20
39 Lily's Diary

Harold James Potter's funeral makes many people think about how life could be. But what does the life of Harold and Tyler bring upon Lily?

3,625 16
40 Grief

How will the Deaths of Harold Potter and Tyler Smith effect: Sarah, James, Grace, Sirius, and especially Lily?

3,621 16
41 The Hospital Wing

How does the Potter children take the death of their father and can Lily save them?

3,822 19
42 Lily's Bum Time!

James is being to stubborn to get a shot in the butt so Lily conivinces him that if he does it she'll show him her bum! What's going on with Sarah?

3,837 18
43 You really do love me, don't you?

Lily helped James go through one of the toughest times of his life. Can James help Lily out when her worst nightmare has come true?

4,087 20
44 Winter Wonderland Ball

James helps Lily over come the rape. How do her peers find out? The Winter Wonderland Ball puts the mood in for lots of lovers....what does Peter have up his sleeve? Sirius and Cassidy? Or James and Lily?

3,786 23
45 Christmas Eve

Getting ready for Cassidy and Sirius's Wedding.

3,704 19
46 Christmas Day

A Las Vegas Wedding, a wonderful Christmas day, and letters that Lily and James never knew about.

4,000 27
47 Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to loved ones is always the hardest, James's point of view.

3,897 29
48 Hog's Head did the date go?

3,710 24
49 Valentine's Day

What could happen on Valentine's day that brings tradgedy and hope?

3,770 28
50 Peter's Betrayal

How will everyone respond to Lily and James's engagement? Can Lily and James get over Sarah and Grace's death? How does Peter betray all of his friends?

3,471 76


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