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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Molly, Percy, Fleur, George, Ginny, Albus, Dominique, Fred II, James (II), Louis, Rose, Teddy, Victoire
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire
Drama, Romance, Young Adult
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2012-12-30 7:04am
Last Chapter
2020-11-08 12:33pm
Last Updated
2020-11-08 12:33pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Year 1: The First Day

In the morning after the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry walks into the Great Hall to see the aftermath of a battle that cost the lives of many of their loved ones.

4,645 148
2 Year 1: The Final Journey

The Weasley family, Harry and Hermione leave Hogwarts to go back to the Burrow.

3,917 78
3 Year 1: Hermione's Parents

Hermione has run off to Australia to find her parents. How will Ron react to the news, and what will meet her there?

4,252 45
4 Year 1: Back to Hogwarts

Hogwarts is ready to open again. Some will return, other's won't. What will the seperation do to them?

3,457 47
5 Year 1: September

It's September and the trials against the Death Eaters are starting. Meanwhile at Hogwarts, Ginny prepares for the upcoming Quidditch season with Gryffindor.

3,133 36
6 Year 1: Hogsmeade

It's time for a trip to Hogsmeade, and the Hogwarts students aren't the only ones going there.

3,596 46
7 Year 1: Christmas at the Burrow

It's Christmas time, and the Weasley family, along with a few guests, gather at the Burrow.

3,162 39
8 Year 1: The Brothers

The day has arrived for the last Quidditch game of the year, and a lot is at stake for the Gryffindor team. Little do they know that a few surprise visitors will show up and turn the day into something completely different than what they had expected.

3,612 25
9 Year 1: Light

Will Harry and Ron make it to the Quidditch pitch in time to save Ginny and the others? And what happened to Hermione?

4,016 33
10 Year 1: May 2nd, 1999

It's the first anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, and a ceremony is held at Hogwarts.

3,660 39
11 Year 2: The Future

Harry decides that it's time for him to take the next step in life. How will Ginny react to this? And what makes her have to rethink her entire future?

3,542 37
12 Year 2: The Birthday Dinner

Harry's near and dear ones gather at the Burrow to celebrate his nineteenth birthday.

3,830 23
13 Year 2: Harry Potter's Girlfriend

Ginny shows up at Harry's flat in the middle of the night, and the next morning, Ron finds her bed empty.

3,806 26
14 Year 2: Breaking News

Ron and Hermione have news to share with Mr and Mrs Granger, and some completely unrelated news will give Ginny's long, tiresome day a twist.

3,775 18
15 Year 2: New Beginnings

While Ron and Hermione move into their new flat, Harry bumps into the last person he wanted to see, and he realizes that his problems are far from over.

4,083 37
16 Year 2: Apart

Everyone is affected by what happened between Harry and Ginny. With Christmas coming up, how will they handle all of it?

4,340 35
17 Year 2: Unannounced Visitors

Within the span of sixteen hours, Harry's doorbell will ring three times, and it will change everything.

4,162 35
18 Year 2: Surprises

George has a special surprise planned for Angelina, Ron and Hermione surprisingly bump into someone familiar, and Ginny's night is nothing if not full of surprises.

3,949 38
19 Year 2: St. Mungo's

It's funny how much can change in a day: you can enjoy the beautiful spring weather in the morning, and end up by a bed in St. Mungo's in the afternoon, fearing for the life of someone you love.

3,648 43
20 Year 2: May 2nd, 2000

The second anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts has arrived, and everyone realises how much has changed in a year.

3,449 41
21 Year 3: A family gathering

As Molly Weasley gathers her family at the Burrow, she decides that a certain someone has been missing from there for too long.

3,828 41
22 Year 3: George and Angelina's wedding

On this day, George and Angelina are getting married, Harry gets some upsetting news, and Ginny is struggling to sort out her feelings. 

4,496 40
23 Year 3: Revelations and breakthroughs

During what was supposed to be just another day at work for Harry, Ron and Hermione, discoveries are made, secrets revealed and truths uncovered.

4,730 45
24 Year 3: Reconciliation

Hermione is happy to have the trio back togeher, and both she and Ron agree that it's time for Ginny to deal with what she truly feels.

3,637 57
25 Year 3: Viola

With a Head Auror living up to his promises, Harry and Ron finally get to experience some Auror field work.

5,003 39
26 Year 3: Understanding

Harry and Ron get something to think about after their mission, which makes them both long for two very special girls in their lives.

3,584 45
27 Year 3: New Year

The Ministry is hosting a big New Years celebration, but with two certain eployees unable to stop fighting, will there be a happy new year or a total disaster?

5,162 50
28 Year 3: Forgiveness

The beginning of the new year turns out to be a time for people to ask forgiveness, both from each other and themselves.

