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Draco, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, OC, Ron, Voldemort
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2004-04-12 8:31pm
Last Chapter
2004-12-01 4:23pm
Last Updated
2005-05-25 1:18am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Getting to Hogwarts

Ginny, Harry, Ron and Hermione decide to play wizard Truth or Dare while drunk in the Trophy Room. Ginny gets the worst dare possible from her brother, but being drunk didn't intend on it being so bad. She must seduce Draco by the end of the school year. *I revised chapter 1 and I'm going to start revising the rest because everyone says I have bad grammar. Then I'll add more chapters*

987 15
2 When Things Get Ugly

Ginny gets some Whiskey and goes drinking with Ron, Harry and Hermione. They end up playing a game of truth or dare and being way to drunk Ron gives Ginny the dare of seducing Draco.

768 8
3 Snogging and Talking

Ginny catches Harry and Hermione together and confides in Draco.

721 3
4 Confrontations

Ginny get feed up plans to seduce Malfoy on their study date while Ron, Harry and Hermione disuse the dare.

487 2
5 One Kiss and Everything is Wrong

Ginny finds the perfect outfit to seduce Malfoy with but is someone else falling for her.?

619 5
6 Room of Requirements

Ginny meets Draco in the Room of Requirements and finds another use for Draco other then finishing her dare.

823 9
7 AfterMath

Ginny tells Ron everything that has been going on behind his back

684 6
8 Flashback

What does Draco think about everything? Find out what happened the first time he meet Ginny.

464 7
9 Confessions

Draco confesses to Ginny

763 13
10 Confronted

Ginny gets confronted by the Dream Team.

675 7
11 Owerly

Draco and Ginny meet up in the owlery.

442 17
12 The truth comes out!

Draco is worried about Ginny and Ginny finds out if Harry is cheating on her. You also find out what Ginny plans on giving Draco for Christmas.

1,030 6
13 Truth

Harry and Ron get in a big fight. The truth about Hermione and Harry comes out.

521 25
14 Public kisses

What happens the next morning? What plan does Ginny have to get the attention off of her brother?

539 3
15 Meeting with Draco

Ron and Ginny meet Draco and stay up past curfew talking. When they get back who is waiting for them?

802 53


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