Harry, Ron, Hermione, Seamus, Luna, Dean, Ginny
Mild Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
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2012-09-27 01:17:44
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1 new year-new start

Hey this story is about Dean and Luna after the war, falling in love with each other. It is at hogwarts because the students had to repeat a year of learning since the war took up most of the time. I thought it woiuld be easier if all the main characters went into the same year. This is my first story so please don't be too harsh- and feel free to leave heaps of comments at the bottom!!! Enjoy...

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2 Revelations

Hi! I would really appreciate your views in the comment box, whether it is improvements or adding something extra e.g character. thanks, enjoy!

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3 Hurt but not broken

When paired together in charms class, Dean and Luna's relationship gets interesting...

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4 Boys will be boys

Hello, this is quite a short chapter, I'll try to make the next one longer and with a bit more 'action' so to speak. Please comment, because I really do appreciate advice and need it! Thanks:)

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5 Bullys

 Things get worse for Luna

Hi I am just wanting to let you guys know that I am sooooo sorry for keeping you waiting for so long for the next installment. Here it is, and I promise you the next chapter will be coming within a month or so (depends on the verification) anyway tata for now and please leave comments at the bottom because I really appreciate them and will always reply!

Sophie :)

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6 Building Up

  Helloooo I have really got into the swing of writing-so updates will appear more reguarly. I would love your opinion as I have had a very helpful review from SereneChaos. Anyway in this chapter its building up until the emotions explode-I hope you like it because it was very fun to write! I also hope you are converting to Duna during the course of this story <3


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7 Emotions Heated

 Hey guys-updates will be coming fast due to my renewed intrest in the story. In this chapter a lot of bad things crash onto Luna.You may have noticed chapters 3 and 4 are around the wrong way. Please read them the way the chapters are labeled not their order-of course some chapters have other names. I know, confusing, but I don't know how to change them and this is the best I can do. Love you all-review is all I can say!


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8 Bad Bad Dean

 Hellooooooo thanks for reading my stories. This chapter gets pretty intense-but this is only the start of the climax! I have so much more in store and look forward  to sharing the rest of my story with you!


P.S Review's the word ;)

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9 Breakdown

 Sorry I only updated now! My computer completely shut down for a couple of weeks :'(. Anyway this is the chapter you have all been waiting for! Yey! Ok So read and enjoy and comment (the last one is very important ;) ) ~Sophie

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10 Short-Lived Happiness

 Hi sorry I haven't updated in a while :( And yes this is a short chapter, but I have many more to come! I know I haven't done this before but I need to add this note-the characters are property of J.K Rowling, but I have weaved my own story around her magic. That is all for now :)


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11 Sneaking Around


I have been so slack sorry :( But thank you for reading people, and do review! No one has so far and I want to know what you think!

Enjoy :) love you all 


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12 Scheming

 Hi! I'm being a good girl and updating fast due to my recent lapse of chapters. But here they are! I just want to say I don't have a beta, so that's why my punctuation is bad, but I would like one...! Please enjoy 'the scheme', and review!!! 


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13 The Greater Good

 Luna has to choose between what she wants and what is right...

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14 Complications

 Hodsmeade Visit :) Things get interesting ;)

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