3,554 41
29 Year 3: Previews

Harry and Ginny take Teddy and Victoire on a little trip to celebrate their birthdays, and Harry suddenly realises that what he sees might just be a preview of the life he wants to have.

4,647 57
30 Year 3: May 2nd, 2001

During the third anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, the Weasleys and their friends celebrate a birth and mourn lives that were lost, completely unaware of the fact that another guest has joined them at the Burrow.

4,110 63
31 Year 4: Lily's ring

Harry realises that making and planning a life-changing decision is something that he wants to share with two special people, and Ginny and Hermione welcome a friend home after a very long time.

4,272 42
32 Year 4: Unintended disclosures

Hermione hears something that was never meant to reach her ears, and during the celebration of Ginny's twentieth birthday, another secret is revealed.

4,617 43
33 Year 4: The first of September

Harry and Ginny's stroll around London might lead to an unexpected place... if they can get there without being interrupted, of course.

4,353 65
34 Year 4: Plans and schemes

While Harry and Ron are off in Finland, Ginny tries to distract herself, and Hermione receives an unexpected letter.

4,755 43
35 Year 4: Duplicity

Some not so pleasant surprises await the Aurors deep inside the Finnish forest, and while they struggle to sort them out, Hermione struggles to sort out her thoughts back in England.

5,107 39
36 Year 4: Winter

Autumn passes by quickly, and along with the first snow comes a disclosure that turns Hermione's winter even colder.

4,203 49
37 Year 4: Something new and someplace old

The year begins with a new arrival that brightens everyone's day, and continues with a visit to an old, familiar place.

4,710 32
38 Year 4: Preparations

With spring coming, Harry and Ginny's big day is getting closer...

4,630 42
39 Year 4: Harry and Ginny's wedding

The big day.

4,372 66
40 Year 4: May 2nd, 2002

 Harry and Ginny return from their honeymoon just in time for the fourth Anniversary.

4,413 50
41 Year 5: The going away party

Everyone was expecting to say goodbye to one friend during this party, but the night doesn't go quite as expected.

3,932 44
42 Year 5: Worry

While Hermione's list of worries grows longer, Ginny deals with prying reporters at a press conference, and Harry runs into an old friend.

4,307 45
43 Year 5: Coming clean

After a three week long summer holiday avoiding Ron, Hermione finally finds the answers to her questions about him.

3,148 45
44 Year 5: Comfort

Attempting to get Hermione's mind off of all the things that are troubling her, Ron takes her out to meet their friends one night. 

3,775 43
45 Year 5: Ron and Hermione's wedding

Ron and Hermione share the most special day of their life with only the most special people.

3,375 50
46 Year 5: A Christmas surprise

It's Christmas time again, and George and Angelina are both sure they have got each other the best present ever.

3,825 32
47 Year 5: Chances

A special spectator at Quidditch practice one evening might bring along the chance of a lifetime for Ginny...

4,026 42
48 Year 5: Mother

The hardest time in Hermione's life collides with what might just be Ginny's best.

2,746 45
49 Year 5: The Holyhead Harpies

A spring day in Holyhead, and a Quidditch finale.

3,523 30
50 Year 5: May 2nd, 2003

For the fifth Anniversary, everyone returns to Hogwarts for a memorial service that stirs up a whole lot of different feelings.

3,748 25
51 Year 6: Fred

Since she started training with England, Ginny's been continously exhausted... The one energy boost that might work is a piece of news from George and Angelina.

3,279 32
52 Year 6: Romania

Ron and Hermione go on holiday, and Ginny is having trouble on the Quidditch pitch.

4,770 36
53 Year 6: The Test Result

Ginny goes to see a Healer to find out what's causing her problems on the Quidditch pitch.

3,315 47
54 Year 6: Sharing the News

Harry and Ginny finally get to share their secret with the rest of the family.

3,675 48
55 Year 6: Autumn Winds

Ron gets dragged from his office to investigate a murder, and Harry and Ginny only have babies on their minds.

2,916 26
56 Year 6: 'Tis the Season

It's that time of year again, for Christmas shopping, baby obsession, and an unpleasant visit to the coldest of places.

3,389 34
57 Year 6: Hogwarts Again

Former students return to Hogwarts hoping to reconnect with their old friends over a remarkable feast in the Great Hall.

3,162 30
58 Year 6: James Sirius

Nine days late but absolutely perfect in every other way, a new member of the family comes along.

2,444 39
59 Year 6: Parents

Ron and his Auror Partner dive into the past to try to understand what lies beyond the recent murders, and Harry and Ginny are slowly growing accustomed to their new life as parents. 

