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    Lupin, Sirius, Lily, James, Pettigrew
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Fluff, Romance
    Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2012-07-29 7:52pm
    Last Chapter
    2013-09-18 8:42am
    Last Updated
    2013-09-18 8:42am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 James - Making The Bet (Prologue)

    "I mean that we each try to get Lily to go out with Prongs using our own method… like a game! I use magic, Moony uses… er, diplomacy, Wormtail uses pressure, and Prongs uses his supposed 'charm'. Whoever's method works gets bragging rights - and thirty galleons from each of the others!" he declared. 

    1,253 3
    2 Peter - Chaos on the Train

     Sirius clapped his hands with the air of someone who has just closed a deal. "Well, then it's settled," he said cheerily. "The competition begins… now!"

    2,171 1
    3 Remus - A Game of Strategy

    I was quite pleased with the terms of the bet. If I won, I would finally show my rather stubborn friends that diplomacy was the key to solving problems, not the brute force, persistence, and magical methods that they always seemed to resort to. And if I lost… well, maybe I'd be the one learning the lesson.

    1,242 1
    4 Sirius - Bringing Them Together

    I shook my head at him in dismay. "Look, you know I'll be getting you and her together any day now--"

    "Really?!" he exclaimed, his eyes lighting up in happiness.

    "Really," I assured him. "I bet I can do it before the day's over." 

    2,178 1
    5 James - Flinging and Failing

    "Ugh. What kind of reward is this whole Head Boy thing, anyway? It's just more work," I grumbled as I began throwing my belongings on the floor, finally finding my clothes near the bottom of my trunk.

    "Well, considering you get to do your duties with Evans…" Sirius began mischievously.

    I smiled. "I think I'll be okay," I conceded. 

    2,538 2
    6 Peter - Persistence

    I had lost my initial lead and hadn't even begun to ask Lily to go out with James yet. From what I had heard, Remus was now becoming friends with Lily, and Sirius had managed to kidnap her. I wasn't really sure how the kidnapping helped, but I often didn't understand my friends, and they always seemed to be right. 

    1,209 1
    7 Remus - Potions Problems

    I grinned as I strode to Potions, Lily laughing by my side. Our friendship was truly flourishing. I mean, anyone could tell by just looking at the facts - We could both relate to each other in many subjects and we shared the same view in nearly all the matters we brought up, making conversations between us both easy and enjoyable. It had only been a day, but I was certain that she trusted me completely by now, and I trusted her just as much.


    1,540 1
    8 Sirius - Slipping the Potion

    "Mr. Black!" Professor Sprout cried. "What are you doing?!"

    I paused, looking up at her incredulously. What did it look like I was doing?! "Well," I said slowly, pointing to the murderous plant I was holding in my left hand, "I'm trying to not die here, and the plant was making it difficult, so…" 

    2,532 3
    9 James - Decisions and Suspicions

    "All right," Lily breathed, dropping my hand and looking at each of us in turn. "We have to find out exactly what's up with her and fix it before dinner's over. Any ideas?"

    2,360 3
    10 Peter - Mood Swings

     I was equally slow in rising from my seat and walking towards the furious girl, who was fuming while stuffing her things angrily into her bag. I watched her friends quickly leave, throwing her fearful looks that showed how I felt pretty accurately. I approached her tentatively as the students continued to file out of the room.

    1,200 1
    11 Remus - Finding Reasons

    I heard a strange laughing and was surprised to see it was coming from Lily, who was looking happily around her as she was guided in by James. And James had his arm firmly around her, smiling broadly. My mouth dropped open. Lily Evans laughing crazily next to James? Had I lost? Had one of the other three managed to convince her to go out with James? 

    2,072 3
    12 Sirius - Two Wrongs

    Thoughts were rushing through my head at Remus's conversation. Of course! Hadn't he been talking about this very thing on the train two days ago? The key to winning James a date with Lily would be finding out why she doesn't like him in the first place!

    3,167 4


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