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Harry, Ron, Shacklebolt, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-08-01 4:27am
Last Chapter
2013-02-28 6:10pm
Last Updated
2013-02-28 6:10pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 So Much For Discretion

The death of summer was heralded with a shower of gold.

4,726 3
2 Keeping Up Appearances

‘One of my best Aurors down and I’m about to take the training wheels off the trainees,’ grumbled Cassius Vaughn as he sat down behind his desk. ‘The timing couldn’t be any worse.’

5,684 1
3 More to Hide

It was peculiar to think he’d never been to the Cole estate after all this time. For years he’d not thought it peculiar, thought the distance between his friends in general and with him in particular had been perfectly normal, but then his life had taken a turn both downright bizarre and inherently more normal.

4,206 1
4 No Catastrophes

The funeral of Jacob Van Roden was a quiet sort of affair.

4,029 1
5 Bright Young Things

‘We should do this more often.’

6,000 1
6 Crazy Niffler-Lady Killer

‘Interesting, she collected those little collection plates with pictures of nifflers on them. Oh, did I say “interesting”? I meant to say “mind-numbing”. There’s nothing here, Chief.’

4,319 1
7 Breathe When It's Over

Even though there was hardly anyone in the office, even though he knew the Minister couldn't be doing anything that couldn't be interrupted, even though it was a late night and he was working at his behest, Tobias still knocked and waited before entering Kingsley Shacklebolt's office.

5,325 3
8 Footloose and Fancy-Free

‘What,’ said Tanith flatly, staring at the drinks put down in front of them, ‘the hell is this?’

5,464 1
9 There'll Be Another Time

Sweeney fell like a sack of potatoes when the red sparks of the Stun hit him in the chest and he almost landed on top of Tobias.

5,219 1
10 Completely Unnecessary Optimism

They'd not closed his curtains, so they were woken up by the sunlight creeping through into his bedroom.

6,252 2
11 All Your Fuss-Eggs in One Fuss-Basket

‘We’re back to square one,’ Katie wailed, burying her face in her arms as Aurors buzzed and prowled around the bullpen down in Canary Wharf. 'If the wife didn't do it, who did?'

4,447 1
12 French Gnomes Are Worse

‘If you just relax, Mister Grey,’ said the Healer, hands firmly around Tobias’ knee, ‘and let me know what you feel.’

6,846 1
13 Two-Way Street

It had been a week since Valerie Phelps' murder. And the investigation team was only making marginal headway.

5,425 1
14 Like a Dying Flobberworm

' Jack here has the bright idea of putting Camouflage Spells on the lot of us, so if any Muggles do look up they don't see the entire first team of Puddlemere United charging through the skies of Liverpool.'

4,276 2
15 These Soul Wounds

Tanith didn’t make Gabriel scream with surprise when she was discovered as a pile of blankets on his couch. Because it wasn’t Gabriel who discovered her, it was Jen, and she swore loud enough to wake the dead when the bundle on her sofa moved.

5,000 1
16 More Important Than Them

'Brain-Box Grey!' The door to Tobias' office swung open without even a knock, and all he could hear from outside was the objecting squawk of his assistant as Dimitri Radimir swaggered in.

4,404 1
17 Until They Serve a Day

The trial of Bernard Lackardy was a quiet affair.

4,706 2
18 Save the Day O'Clock

It was the second time in as many weeks that she'd been in this pub, after over six months of nothing. But she'd still calculated correctly.

5,955 2
19 Looking Right Back

There was only darkness outside.

5,864 2
20 Risk Life and Limb

‘Someone to see you, Mister Doyle.’

4,299 1
21 Of Bloodlines and Ideals

‘Knock, knock.’ Tobias stuck his head in round the door to Jen’s office and lifted a wrapped sandwich as she looked up.

6,725 2
22 Dangled Over a Tank of Sharks

The shield spell was strong enough to just absorb the Stun, and Katie gave a triumphant smirk. ‘You were saying, Chief?’

4,606 2
23 Heads or Tails

‘What is this place?’ Tanith squinted as she peered around the empty rooms.

3,494 1
24 Slash of Darkness in Yourself

‘I was gone,’ said Jennifer Riley with absolute determination, ‘for an hour. I went for a walk around the park to clear my head. And then I came home.’

4,837 1
25 Weather the Storm

Normally, Gabriel would have been pleased to see Cal. But as he opened his flat door to see his friend standing apprehensively in the corridor, he could only scowl. ‘What do you want?’

5,724 4
26 Ashes in Your Mouth

What happened? Why’s your prime murder suspect out of her cell?’

5,384 3
27 Road of Sweat and Tears

The spell rocketed out of the end of the stolen wand and struck its owner straight on - or so it seemed, but then Tobias blinked and everything changed.

4,990 3
28 The Only Sign in the World

‘I think we can make it to the party still, if we -’

4,175 2
29 Times Like This

'You’d think I’m crazy.' Tanith took a swig from the bottle of cider and let her feet dangle over the pier. ‘Out here like this. At night. In the cold. And the wet. It’s totally raining. But I guess we need to talk.’

6,054 13


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