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Harry, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Teddy
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Other Pairing
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Next Generation
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-08-03 2:34pm
Last Chapter
2018-04-13 11:30pm
Last Updated
2018-04-13 11:30pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Unspeakable

Old faces, old rivals, and new romances. And guess what? Our favorite James Potter is once again a bachelor.

3,704 5
2 Mistakes & Regret

There was nothing but the sound of Norah's quiet cries, the rustle of the wind against the trees, and the lapping of the river water along the shore.

He was just turning to leave. Then finally, she spoke.

“You told me nothing happened between the two of you,” Norah said. Her voice was suddenly harsh and accusing.

5,595 3
3 Vengeance

“How do you know James Potter?” Clancy asked.

“Erm,” Nolan grunted, thinking quickly. “I went to Hogwarts with him. Different year, of course, but he's Harry Potter's kid. We all knew who he was.”

3,961 3
4 Always Angry

“I’ll be brave and say what both of us know but neither are willing to admit: our relationship was already in jeopardy because of your anger. What will you ruin next? Your relationship with Al?”

“Don't you say that! You know I would never harm Al!” breathed James.

5,249 3
5 A Cruel Reminder

“Don't apologize,” said Parker. “Some events leave painful scars.”

“They do,” nodded James in agreement. “I guess this one's just a cruel reminder.”

3,322 3
6 Always Him

“What's done is done, and what matters is that I love him, and I know he loves me, too. That means we're both willing to forgive each other and work together to be a couple again.”

5,284 4
7 Confinement Cell #6

“Someone you should fear. He'll show you the true meaning of misery. He'll take everything you love, and just when you think you've fallen as far as you can, you'll realize you're wrong. You'll see just how far you can fall, Harry Potter, and it's a long way to the bottom.”

4,378 2
8 A Time To Act

The plan had already been set in motion, and it was time that Parker caught up with the game.

“You're right,” he answered. “Then it's time.”

4,698 1
9 Damages

“Don’t worry, Al,” laughed Parker. “I’ve done my damage. The rest will come. All in good time.”

4,296 4
10 Mortal Wound

“The wound and his pain will only worsen with time. We can only make him comfortable now.”

“You...” began Harry. He refused to believe it. He would not accept the fact that his youngest son was dying. He was only nineteen! “There has to be something you can do!”

3,480 2
11 Game On

“This wasn't a random jumping in the streets!” cursed Harry under his breath. “This was planned. This was strategized, and this was made personal!”

He was fuming. Fuming for how foolish he was to have let this go so far, foolish as to have his doubts about Parker Namken's survival.

3,403 2
12 Breaching Contracts

“Don't doubt me,” threatened Harry. “I will always do whatever it takes to save my children.”

He would do anything to save his son and keep his family from harm, so he felt no regret in saying the next threat that rolled off his tongue.

4,177 2
13 Truth Will Out

“Dad,” he asked, his voice nothing more than a whisper, “whose horcrux is this?”

Harry pursed his lips. He didn't want to answer.

James demanded once again to know who resided in his body. “Dad, who is inside me?!”

4,458 2
14 Treacherous Waters

It was now or never, and she knew it. She didn't know what she was thinking or what her plan was, but she found herself treading into treacherous waters before she could think twice.

“Parker...?” Clancy squeaked uneasily.

4,142 2
15 The Ultimatum

“You just have one choice to make, so which will it be? Al's life? Or Dominique's?”

5,033 2
16 An Inevitable Fate

He had to know. And he was a Seer, wasn't he? With enough concentration, couldn't he will himself some sort of prophecy? He knew the answer to that was no, but he had long ago been deemed the greatest Seer in the world. His strength was beyond comprehension; therefore, James believed anything was possible.

4,745 4
17 Goodbye Little Brother

Albus had heard. He had heard every word. He was going to die. And soon, too.

4,824 8
18 Loving a Mad Man

“I had some news I thought I’d share with you,” he said with a smirk. “You’ve had a death in the family.”

Parker hadn’t been this happy. Not since his years at Hogwarts before all went wrong and before his father died.

4,016 0
19 A Weapon Yet to Espy

“I demanded to know Al’s fate. Whatever part of me that predicts the future, I demanded it to tell me if he would live or die. It took a lot of effort, but it worked. I made a prophecy about his death. What if I could do the same again? What if I could demand to know where she is?”

3,049 6
20 Murderer

“As soon as I walk out that door, you’re no longer Teddy Lupin but Parker Namken.”

“I got it,” said Teddy. “I can do this, Uncle Harry.”

