Harry, Draco, Dean, Ginny, Blaise (M)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
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First Published
2012-08-07 16:29:53
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2018-02-05 17:44:27
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2018-02-05 17:44:27
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Quidditch 101

Another year, another world cup...

6510 0
2 Game On

 Remember always keep them guessing...

4039 1
3 Spiraling

You kissed another man....

5675 0
4 Realism Revisited

“I want Ginevra Weasley in my office now!”

6357 1
5 You Again

 Are you following me?

5239 0
6 The Plan

Weasel will you marry me?

5579 1
7 Action

I think it's about time we set some rules...

4607 0
8 Going Through the Motions

Harry Potter's ex has been getting cozy with Draco Malfoy

4681 1
9 Jumping Jack Flash

“What the hell is going on? Why isn’t Weasley in the game?”

6052 0
10 Parents, Siblings, and Gifts, Oh My!

I'm sorry but aren't you a Weasley?

12748 2
11 It's a New Year... Sigh

“I just want to tell you one thing, I’m terribly drunk and tomorrow I’ll go back to loathing you.”

6544 0
12 Not That Into You

"Well if it isn't Mr. Malfoy..."

8064 0
13 Blush

"Feel free to say no...." "I look forward to it."

5946 1
14 Q.U.A.B.B.L.E

"Not ruthless but ambitious"

3717 1
15 To Amalfi With Love

So where's Ginny...

4162 1
16 She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not

Happy Anniversary love!

6580 0
17 The Name of the Game

Do you have a pen?

6697 2
18 Bliss

"There is nothing attractive about BO."

4574 0
19 Once Upon a Time in Mexico

 Dean’s shoulders dropped, Comet Rae and Ginevra Weasley were fighting… again. 

9835 1
20 Back in London Town

 Wilford wants to see you at 10.

5486 0
21 London Still

 “Look kid, don’t get smart with me! You can’t do this, you don’t have the authority.”

3757 1
22 Becoming Mrs. Malfoy

 You are cordially invited to the wedding of Yves Dubois and Sophie Mathieu

5378 1
23 The Final Straw

 For the sake of the team.

4115 1
24 Connie

 Everyone just called her...

4192 3
25 Wake Up

 "So basically you've GONE INSANE!"

4494 0
26 When You Hear the Bell it's For Change

 I now pronounce you husband and wife

7692 1
27 The Days and Nights of Draco and Ginny

"Has it ever occured to you that Malfoy may actually like you?"

6437 0
28 No Solutions

"Harry you can't do this anymore..."

6042 1
29 The Family Bond


4433 0
30 Becoming the Malfoy's

"I didn't think tonight was the appropriate time to announce that we're you know" "Husband and Wife"

6532 0
31 The Honeymooner's

"Where the hell is our blasted portkey?"

10591 0
32 Chwarae o'r Galon, Chwarae o'r Meddwl, Goncro

“And welcome back to Sports Talk, I’m your host Brian Boswick coming to you live from the Sahara Desert in Mali at the 424th Quidditch World Cup!.."

4893 0
33 Can You Hear Me

"Well the healers are hopeful, although I keep thinking it's been a week and a half and all I've seen her do is twitch."

5309 1
34 This Is Love

"There's nothing silly about love, theres a whole lot complicated but nothing silly..."

6500 1
35 Confrontations

Two Months Later

5127 1


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