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Albus, Hugo, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Scorpius, Teddy, Victoire, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Rose/Scorpius, Teddy/Victoire, James/OC, OC/OC
Drama, Fluff, Romance
Next Generation
Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Slash (same-sex pairing), Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-09-02 1:32pm
Last Chapter
2014-10-20 8:49am
Last Updated
2018-04-02 11:06am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Chapter One

An unexpected visitor turns up and offers Flick a chance to return to Hogwarts.

3,071 14
2 Chapter Two

What seems like a normal shopping trip to Diagon Alley soon turns pretty awkward as Flick bumps into her ex-boyfriend and the father of her children.

2,337 8
3 Chapter Three

Flick eventually gets over the shock of seeing her ex and they have a little chat.

3,855 10
4 Chapter Four

Flick finds out a certain someone has a girlfriend and reconsiders her decision to go back to Hogwarts.

2,322 7
5 Chapter Five

Flick gets a letter from her best friend and for once she decides to open it.

1,753 7
6 Chapter Six

Flick is finally on her way back to Hogwarts and there's a few surprises in store.

5,582 6
7 Chapter Seven

Flick is finally back at Hogwarts.

2,459 7
8 Chapter Eight

A full day at Hogwarts makes Flick realise how much she's missed the place but at the same time, how much she misses home.

8,426 5
9 Chapter Nine

After much persuasion from Rose, Flick finds herself in Hogsmeade but little does she know that she's about to be set up.

3,487 7
10 Chapter Ten

You would think that shopping with your best friends would calm you down, but nope not Flick, she's getting more nervous by the second all because she said 'yes' to a date of sorts. Not too mention she gets a surprise visit off two very special people.

4,669 8
11 Chapter Eleven

Halloween is here and Flick pays a quick visit home.

4,825 5
12 Chapter Twelve

Flick is off to the Halloween party that the Hufflepuff's are throwing.

3,192 7
13 Chapter Thirteen

Halloween is here.

2,543 7
14 Chapter Fourteen

Flick gets an invitation for a certain ex-boyfriends 18th birthday party. Only thing is she wants to take her current boyfriend. Prepare for things to get awkward.

2,117 8
15 Chapter Fifteen

Being the Quidditch captain of the Slytherin team Albus wants to get his team together. Flick takes the plunge and decides to try out for seeker.

4,092 6
16 Chapter Sixteen

 It's Albus' birthday party and Flick is going with Aaron.

6,604 4
17 Chapter Seventeen

 Just another normal day at Hogwarts, Flick meets up with Ria in Hogsmeade and gets to see Bentley and Aubri. But little does she know that someone has seen her...

3,182 11
18 Chapter Eighteen

 Flick seems to be falling for a certain ex-boyfriend and it's time to go home for Christmas which means Flick gets to see her babies again.

6,286 7
19 Chapter Nineteen

 Flick sets off to Diagon Alley to do some Christmas shopping, she happens to bump into Albus and Scorpius and then gets dragged to help with their shopping. In the afternoon she meets up with Scorpius in the park as well as some old friends.

6,469 9
20 Chapter Twenty

Flick, her siblings and the twins are getting into the Christmas mood by putting up the decorations. And in the afternoon Flick and her family head out for a meal which turns a little awkward when the topic of Bentley and Aubri's dad is brought up.

2,959 7
21 Chapter Twenty-One

 The Saunders household is all ready for Christmas, in the festive mood Flick take Oscar and the twins to see Santa. The next day they spend Christmas together after Santa has been.

6,271 10
22 Chapter Twenty-Two

 It's Boxing Day in the Saunders household and everyone is still tired and full from Christmas day. Flick gets an owl off Albus asking her to go over to his house. But what does he want?

3,527 18
23 Chapter Twenty-Three

Flick is getting ready for Bentley and Aubri's first birthday and an unexpected friend turns up.

2,628 13
24 Chapter Twenty-Four

Flick has to explain the truth.