4,683 1
21 Take Him Down

The deep and burning desire furthest back in Harry’s mind, though, was the hope that this could all end with Parker Namken’s death in less than 24 hours.

If they were lucky, if everything went according to plan, they would rescue Dominique, capture Death Eaters and imprison them once again, and Parker Namken would be among the dead.

4,075 2
22 The Second

“Albus wasn’t the—” Parker stopped and clamped his mouth shut as he caught himself nearly saying something he hadn’t told anyone.

Clancy had already picked up on his tone, though. “Albus wasn’t what, Parker?” she asked, her breath escaping her as she emphasized her desperation for him to finish that sentence. “Tell me! He wasn’t what?!”

4,529 4
23 Mercy

“You—killed—my—son,” hissed Harry.

“I did him a favor!” snarled Parker. “He’s better off dead and you know it! My father broke him—broke him beyond repair. What I did for him was a mercy. And now you can join him.”

4,831 2
24 Undesirable No. 1

“Hermione…” began Harry gravely. “They’re here to swear you in as Minister for Magic.”

5,317 2
25 The Calm Before the Storm

Harry had married them beneath the stars and intimate candlelight.

5,155 1
26 The Beating Locket

“So you’re telling me that…that locket right there is prepared to receive a horcrux, and I…”

“You’ve murdered three people. The Auror. Albus Potter. And the Minister for Magic. Your soul has already been split three times. I’m telling you that all I have to do now is say the incantation and you can live forever…”

3,736 2
27 The Anchor

“I thought I was dead. When I realized I wasn’t, I couldn’t fathom how I could have possibly survived everything that day—the Killing Curse that sent me over the ledge, the fall, the impact of the water, or the freezing cold of it. But this…This would answer everything. This would explain why I survived that day. I couldn’t die.”

4,354 1
28 Two Reasons

“My relationship with Clancy has nothing to do with this,” snapped Parker.

“She has everything to do with this! She’s distracting you—softening you! Don’t let her assuage you from our reason for living.”

“I have two reasons for living now.”

5,342 1
29 Strings

The Potters had just been puppets on the ends of strings being held by Parker, bending and breaking at his will because they had no leads.

No more.

4,710 1
30 The Catalyst

“Please,” he begged. “I don’t have much time, but come with me. You don’t have to go back to him. Come with me, and I’ll make sure you’re safe. You and…And the baby.”

Clancy blanched, and she took a step back so James’ hands fell away from her shoulders. She shook her head in shock at him. “H–How did you…How did you know?!”

6,023 1
31 Once More into the Fray

Parker ran at Clancy with his brow pulled together in utter betrayal and hatred. He grasped her by her jacket and began to shout wildly. “You brought him here, didn’t you?!”

“N–No,” Clancy begged quickly. “Parker, I swear! I–”

He snarled. “This is all a lie, isn’t it?! You left just to find him and bring him back here! To end me! You’re on his side, aren’t you?! How could you do this to me?!”

3,961 1
32 Do Not Go Gentle

Then Harry and James looked across the field of debris to Parker and Pansy. And in that moment, there they were—a mother and her son fighting for what they believed in, and a father his son doing the same. They were all vulnerable in their own way; they were all fueled by their own desires. They were all the same in that moment and yet so different.

5,030 2
33 Darkest Hour

“He cannot be saved. The one you hold on to so dearly faces an inevitable fate. He has reached his end and has naught but two days to live. Fear not, though. He shall return to you when you reach your darkest hour.”

“Everyone has always said nothing is more powerful than a mother’s love; that’s how Dad survived—because of his mother’s sacrifice for him. But Jamie, you did the same thing for me. And maybe that’s what this is really about—our bond, our love for each other. You’re my brother, and maybe that magic is just as powerful.”

3,669 2
34 Hell Hath No Fury

They had to take the opportunity James had given them. They had to spring while Parker was weak.

This chapter contains sensitive topics and may contain emotional triggers, particularly regarding pregnancy, violence, and death. Read at your own discretion.

4,104 2
35 Pure

Even though she was unsure if he was ready to talk about it yet, she broached the topic they had both clearly been trying to avoid: who he was and who he would be without Parker. “And how are you…How are you feeling?”

He was quiet for several moments, contemplative.

“Pure…” he answered. “I feel pure. Finally. Like I can be me again. Whoever that may be. I’m not sure. But I’m ready to find out.”

5,288 1
36 His Name is Albus

The final chapter of The Seer & The Condemned.

4,299 0


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