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Harry, McGonagall, Snape, Draco, Luna, Neville, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Snape/OC
Romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2013-01-08 3:04pm
Last Chapter
2014-10-27 8:46pm
Last Updated
2014-10-27 8:46pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Beyond The Veil

Severus Snape remembers being attacked by Voldemort and Nagini. Thinking himself to be dead he was only mildly surprised when he encounters someone from his past that he knew to be dead. What he did not expect was what he would be told and that his life was not over, but actually just beginning.

2,271 9
2 Late Night Visitor

Harry reflects on the events of the past 48 hours. Snape meets someone from his time as a student at Hogwarts and a very important visitor demands to meet with him. Will his story be believed or will he find himself in trouble with the Ministry?

2,506 6
3 Unintentional Catharsis

Harry pays a visit to St Mungo's, and finds himself confronted by adoring, inquisitive members of the wizarding community and the difficult task of facing the realities of Snape's brutal attack. Neither will be easy for him to deal with, but will one of these cause Harry to break down completely? How will Harry handle these new battles that he must fight and will he allow anyone to help  him fight them?

3,945 4
4 Troubled Sentiments

With so much needing to be done to begin the arduous process of rebuilding the physical damages from the war, both Harry and Snape are both very anxious to be of some help. Unfortunately they may both find that the emotional danages they both are struggling with may prove to make their tasks far more complicated than they would have imagined.

3,227 3
5 Editorial Uncertainties

Snape is discharged from the hospital and returns to Hogwarts after reading a disturbing article that was published in the Daily Prophet. Harry is forced to confront the uncertainties of his future and fears that the outlook is much more grim for him than it had been before the end of the war.

2,178 2
6 Grave Disturbances

Fred's funeral brings much of the wizarding world together to mourn, but manages to make Harry feel like more an outsider than ever. Snape encounters Harry at his absolute weakest and which makes him realize that he can no longer put off having that much needed talk with him.

2,279 3
7 Comfort Foods

Harry joins Snape in his office for super. While the night might prove to be the most awkward and uncomfortable meal that either of them have ever eaten, they both might just discover things about one another that they would never have even imagined.

2,513 2
8 A Table for Three

With clean-up of the castle completed and the repairs about to get underway Snape realizes that Harry may be in need of some assistance before they must vacate the castle for the summer. He attempts to recruit the help of an expert that he hopes will be better able to determine what kind of help Harry will need. Will he be successful or will he find that he may have waited too long to go looking for the help he most desired to find?

2,279 2
9 The Truth Hurts

Harry deals with more painful reminders about the battle. Snape and Alexis discuss the change in her employment, and Alexis confronts Snape about his past. Will she end up pushing him too far? Or will she discover that the evils in his past are too much for her to handle? 

2,906 2
10 Unexpected Answers

Alexis returns home to reflect on the craziness of the day and does some reminiscing. Her ability to provide some answers to the issues that have been most bothering Harry is enough to bolster his confidence to ask Snape some difficult questions of his own.

2,681 2
11 Domesticated Harmony

Harry settles in at his new home and begins to venture out into the wizarding world in an attempt of regaining a sense of normalty. A set back forces him to retreat further into himself and isolate those who care about him. Can Alexis find a way to help him reach out to his friends and will the one he cares about the most be willing to forgive his aloofness?

3,686 2
12 Literary Discoveries

The Hogwart's staff begin to arrive at the Prewett Manor. Snape becomes irriated when asked to help Harry overcome an issue with anxiety and Alexis finally explainsa bit about her troubled past.

3,093 2
13 Occupational Callings

A solution to Harry's ocupational situation is presented to him by Minister Shacklebolt that considerably brightens Harry's outlook on his furture. The Hogwart's staff meeting has left Alexis struggling with doubt and fear about her own future as the only healer on staff at the school.

2,915 2
14 Buried Paperwork

Snape tackles his ever growing adminstrative duties and pays a visit to a prospective auror trainee. Hermione pays a visit to The Burrow and stuns Ginny with shocking news.

2,131 2
15 Scared Senseless

When Harry's adoring public overwhelms him at the ministry, his hurried escape places him in an unescapable and dangerous situation. Snape's anger at Harry's failure to show for his ministry appointments quickly turns to concern as he works with Alexis to try to find Harry before it is too late.

2,645 2
16 Rescue Me

 Snape and Alexis head to Grimmauld Place to rescue Harry. Will the curses be too difficult for Snape to break though? Will they be to late to save Harry from permanent damage?

2,581 2
17 Forenoon Musings

Ginny takes a time-out to mentally unscramble the mental cobwebs in her head before beginning a fact-finding mission with Hermione. Snape fights with his own inner demons as he finally comes to terms and accepts the most undesirable task of his post-war life.

2,467 2
18 Compassionate Safeguards

 As Harry prepares to begin his auror training he reflects on how differently his life is from what he has always known and finds himself grateful for those that have taken to protect him from harm. Alexis finds herself struggling to balance conflicting emotions and is troubled by the disturbing memories from her past.

2,711 2
19 Impassioned Concerns

Snape tries to use the horrors of his past to try to push Alexis away as she pushes to get closer. Harry's long week of training and his reoccurring nightmares interferes with quality down time with his friends.

3,150 2
20 Smouldering Dangers

Alexis ruminates on the disturbing direction that her relationship with Snape has taken. Harry's nightmares become a twisted and terrifying reality that threatens the most important thing that he has come to rely on since the end of the war.

3,062 4
21 Speculative Solitude

Ginny accompanies Harry as he get a jump on his godfather duties, but becomes worried about how he coping with recent events. In unexpected role reversal Alexis threatens Harry while Snape has an impromtu heart-to-heart with him.

3,401 3
22 Inconvenient Unknowns

Alexis works with Snape to try to uncover the source his most rescent prolific dream only to leave Snape confused & frustrated. Ginny seeks assistance with a cursed package that may bring her unwanted and unfriendly attention.

2,708 6


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