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Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Lily/OC, Other Pairing
Fluff, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong language, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance use or abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2013-01-03 6:52pm
Last Chapter
2013-05-09 8:36pm
Last Updated
2013-05-09 8:36pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Thing About Weddings

I was beginning to hate weddings. Seriously. Most everyone loves a wedding- the excitement, the anticipation, the love, the flowers, the cake, the dancing, the everything. It was all very adorable and fluffy, and to be honest, it made me want to vomit at some points.

3,932 12
2 Sir Thumbs

“Hi,” I said with a grin, setting down the cat carrier. Sir Thumbs was putting up quite a fuss inside.

“Hi,” Matt replied. He smiled, causing me to notice his attractiveness again. Seriously, when did this happen? I never thought he was cute before. “Still homeless?”

“Very funny,” I said. “Not me so much as my cat."

3,490 10
3 Kisses and Cat Wounds

“Did you ever have a crush on Matt when we were at Hogwarts? Or since?”

Ashtyn choked on her bite of lo mein. She set down the container and swallowed. “Is that a serious question, Lil?”

3,693 11
4 Baggage

“I need romantic advice,” I said, sighing. Might as well be direct since Rose only had a half hour.

Rose raised her eyebrows. “You never come to me for romantic advice. Is this about-”

“No!” I answered, a bit louder than necessary. “You're the fourth person to ask me about Sean this week. I am never getting back together with him. Don't worry. This...this is about Matt.”

3,163 8
5 Biding Time

“Could be weeks before Albus returns,” James pointed out.

“Don't remind me,” I muttered. “Never have I been more excited for him to return. But seriously, James, why are you here?”

“Can't I just come visit you?”

“You could, but you never do,” I said. “Last time you visited it was to try and get me to accompany you to a sketchy pub in Knockturn Alley. Lord knows why you wanted to go-”

3,362 9
6 Plans

It was hard to read his expression. He didn't seem upset about it, exactly, but there was a vague uncomfortableness that reminded me of the way Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur discussed my cousin Gabriella and her habit of flitting from city to city in her profession of starving artistry. Yet Albus had just said he didn't care about Matt and I kissing. Weird.

3,476 8
7 First Date

“Hi,” I said somewhat breathlessly after I opened the door. Matt was holding a bouquet of lilies. Every single guy I'd ever gone on a date with has brought me lilies. It got old when I was still at Hogwarts, but I wouldn't hold it against him.

3,797 8
8 A Gentleman

“I guess I just like knowing that I won't one day discover Matt has a secret past selling dodgy cauldrons on the black market or something.”

Rose took a sip of tea and didn't respond.

“He doesn't sell dodgy cauldrons, does he?”

Rose set down her mug. “No, no, of course not,” she said quickly. “Back to your date.”

3,847 6
9 Nothing to Worry About

“She went into labor while brewing?” I asked as we started down the street.

Matt chuckled. “Sure did. And as they were wheeling her up to the maternity ward she was shouting instructions to Kaden about her half-finished potions.”

I laughed. “That's hilarious.”

3,523 10
10 Falling in Love

“You've been distracted,” Bradley commented as he refilled his mug with tea for the tenth time.

“So have you,” I said. “You've been pounding tea all day.” It was odd that Bradley noticed my distraction. Usually he was too absorbed in his work to notice what I was up to.

Bradley shrugged. “I'm always distracted by something or the other. But you're usually focused.”

3,321 7
11 I Love You

As we finished, the discussion moved toward speculation of what Albus did on his previous mission. This was a favorite pastime of James and I, and apparently Matt and Becca did the same whenever she was home while Albus wasn't.

“Minister of Egypt's bodyguard,” Matt suggested as we perused the dessert menu.

I shook my head. “Nahh. Chasing after a bloke riding a dragon who robbed banks in China, India, and Japan.”

3,692 8
12 Scars

I tentatively put my hand on his bare back, touching the biggest of all the scars, the scars I still hadn't worked up enough courage to ask about. He flinched and I quickly withdrew my hand, unsure what to do next.

3,422 5
13 Fatal Flaw

“So,” Rose said as she sat down with her food, “what prompted this? I don't think you've cooked dinner for me in years.”

“I'm having a crisis,” I said.

“Worse than your usual crises, I suppose? Normally you just come over to my office for lunch.”

“I thought this would be a nice change. And besides, you know I hate going to your office. I always feel like a patient.”

3,617 8
14 News

I needed to bake Rose a batch of biscuits or a cake or something in return for her easing my mind. Okay, I needed to ask Nana Molly to bake a cake for me to give to Rose in return for her easing my mind. The last thing anyone needed was to eat a cake I made, but the thought would be there, at least.

3,232 8
15 Similarities

“But Wood wouldn't have gone from Puddlemere to the Cannons. That would be a bad move. He served Puddlemere well as a coach after he retired,” James said.

“I swear, you lot have this same discussion every time we get together,” Rose muttered. “Can't we talk about something else?”

“Like what?” James asked.

“I don't know, the latest trends in wizarding psychology?” Rose suggested.

4,154 7
16 A Proposal

Rose raised her eyebrows, but revealed nothing. I'd had a fleeting hope that Rose would reveal something in her facial expressions when I brought this up, but she was Rose, so I don't know why I'd even entertained the thought.

3,418 5
17 Questions

What if my lack of ability to keep a secret ruined the best relationship I'd ever had?

3,676 5
18 Lycanthropy and All

“Hello, Lily,” Rose muttered as she let me in. “You better have brought something good.”

“Burgers,” I said, handing her the bag, “and chips and cake from Don's Diner.”

Rose smiled. “Okay. That earns you points.”

3,005 8
19 Epilogue

“Lily!” she exclaimed. “Why did you duck?”

“Why? Because I caught it at Angie's, that's why!” I asked. “And you've never caught it.”

Rose was turning bright red and I burst out laughing. “Oh, come on, Rose. It's just a game.”

1,668 25


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