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Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-12-03 8:55am
Last Chapter
2015-04-13 10:14am
Last Updated
2015-04-13 10:14am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Bree: The Beginning

“Albus, can I help you?” I asked Albus politely, looking up at him.

“Nah, I’m good. I was just wondering what you’re doing here.” He said.

What does one do in a library?

I know right. He’s so thick-headed sometimes.

“Oh, you know, hunting elephants.” I said casually.


1,698 13
2 Albus: The Challenge

 I don’t really remember how it came up, but we were discussing my sexiness.

Yes, I’m very sexy. Don’t deny it. You know it.

1,297 14
3 Bree: The Jerk

 "...The school sure does have it's share of jerks, don't you think?..."

1,431 9
4 Albus: The Detention

“Mr. Potter, Miss Summer, I understand praying mantis-intercourse must be of great interest to you, but it will not be discussed in my class. Detention.” McGonagall said said.

Bloody hell.

2,110 10
5 Bree: The Quidditch Match

"...Burgers are good.
No they’re not. Try sandwiches.
I have. I prefer burgers. They’re so meaty.
But you can have anything in a sandwich!
Burgers all the way, sucker. Now go away.

Yes, I have conversations over sandwiches or burgers… with myself….

Yeah, that’s me…"

2,119 9
6 Albus: The First Date

"... She laughed, “So I’m on a dinner date with a guy who talks to walls?” she asked.

“No you’re on a date with a guy who used to talk to walls.” I corrected, “And I stopped as soon as I realized the wall wouldn’t answer back.” I admitted..."


2,151 9
7 Bree: The Morning

 "...This is NOT happening.

This is bad.

This is really bad.

This is really really bad.

I CANNOT be falling for Albus freaking Potter..."

1,899 10
8 Albus: The Formal Introduction

I sighed and stepped behind her, pinning both her arms to her sides by putting my arms around her waist, “You are worst than a three year old, you know?” I said, as she calmed down.

She turned around and beamed, “I know.” she said cheerfully, and skipped away, singing the Sorting Hat’s song on the top of her voice.

I honestly don’t know if she’s normal.

1,903 8
9 Bree: The Second Date

“I think you fancy me.” Al decided, leaning in.

“Oh, is that it? I fancy you, huh?” I asked.

“I don’t know, you tell me.” he said, “I mean you know I really like you, so the ball’s in your court.” he said.


“Dance with me.” I said suddenly.

Oh that's a brilliant way to distract him.


1,482 7
10 Albus: The Unexpected

“What are you playing at now, Al? You’re dating her now? What next, you’re going to get in her pants?” Dom demanded.

I shrunk back, not wanting to threaten her veela side, “As much as I’d love to, no, I’m not going to do that. But thank you for noticing that we’re dating. It’s always nice to have well wishers.” I said, smirking.

Dom glared at me with such intensity that I could feel the anger radiating off her. I don't think she's taking this too well.

1,664 7
11 Bree: The Quidditch Final

Ravenclaw and Gryffindor were in the final.

No surprise there. I mean, I practically predicted it.

Especially with Charlie as a captain, how could they not?

And of course, Gryffindor having Al as captain can only mean a good thing right? Not for us, of course, but you get the gist right?

1,484 7
12 Albus: The After Party

 With an unsaid mutual agreement, we both left Sabrina and Scorpius at the bar, and Rose and Scorpius seemed to be playing a silent, rather disturbing game of ‘Who Can Do More PDA’.

Scorpius very openly snogged Sabrina and Rose and Rex were just about ready to take each other’s clothes off.

1,972 6
13 Bree: The Secret

But he smiled, “No, I don’t have anything else to hide.” He said.

I narrowed my eyes at him to make sure he wasn’t lying; then I smiled too, “Alright. No more secrets though? Please.” I said.

“No more secrets.” He said, kissing my forehead.

2,812 13
14 Albus: The New Year's Eve Party

 I sighed, “Bee, I don’t dance.” I said.

“But this is a slow song. You don’t even have to do much!” she exclaimed.

"It is not a slow song. It was just relatively slower than the other ones that had played." I pointed out.

“Please Al?” she asked me hopefully.

2,783 12
15 Bree: The Wedding

“So everything was a lie, than, was it? Just some sort of practical joke?” I demanded, my anger steadily rising.

“Bee, it wasn’t-” Al started to say.


I slapped him across the face, the mark of my palm already beginning to appear on his cheek.

When he winced and touched his face, “I guess I deserved that.” he said.

2,534 7
16 Albus: The Silence

 Her absence was like some empty hole that needed to be filled.

A puzzle that needed to be completed.

A problem that needed to be solved.

A silence that had to be broken.

1,237 10
17 Albus: The Bet

“Potter, what are you even talking about?” she asked ridiculously.

“You seem to think you can resist me. So we’re going to make a bet. I bet you’ll be the first to succumb to temptation. Whoever resists the longest will win. The one who give in to the temptation loses. Easy.” I said, stepping closer to her. If the close contact seemed to affect her in any way at all, she did nothing to show it. 

2,254 5
18 Bree: The Mess

“Like what you’re seeing, eh?” he asked, winking.

“In your dreams.” I muttered.

“Okay, so it’s known fact that I dream about you… but now I’m guessing you dream about me too, don’t you?” he said, coming closer.

I subconsciously backed up as I scoffed, “Sure. Because even my sleep wants to be mean to me and spoil my dreams.” I said sarcastically.

2,006 2
19 Albus: The Easter Weekend

"...Now I may not be as perfect as I should be, but I know you better than you know yourself and I will love you more than anyone ever will. So I’m asking you, no, I’m begging you; please give me another chance. Let me prove myself to you. Please.”</ to you was unwarranted. I didn’t realize how much I hurt you and I can’t express how sorry I am. I trie

1,990 5
20 Bree: The Finals

 But it felt good, brain. You know, kissing him.

It would feel good to kiss anybody. I’m pretty sure if you kissed Shane if would feel good too.

No, but with Al, it’s like fireworks.

That only happens in the movies, honey.

But is there even a slight possibility that I could still like him? Despite everything?

Shut up and study, Bee.

1,794 3
21 Albus: The Semi-Celebration

We stepped inside and my eyes scanned the room for Bree. I saw her near the bar talking to her friend Shane. They both were drinking firewhiskey, by the look of it.

Not that it mattered to me.

She can do whatever she wants with whoever she wants. 

3,575 7
22 Albus: The Placements

“I miss you.”

My head snapped towards Bree’s soft voice, “What did you say?”

She turned to me, her blue eyes sincere, “I miss you. I hate that I do, but I miss you. Okay? Are you happy?” She turned to stare at the ground, pulling her knees up to her chest. She wasn’t running away; that was a good thing.

2,993 4
23 Bree: The End

Albus took a deep breath before looking at me, “You are stubborn. You are rude. You avoid people. You are reckless when you’re drunk and too reserved otherwise. You are condescending and patronizing. You are lazy. You either think too much or too less, there is no in between. You are infuriating and annoying and impossible. But you’re you. And I love you. So why won’t you let me?” he finished.

1,916 10
24 The Epilogue

It all comes down to this. 5 years later.

2,657 4
25 One-Shot 1: 20 Years After Hogwarts

 15 Years after the epilogue, 20 years after Albus and Bree have graduated Hogwarts, they now send the last of their children off to Hogwarts. 

2,744 3


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