2,093 12
25 Chapter Twenty-Five

It's Bentley and Aubri's first birthday and Flick is throwing them a party.

3,630 8
26 Chapter Twenty-Six

Flick and her family are off to The Burrow for a New Year's Eve party.

3,941 20
27 Chapter Twenty-Seven

Back to Hogwarts Flick goes and she and Aaron talk.

3,170 12
28 Chapter Twenty-Eight

Quidditch season is starting and Albus has got the team training hard. After everyone except Al leaves, Flick gets a little extra out of her training.

1,988 17
29 Chapter Twenty-Nine

Between revising for her NEWT's, worrying about Dom who's not her usual self and what's going on with Rose and Scorpius Flick is being a busy bee.

2,857 15
30 Chapter Thirty

The gang is falling apart; Flick is not speaking to Al, Rose is ignoring Scorpius and Dom is still not acting like Dom.

1,919 16
31 Chapter Thirty-One

What seems to be a normal day turns very strange indeed. Hattie exposes something that could change everything. And it causes Albus to storm off and leaves Flick devastated.

3,092 22
32 Chapter Thirty-Two

Al and Flick are not speaking again, but for different reason this time. Hattie is stirring trouble and Al is determined to get Flick back.

4,119 15
33 Chapter Thirty-Three

Lies are exposed and there's hope for Flick and Albus.

6,110 10
34 Chapter Thirty-Four

Guess who's back together and are going on a date.

5,732 11
35 Chapter Thirty-Five

Flick and Albus and Dom and Scorpius are paired up and ready for the muggle stuides trip.

7,575 23
36 Chapter Thirty-Six

The reason why Dom has been acting strange recently is revealed and another truth is told.

3,076 19
37 Chapter Thirty-Seven

Flick and Dom talk about things and how they wish life was different. And they head back to Hogwarts.

2,971 11
38 Chapter Thirty-Eight

The seventh year's NEWT's have started, Flick gets to see Bentley and Aubri. And the final Quidditch match takes place.

8,030 11
39 Chapter Thirty-Nine

NEWT's are still on everyone's mind but the end is in sight as they are nearly over. Flick is forced to tell someone about Dom and together they make sure she is okay. And the truth about Dom comes out causing scandal within their friendship group.

5,894 14
40 Chapter Forty

Flick and the rest of the gang are graduating. And a face from Flick's past turns up.

2,983 10
41 Chapter Forty-One

There's a lot of talking after a face from the past turns up and Albus realises something.

3,296 19
42 Chapter Forty-Two

The truth is finally out.

6,839 14
43 Chapter Forty-Three

The morning after the truth is out, Flick and Al talk whilst he tries his best to do things for the twins. They say goodbye to Hogwarts and head home on the train.

5,960 9
44 Chapter Forty-Four

Although their relationship is slightly rocky Albus and Flick are slowly getting there. Whilst Al is still figuring out how to be a dad.

7,149 8
45 Chapter Forty-Five

It's time for the rest of the Weasley family to meet the new additions and although Flick had doubts, the twins love all of the fuss.

4,143 6
46 Chapter Forty-Six

Despite what Flick thinks, a certain person is choosing to stick around for a change. They might not be a happy family just yet but someone is still set out to ruin Flick and Albus' relationship. No guesses as to who it is.

3,907 10
47 Chapter Forty-Seven

A night out with Al is just what Flick needs, but how will she react to the surprise he has planned.

2,667 7
48 Chapter Forty-Eight

Rumours are not what Flick and Al need right now, so they head off to London to set everybody straight.

2,536 5
49 Chapter Forty-Nine

Surprises are in store for Albus and Flick as they take their next life changing step. The NEWT results are out, but has everyone got what they hoped for?

7,738 8
50 Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

It's been a crazy few years for Flick and eventually Albus. And now their twins; Bentley Lewis and Aubri Skye, are turning two years old.

7,339 14


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