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Bill, Fleur, Dominique, Louis, Teddy, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Bill/Fleur, Teddy/Victoire
Drama, Humor, Mystery
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2013-02-12 10:03pm
Last Chapter
2018-01-21 9:48am
Last Updated
2018-01-21 9:48am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Decision

2013 Golden Snitches Winner in the following categories: Character (Louis Weasley) You'd Be BFFs With [and] Best Male Character (Louis Weasley)
2013 Golden Snitches Runner-Up (2nd place): Most Imaginative
2013 Golden Snitches Finalist (3rd place): Best Cast of Characters

I hadn’t expected this. I had gone through life without being noticed until now, and now everything seems to be happening all at once.

2,377 12
2 Sleep - what's that?

“You know, we should totally get drinks at the Leaky to celebrate.”

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea,” I said.

I wasn’t one for drinking, mainly because I couldn’t hold my liquor. And I’m not talking about throwing it back up either. I’m talking being so drunk you need someone to babysit you.

2,913 7
3 Attack

“She really is like her mother.”

“You’re comparing the woman of your dreams to her mother,” I said. “There is so much wrong with that.”

“Oh, shut it,” Frank said, though his face had turned as red as a Quaffle.

2,942 5
4 Doubt

“Remus, buddy,” I said, lifting him effortlessly and tossing him up and catching him as though he were a sack of potatoes. “How’ve you been?”

“Gweat,” Remus lisped, giggling.

“I really wish you wouldn’t do that.”

3,305 4
5 Official

I guess that was changing now that I was on my own. God, I just couldn’t think that enough times and get used to it. I was an official healer now. I even had a new ID badge and everything, plus it was laminated. LAMINATED, blimey, guess that meant I was really growing up.

2,908 4
6 A Pattern

“He looks so young,” Valerie said, though she herself didn’t look all that much older than me. “Since when did they start letting Hogwarts students into the healing program before they graduated?”

“Excuse me, but I’m 23,” I said, insulted. “I graduated from Hogwarts, top of my class, five years ago.”

2,000 2
7 An Unexpected Night

The alcohol was driving the fatigue from my mind in a foggy haze. I wasn’t even aware of the words that were floating out of my mouth.

The next thing I knew I was waking up disorientated on a couch in a living room that I didn’t recognize.

2,988 3
8 Falling Into A Schedule

“She’s nice,” Frank said the instant Elsie was out of earshot. “And cute.”

“Your point?”

“No point,” Frank said. “Just that I can see why you’re attracted to her.”

“I am not attracted to her.”

“Is that why you’re blushing?”

3,649 3
9 Caught Off Guard

I headed toward the lifts to take it up to the cafeteria when I inadvertently run into Elsie, though, and ended up awkwardly apologizing for bumping into her.

“Louis, I didn’t even know you were here,” Elsie said. “Were you in the ER?”

I nodded, still not trusting my voice to verbally repeat what I had witnessed.

2,906 2
10 If You Can't Find 'Em

If the werewolf wasn’t registered... Well, I didn’t want to think about that. None of us wanted to think that way.

“Alright, Louis and I can help look for a match on the registry,” Elsie said. “We can split it up in parts and that way we’ll get through it quicker.”

2,968 3
11 To Craft a Hypothesis

“Louis, if there’s anyone who’s on your side,” Thomas said, “it’s me. I know how brilliant of a healer you are and how hard you work. You should have been a Hufflepuff; you never blimey give up.”

I cracked a smile, running a hand through my already dishevelled red hair; I’d been forgoing brushing my hair as of late.

3,369 2
12 Some Family Time

“Louis, it's great to see you,” Nana Molly said. “It really has been much too long. Let's take a look at you.”

I stood in front of her as she lifted my arms out to the side to inspect me, or rather my weight.

“Much too thin,” Nana Molly said. “And bags under your eyes, too. That won't do, no not one bit. Come, I'll fix you a plate with extra helpings.”

3,959 4
13 Falling Into Place

I was heading down to the main lobby to use the floo network. But I was pulled from behind as I reached out to pinch some of the shimmering powder that rested on the mantle over the fireplace. Before I could look behind to see who had grabbed hold of me, I felt the familiar sensation of being pushed through a tight tube before the invisible bands broke free.

3,202 0
14 Grown Up Responsibilities

“Louis, is that you, mate?” Reese said, clapping my shoulder. “How’ve you been?”

“I’ve been good, just working.”

“I can see that,” Reese said, “so you’re a qualified healer here now. That’s great.”

“Yeah, and I can see you are, too,” I said. “I thought you were working at the hospital in Ireland so you could be closer to your family.”

2,497 0
15 Lighten Up

“I suppose,” I said. “So, Lily, where’s Lysander at?”

Lily huffed. “I dunno, and honestly I don’t care. Off somewhere being a wanker.”

Frank pointedly looked at me, waving his hands behind Lily, as if to tell me to drop the subject. Not one to open up a can of worms, I decided to leave it at that, but Lily had only started to fume.

3,553 0
16 Family Night

“So, where’s Dom?” I asked. 

I missed my other sister. The past couple months Dom had grown into an enigma in our family, almost like she had jumped ship.

“Not sure,” Bill said. “She should be here soon. I’m worried that something happened. She seemed out of it when I fire-called her the other day to tell her about dinner.”

3,421 1
17 Date Night

I had no idea what to wear to my alleged date with Elsie Short. It wasn’t like we were going to a restaurant. What did one wear to a dinner date at the other’s house? None of my exes had ever cooked for me. I’d never cooked for any of them, either.


2,238 0


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