3,139 56
60 Year 6: May 2nd, 2004

The Weasleys gather at the Burrow for the sixth Anniversary. 

3,166 20
61 Year 7: The Way Home

Harry and Teddy have a talk, Ron and Hermione find a few things they want, and Percy and Audrey have a wedding.

3,284 38
62 Year 7: The Figure in White

Ron and Hermione are moving into their new place, before Ron gets dragged away to another house he had hoped to never go near again.

3,919 58
63 Year 7: Old Acquaintance

Ginny is nervous about meeting Harry's dinner guests this evening, and Ron comes home to find Hermione stressing out over a few other things.

3,645 32
64 Year 7: Wishes

Despite the gloom of Dennis Creevey's trial hanging over everyone, wishes seem to be coming true all around.

2,964 34
65 Year 7: October Storms

October is a stormy month on all fronts.

2,674 25
66 Year 7: A Blue and White Christmas

 Ron and Hermione are having a blue Christmas, while Harry and Ginny's is nothing but white.

3,155 20
67 Year 7: One

James' first birthday is coming up... and so is the most important Quidditch match of his mother's life.

3,850 20
68 Year 7: Mother's Day

With spring comes Mother's Day, a wave of emotions, new decisions and a strange disappearance.

3,186 33
69 Year 7: Horizons

Both news and well-kept secrets are shared as the Potters visit first Shell Cottage, then Maple Crest one spring day.

3,196 26
70 Year 7: May 2nd, 2005

Victoire's biggest birthday party yet consists of the children causing trouble, Lee Jordan thinking long and hard about his feelings, and the losses from seven years ago still making their presence felt.

3,062 48
71 Year 8: Expecting

Harry gets a surprise visitor at work, while Ron and Hermione have a surprise of their own one morning.

3,245 25
72 Year 8: Fears

Everyone gathers to celebrate Freddie's second birthday, Harry makes a political decision, and Ginny's head is spinning with fear and worries.

3,261 22
73 Year 8: Little Brother

Harry and Ginny welcome one little brother into the world, and another one appears out of thin air under the strangest circumstances.

3,262 38
74 Year 8: The Minister

Ron, Hermione and Kingsley Shacklebolt uncover one of the Ministry's best kept secrets, only weeks before the upcoming election. 

3,330 47
75 Year 8: Silent Night

Christmas and New Year's Eve are full of sparkles and glitter, but with the new year comes a growing shadow. 

3,243 22
76 Year 8: Rosie

Hermione has a message for Ron... and Hamish Burke has one for everyone at the Auror Office.

3,274 30
77 Year 8: The First Magic

James performs magic, and his Uncle Percy is working on a perfomance of his own.

3,248 18
78 Year 8: Professor McGonagall's Plan

Harry and Hermione return to Hogwarts to ask for help on how to defeat Burke.

3,623 17
79 Year 8: Gringotts

Hermione pays Draco Malfoy a visit, and Harry and Ron continue to play along with the work that Burke has assigned the Aurors.

3,434 14
80 Year 8: May 2nd, 2006

Eight years after the Battle of Hogwarts, everyone needs a break from thinking about the bad things still happening all around them.

3,933 33
81 Year 9: Courtroom Ten

The Wizengamot is filled to the last seat when Minister Burke is brought in for a hearing.

4,929 13
82 Year 9: Summer

The Weasley cousins and their parents spend the summer thinking only about the future.

3,403 20
83 Year 9: Ginny's Darkest Secret

Ginny spends a day away from her family, which gives her plenty of time to think about the things she is too scared to share with anyone she knows.

3,484 14
84 Year 9: After the Party

Whilst cleaning up after Albus' birthday party, Ginny has a breakdown.

3,880 15
85 Year 9: Forget-me-not

Harry, Ron and Hermione go to Hogwarts to speak to the students, and Luna is back in England for a while.

3,007 11
86 Year 9: Monster

It's still dark outside her window when Andromeda Tonks wakes up to an unpleasant surprise.

3,134 13
87 Year 9: A Christmas Wish

The family gather at Percy and Audrey's house for a special introduction only a few days before Christmas.

2,866 12
88 Year 9: The Special Bond

Hermione is deep into her thoughts on the morning of her daughter's first birthday, and Harry is struck by a desire he is scared to tell Ginny about.

2,975 12
89 Year 9: Crossroads

Charlie visits the family, and brings up an idea that might just change the course that his sister is on.

3,247 16
90 Year 9: May 2nd, 2007

On the ninth anniversairy of the Battle of Hogwarts. Ron is worried about Hermione, Harry is worried about balancing work with family life, and George has an unsually rough night.

3,883 36
91 Year 10: July

Ron and Hermione invite their parents over to share some news, and Freddie turns four years old.

3,460 61


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