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Drama, Mystery, Romance
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Scenes of a sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
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2013-06-02 13:05:48
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Foul Weather Friends

We begin with Tess alone on the train to Hogwarts. We meet some friends, old and new, and then go on a boat ride. We learn some family history (so important to Slytherins). Your faithful writer continues to play little jokes with the names of his characters.

3012 1
2 The Halls of the Serpent

The Sorting Ceremony. Vanessa makes a rude comment. Cyrus makes some boasts, and reveals that he is a "Potter-denier." A tour of the Slytherin Common Room follows. A picture admires Tess.

2751 0
3 The Odd Girl Out

The girls settle in to life in Slytherin House. Tension builds between Vanessa and the others.

2672 0
4 Strange Stares

The first day of school for Tess and her friends. Paul acts gallantly "in the name of Inter-House cooperation." Tess gets a strange question from DeVere, the first hint of the mystery.

2199 1
5 Covens and Mistresses

The girls first consider becoming a coven. Delia attempts to assert control, and runs afoul of her Prefect.

2727 0
6 Of Wands and Whispers

Tess has a strange encounter with a teacher. A foolish Muggleborn boy forgets to bring his wand to class. And, the girls receive invitations to a party.

2765 1
7 Tea with the Ravenclaws

There is a tea party with the Ravenclaw and Slytherin witches. Certain girls are excluded, and the event ends on an awkward note when someone tries to start a nasty rumour.

2609 0
8 Before the Council

Tess reads from a rather dry textbook. Morwena faces hostile questions from some Seventh Years during the First Slytherin Council meeting of the year. Umberto makes a shocking suggestion, and gives a lecture on Slytherin history.

3132 0
9 The Wisdom of the Hat

A little parable about the integration of the sexes at Hogwarts. I've had this idea for a few years now, and this seemed the perfect spot to place it, on the heels of Umberto's reference to the First Slytherin Witch, Abigail Van Helsing. I am purporting that this is an excerpt from Hogwarts, a History, but this is all my own material, not drawn from any canon or internet source.

2029 0
10 Kane v. Wren

The girls are applauded for their victory at Council. We see the fight between Cyrus Kane and Liam Wren, and its aftermath, from the Slytherin perspective. (The original version is in Chapter Twelve of "Liam Wren and the Dragon Wand.)

2432 0
11 The Obsessions of Morwena

Rhiannon divulges a startling secret about Morwena. The girls attempt to keep Cyrus away from Liam Wren. Tess fails to take good notes during the history lecture.

3112 1
12 Meadow's Confession

Tess has an upsetting dream. The Coven questions Professor Meadows about her strange stares. This leads them back to a curious photograph in the Slytherin Common Room.

2609 0
13 Conversations with Kaufmann

The girls discuss Scott Highcross with the Slytherin resident historian, Seventh Year Robert Kaufmann. They learn an exam is coming up, and Morwena uncovers a flaw in her study plan.

2856 0
14 Interview with McGonagall

The girls interview Professor McGonagall about Scott Highcross, and obtain his academic records.

2516 1
15 The Mysterious Scott Highcross

The girls review Scott Highcross' school records, but each new fact learned brings more questions.

2952 0
16 The Secret Password

Tess continues to pursue the mystery of Scott Highcross over the objections of Rhiannon. When she gets a breakthrough, she turns to Robert Kaufmann for advice.

2884 1
17 Room 234

With help from Robert Kaufmann, Tess and her friends find the entrance to the Esoteric Club's secret hideout.

2773 1
18 The Second Photograph

The girls uncover the secret connection between Scott Highcross and Tess.

2622 0
19 A Slytherin Christmas

Tess slowly recovers from her shock. We see Christmas at Hogwarts from the Slytherin perspective. Pauline is unexpectedly outed as a Muggleborn.

3290 0
20 The Highcross Scandal

Olivia tells Tess about her life with Scott Highcross. She describes the War from the persepctive of Pure Blood Slytherins.

3243 0
21 Visit to Pagford

Tess and Olivia visit Harold and Esther Highcross, who live in the Muggle village, Pagford (the setting of JK Rowlings "The Casual Vacancy.") Tess gets a surprise gift.

2572 0


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