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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Tonks, Sirius, Voldemort, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Remus/Tonks, Ron/Hermione
Horror/Dark, Action/Adventure, Angst
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2012-12-31 1:18am
Last Chapter
2017-12-15 8:07pm
Last Updated
2017-12-15 8:07pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One: His Bloody Scar

His cool fingers soothed the pain little, and when he pulled his hand away from his scar it had a small amount of blood on it. Harry stared at it in schock, his scar had never bled before.

4,157 10
2 Chapter Two: The Prophesy

 "And you actually think that I'll agree to that?"

"Yes, I do. You will do as you are told here, Potter." Voldemort replied coldly.

3,945 6
3 Chapter Three: Anagrams and Plans

"Now," Sirius said as he sat down next to Remus, "All we need to do is figure it out."

1,989 3
4 Chapter Four: Second Thoughts

"You've got to be joking, " Remus muttered with wide eyes, "That's the last place I would of checked!"

*Warning-Scenes of Mild Violence

3,303 7
5 Chapter Five: Breaking Point

"I'm done messing around, Potter. And if I don't get my answers by the end of today, I certainly will tomorrow."

2,413 8
6 Chapter Six: Welcome Back

"We can't do anything for him right now, we can't be discovered." Sirius muttered, but failed to keep his voice calm.

3,097 10
7 Chapter Seven: Healing and Revealing

"Harry," Dumbledore started as he got off his chair and came over to face Harry, "We need to discuss what happened at the Riddle House."

"Albus," Sirius said sharply, and noticed the little colour Harry had managed to get drain from his face.

4,661 6
8 Chapter Eight: He Knows

"Yes, I believe he should know why everything has happened to him, why exactly Voldemort has hunted him down since he was a baby, and why Voldemort wants him." Dumbledore answered.

3,745 4
9 Chapter Nine: Not Alone

"No," Harry said harshly through clenched teeth, "It's got to be me, and only me. You heard the Prophesy. I've got to do it alone."

"The Prophesy didn't say you weren't allowed help," Sirius said sharply, "Only that you had to be the one to deliver the final blow."

2,708 3
10 Chapter Ten: The Beetle is Back

"So, Kingsley," Sirius started, turning his chair to face the Auror and trying to keep a straight face, "What are the charges of being an unregistered Animagus?"

3,141 8
11 Chapter Eleven: Lost and Found

"The locket, it's like it's alive." Harry muttered with surprise in his voice, and pressed his fingers harder against the back of the necklace.

2,725 5
12 Chapter Twelve: Fudge

"Yes," Dumbledore said with a nod, "It is quite a story. Although I feel I would be wasting my breath as you do not believe the person who captured him is alive, I really see no reason to bother you with the story."

3,047 4
13 Chapter Thirteen: The New Professor

"You're joking! I'm not staying here while everyone else goes back to Hogwarts, no way!" Harry exclaimed.

5,200 5
14 Chapter Fourteen: New Faces

"What? You're joking, right? Whst do they expect, Voldemort to be saving me a seat next to him on the Hogwarts Express?" Harry scroffed sarcastically.

2,784 5
15 Chapter Fifteen: Flashes

 "But I'm your brother!" Ron said to Ginny, throwing his hands up in the air.

"I've got five more, what makes you special?" Ginny asked as she took a sip of her pumpkin juice.

3,996 4
16 Chapter Sixteen: Closer

"You don't have to worry, I'm fine." Harry told them, trying to reassure them.

"No you aren't, I saw you. If that's your definition of 'fine' then you're crazier than I thought." George said, his voice stern.

3,922 7
17 Chapter Seventeen: Practice Makes Perfect

"I spoke to Sirius this morning," She started, catching Harry's interest, "And as you know him, Remus, and Dumbledore have been working on finding a way to destroy the locket, and they believe they found a way to destroy it."

2,860 3
18 Chapter Eighteen: His Fears

"Harry! It's not real!" Sirius shouted at the top of his lungs.

4,520 2
19 Chapter Nighteen: Help Is Always Given

"Before I ask you anything else, I want to know what happened in the chamber." Sirius said.

3,357 2
20 Chapter Twenty: Hello Again

"What happened? What's wrong?" Hermione asked.

"It's Harry."

3,353 5
21 Chapter Twenty One: Nightmares

"Ron, we need to get help, your-"

"It was just a dream."

3,298 1
22 Chapter Twenty Two: A First Time For Everything

"I'm glad you trust me enough to tell me."

Harry smiled, turning his head in his arms to look at her, "Me too."

3,435 2
23 Chapter Twenty Three: Christmas

Harry smacked his hand to his forehead, shaking his head, "Merlin, this is gonna be a long break."

2,355 7
24 Chapter Twenty Four: Never A Dull Day

"He had mood swings like a girl, it's difficult to keep up." Harry murmured, much to Tonks' amusement.

2,100 1
25 Chapter Twenty Five: Hold Your Tongue

"What the hell do you want?" Ron snapped, his hand reaching for the pocket that held his wand.

2,946 2
26 Chapter Twenty Six: Blast From The Past

"I couldn't sleep last night, my scar kept hurting," He stopped talking and winced, "Like right now."

4,424 2
27 Chapter Twenty Seven: Leads

"Okay," Harry said, sounding slightly breathless, "Next question, how do we get the Horcrux?"

3,376 2
28 Chapter Twenty Eight: Don't Kill The Messenger

Harry gritted his teeth in annoyance, "Malfoy. Haven't heard from you in a while, I was afraid you'd lost your touch."

3,887 2
29 Chapter Twenty Nine: Speak of the Devil...

"This is all I did while I was locked up in Grimmauld Place with Remus, did you think I laid around all day slowly going stir crazy?" Sirius asked.

3,748 2
30 Chapter Thirty:...And He Shall Appear

"Why haven't you already?" Sirius asked, "We knew Voldemort would do something like this sooner or later, maybe not as bad, but we knew it was coming."

4,418 2
31 Chapter Thirty One: Sacrifice

"I'm guessing either Dumbledore knew or guessed, but he didn't tell you, did he?"

5,748 2
32 Chapter Thirty Two: In My Blood

"Trust me, I want more than anything to rip his kidney's out and stuff them in his mouth to shut him up, but we can't do anything right now. Just wait." Sirius whispered in Remus' ear.

4,461 1
33 Chapter Thirty Three: Everything Comes With A Price

"Explain how Sirius got through your shield then? Are you that weak that one man can break down a shield meant for hundreds?"

4,264 4
34 Chapter Thirty Four: Lost Souls

"A win-win situation? Merlin I've never had such a strong impulse to strangle you."

5,570 7
35 Chapter Thirty Five Ashes, Ashes

"Sirius," Ron's voice echoed in the dungeon, "Harry."

3,173 6
36 Chapter Thirty Six: Heavy Burdens

Harry unwillingly flinched away from the hand, and as his arms grazed his sides he felt that half his torso was covered by a tight fabric. He moved his right hand up to touch it, but the hand that was on his arm grabbed his hand and pulled it away.

"I wouldn't, your chest is probably still tender and raw."

2,374 4


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