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McGonagall, Lupin, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, Voldemort, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa
General, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2013-01-24 5:33pm
Last Chapter
2013-07-14 11:17pm
Last Updated
2013-07-14 11:17pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

My life story (actually, up to the age of sixteen) is squashed in one measly chapter. Awful events just seem to like chasing after me, don't they?

3,710 6
2 Meeting Two Daft Boys and One Evil Professor

Apolline and I go on the most hightailed chase we've ever gone on - curse those stupid broomsticks! The "threat" we are running on are just two boys and one professor that want to bring us (excuse me, I meant ME) to this magical school. I suppose I have to...

4,391 2
3 To Do With Liquids

I see that Hogwarts is an interesting place for me...especially since the Sorting Hat and I disagree on what personality traits that I have. I think that I know better, since I AM in charge of my own body... But I digress. Anyway, I have to deal with my stupid full moon spasms. And stupid Potions teachers.

4,132 3
4 Moldywart Ruins My Beauty Sleep

I completely wreck havoc in practical classes. Apparently, magic is not my strong suit. Who would've guessed? Lily comes up with a new way of restraining me during the full moon (a method I don't completely agree with), and I see Voldemort's big fat ugly face in my blackout. Then McGonagall drops a bomb on the Slytherins and Gryffindors. Not literally, of course.

4,832 4
5 Apparently, Sirius Black Is Not the Poisonous-Rabbit-Believing Fool I Thought He Was

Somehow, I end up spending a lot of time with Sirius, who seems more serious. Haha. That joke is so funny! Then I end up in a cage somehow, and the culprit is a walrus.

4,783 1
6 James and Regulus Argue Over Colors

Apparently, James and Regulus are child-like enough to argue over tables, colors, threads, and walnuts. How childlike. Plus, Slytherins and Gryffindors are arguing (in general) more than ever...

6,777 4
7 I Miss Three Weeks Of School...And Somehow More Than That

After being ambushed by ridiculous fangirls, I discover that Sirius actually does have padded feet. Then I discover that Remus has a special relationship with the moon. Afterwards, prophecies are being foretold and all that good stuff. Especially ones about me and me and my relationship with blood...

7,234 2
8 Lily Now Thinks I Have Amnesia

Confrontations with a very heated fangirl occur. Sirius is also acting strangely...but to make up for it, he invites me to the Potters' house for Winter Break. Unfortunately, I end up being held hostage. Surprise, surprise.

7,225 3
9 Which Came First...the Vampire or Every Other Creature Voldy Pits Me Against?

I battle fearsome creatures to satisfy Voldemort's anger. Why is it that Voldemort always finds new ways to torture me? Blood, centaur, giant, WEREWOLF! Jerk. 

7,386 2
10 Anger, Shock, Guilt, Childishness

I'm back to Hogwarts after an interesting conversation with Narcissa. Then I have fun exploiting the Ravenclaw eagle knocker. Hee, hee. That is, after talking with THE Dumbledore.

6,024 2
11 The Usage of Books

After (partially) successfully avoiding Apolline's "love story," I hide at Dumbledore's office. Result: I spend hours looking through a record of all the students at Hogwarts since 1900. Result of that: I spend an hour hiding out with Apolline in the Restricted Section. Result of THAT: I disappear from England.

6,596 3
12 Commence the Study of History!

After the unfortunate Yaxley scare, I am forced into ridiculous Beauxbatons robes. Apparently, it is against the law to not attend classes, even if technically it's winter break at your school, so I must. History. How interesting.

5,794 1
13 There's a...Thing on the Ground

Everybody (Sirius and I) is surprised when something appears...on the the end of this chapter. Before that, I have fun discovering something about being normal. Yup.

5,048 1
14 To Hide or Not to Hide?

I will give absolutely anything to my daughter to keep her away from Voldemort. And that's a true fact - nothing that I will do to save my daughter will ever guilt me - not even handing her away.

2,313 2
15 Dumbledore Manages to Embarrass Me

After falling into a position where I feel no emotion (losing your daughter, even for her sake, can really destroy your life), Sirius manages to convince me to go to Dumbledore. Why? So I can retrieve my memories and see who the father of Cyrilla is. And guess what Dumbledore does while he’s sifting through my thoughts? He mocks me jokingly about it. Go figure.

2,275 3


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