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Ron, Hermione, Hugo, Rose, Scorpius, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mystery, Romance, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2013-04-20 7:26pm
Last Chapter
2014-07-19 12:26pm
Last Updated
2014-08-25 7:16am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Spectrum

Her hair fell in front of her eyes, momentarily obscuring her vision. She hated her hair. The infamous Weasley hair.

2,298 31
2 Souks and Surprises

Crowds of people were converging to one focal point. Even though they were united in their aims, their appearances couldn’t be any more different.

3,148 22
3 The Tale of Acanthus

“There once was an ancient city, Acanthus, which was famed for its temple of Osiris,” Rashidi said in near perfect English.

3,485 21
4 Before the Storm

“You won’t find them here, Scorpius Malfoy,” the voice said. “That would ruin the fun.”

3,613 18
5 A Kaleidoscope

She tried to figure out how many voices she heard and which voice belonged to each person but everything had formed a kaleidoscope. The past, the present, the future. Which one was which now?

2,915 15
6 Wicker Lines

Her fingers traced the lines of wicker woven into the chair, it was never ending.

2,812 12
7 To Anywhere

They were moving now, setting up camp elsewhere, so perhaps that would lead to her anywhere.

3,171 12
8 Plans and Preparations

Kneeling down and smelling it, the man gave an approving nod. The next batch of the potion was ready.

3,001 11
9 Cartography

“It was a hard battle to get this, you know. A local family, I can’t remember the name, nothing too worthy, were attempting to bid higher for it than me. Luckily good old David and Charlotte helped fund this part of the mission.”

3,153 9
10 Discoveries

Hardly believing that she had even made it here, Rose promptly burst into tears.

2,504 9
11 Motes of History

Rose strolled around the ancient streets, breathing in the old motes of history. Small pebbles and stones littered the dirt path, causing an unpleasant crunching sound beneath her feet.

3,358 8
12 Bones

The more she looked, the more she found. As if they were waiting for her.

Bones. They were bones.

3,912 7
13 Reunions

“Rose!” Scorpius cried out, willing his lungs on to exert as much as possible out of them.

2,791 6
14 A Guise

Scorpius was fast becoming an expert on how to handle guises and establish his own. He was becoming a true Malfoy.

3,193 7
15 A Sign of Treachery

“Stupefy!” a voice behind Rose cried out and before she could try and figure where the bones had gone, her head banged onto the floor with a sickly crack.

3,679 6
16 Death, the Spectre

“Let’s go. Be ready to fight from the sounds of it. This won’t be pleasant, but we’ll do it together,” Anthony cried, wand held high in his arm, face as stern as steel.

4,034 8
17 The Web Thickens

“George?” Anthony asked, sounding aghast. “Our George? Why would we have any reason to be suspicious of him?”

5,044 8
18 Of Final Thoughts

Perhaps he knew something, something bigger, more frightful than what had already happened.

Perhaps this was his warning.

4,729 8
19 The Fatal Flaw

She had to run, get out, save herself. Grabbing hold of Edward’s body, she did exactly that.

4,532 6
20 Penultimate Farewells

It would be for the best. They would see one another eventually. He was certain of it.

3,496 7
21 The Last Loss

Scorpius waited patiently for her and they were together again so she would do the same for him.

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5,901 7


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