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Dumbledore, Moody, Arthur, James, Shacklebolt, Lily, Sirius, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, James/Lily, Remus/OC
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2013-05-07 11:32pm
Last Chapter
2018-02-25 8:36pm
Last Updated
2018-02-25 8:36pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One

 I ducked as a bright red curse flew over my head, “Stupid bloody Death Eaters, they have no bloody aim” I whisper, pulling myself up off of the ground. “If any survive tonight I will have no problem killing them off myself.” I snarl as I run back into the fight. 

2,351 2
2 Chapter Two

 “Oh fantastic!” I yelled, causing him to jump back a bit, “Of course you’re here! You’re bloody everywhere!” I yelled, pushing him with my finger. He backed off, looking at me like I was mental. Which I admit, I might be.

4,342 1
3 Chapter Three

 “You bloody promised me that they would be fine. YOU said there was nothing to worry about, you had the right men on the right job. They were suppose to be at home, but YOU pulled them from their safety and threw them into ANOTHER bloody battle. Albus Dumbledore you are the reason my parents are dead, you and your bloody association.” 

4,139 2
4 Chapter Four

 I looked up shocked and Sirius returned the kiss before turning back to me. My mouth was probably wide open and my eyes were pouring tears but at that point I didn’t care. 

“I thought-” was all I was able to spit out, my voice softly carrying over the loud music.

4,033 1
5 Chapter Five

 “Did anyone tell you that you’re a terrible singer?” I heard a voice call out, followed by a group laughing.

The noise startled me and I almost fell from the table. 

4,442 2
6 Chapter Six

 Moody sighed and moved to sit on the edge of her bed, the bed squeaked from the impact and all was silent. Sirius continued to watch as Moody grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently.

“I forgave you and myself long ago, it is time for you to forgive yourself.” Moody grumbled, causing Cas to cry harder.

3,643 0
7 Chapter Seven

 “Don’t go with him Cas, just don’t.” Sirius pleaded, a weird sense of sadness passing through his eyes.

“Bugger off Sirius, you are not my parents.” Cas snapped, turning back and leaving confidently with her head held high.

4,053 0
8 Chapter Eight

 “Moody had a wife?” Lily asked, oblivious to the truth behind the story.

“Yeah, she was an amazing woman. He fought to save her that day, it was the day he lost his eye.” Cas muttered, drying the dish towel with her wand.

4,659 1
9 Chapter Nine

 “Sorry to interrupt but, Moody wanted me to tell you that they found a potential lead to the Death Eaters who murdered your parents.” Sirius stated coldly

3,332 0
10 Chapter 10

 “We are just going to go an-”

“Shag.” Dorcas answered for them, causing Lily to blush and James laugh.

3,918 0
11 Chapter 11

 The rest of the Order watched on as the boys supported each other and missed the presence of their brother. They watched on as the boys they had known for so long, turned into men.

4,913 1
12 Chapter Twelve

 “Anyone else would’ve done the same. They just don’t understand how powerful he is.” Peter muttered, whimpering as the realization hit him of what he had done and will continue to do in the next coming months.

3,201 0
13 Chapter Thirteen

“Do you want to be with her?” Marlene asked, running a hand down his side gently.

“More than anything.” Sirius breathed, so quiet Marlene wasn’t sure if she had heard it or not.

4,531 1
14 Chapter Fourteen

 “Sirius! You got frosting on my nose.” Marlene squirmed, making Cas want to vomit.

4,270 0
15 Chapter Fifteen

 ‘They were set up.’ Cas thought, her fingers clenching tightly onto the tub. 

“They were set up.” Cas muttered again, jumping from her position quickly and kicking the trash bin across the bathroom.
“They were set up.” She muttered again, as she paced. 

4,725 1
16 Chapter Sixteen

 Peter sat up, brushing his face roughly of any tears. Standing up he looked down at the ground sternly. After all, he had a family to protect as well. Or had they forgotten of his poor mum? No one ever asked him how his family was doing, it was always about the Potter’s. How the Potter’s were, not the Pettigrew’s. No one cared about the Pettigrews. 

4,503 0
17 Chapter Seventeen

“Morris.” a voice stated, sliding into the booth beside her.

At the sound of his voice, Cas automatically fingered her wand. Her eyes snapping back open, taking in the situation.

3,534 0
18 Chapter Eighteen

“Whatever Cas, get on with it. What are we looking for?” Remus asked, pushing her away jokingly.


“I need information on the Drink of Despair.” Cas muttered seriously.


“Merlin Cas, what did I just agree too.”

3,284 0
19 Chapter Nineteen

“They killed my parents.” Cas whispered after a moments of silence.

“What? You don’t know that?” Lily asked, stepping around a very drunk and confused James.

“That’s what that letter means. I was told they would send me the name and the place of the ones who did it.” Cas continued, her eyes not meeting a very confused Sirius.

4,431 0
20 Chapter Twenty

“And then I said, Lass. No. Lass, look at me. I don’t want to be too forward, but I am a bloody beast in bed.” Remus slurred, causing James to break out in hysterics.

3,581 0
21 Chapter Twenty-One


“What word Cas?”Sirius smiled innocently.


“You know what word Black.”Cas growled, pouring herself a glass of cold water.


“What? Boyfriend? Partner? Lover?”Sirius asked, causing Cas to choke on her drink.


“Why did I agree to this again? I’ve had too many blows to the head.”Cas joked.

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