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Scorpius, Rose, OC
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2012-07-26 6:35am
Last Chapter
2014-02-11 9:15pm
Last Updated
2014-02-11 9:15pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 And So it Begins.

  "I have this issue with relating real life to fiction."

Beautiful chapter image by &thereshegoes at TDA


1,650 8
2 Vomit of Both the Food and Word Sorts

We finally split them up when they start whispering arithmetic equations to each other seductively, though, because we don’t need them to make another baby right here on the sidewalk.

Super sweet chapter image by &thereshegoes at TDA

2,341 4
3 Train Ride with Wonderboy

Why can't people just say what they want to?

Gorgeous banner by &thereshegoes at TDA

3,339 5
4 Butting In

“Chase! What are you doing?” I hear a boy’s voice, and knowing my luck, it’s pretty obvious who it is.

Fantastic chapter image by &thereshegoes @TDA

3,727 4
5 Love Potion

 “No, Scorpius!” I spring up onto my feet, “I do need to talk to you! I just got, err, distracted,” I glance shyly at Danny, whose goofy grin is a mile wide. 

Amazing chapter image by &thereshegoes @TDA

2,920 8
6 Boys Are Stupid

 Before the boy can stutter out a word the door we’re leaning on opens and we topple out onto the floor of the corridor just outside the broom closet. Just as quickly Danny is pinned against the wall, Louis holding him there with his wand pointed at his throat.

Beautifully made chapter image by &thereshegoes @TDA

3,207 4
7 Poison and Breaking Windows

Rose starts trying to calm me down, “It’s okay, it’s okay! Hugo, James and I will go track down Lorcan and figure out what it is! You stay here with Louis for now and stay out of trouble.”

Fabulous chapter image by DangerousDraco589 @TDA

2,871 7
8 Don't Get Pregnant, Kids

 Some more stuff happens, still in a blur, and I look at Molly’s face and realize she’s asked me a question, “Would you prefer a guest room or Louis’s room?”

Adorable chapter image by DangerousDraco589 @TDA

4,016 8
9 Unfinished Business

 Rose takes her cue to leave, “Uhm, I think you guys need to have a very long conversation that I should definitely not be a part of. I’m going to go find The Impregnator and make him feed me carrots or something,” she slips away down the corridor. 

Perfect chapter image by DangerousDraco589 @TDA

2,632 5
10 First Kiss

Just a little collection of the stories of how the main characters of The Sidekick got their first kisses.

2,429 4
11 Faith in the Independent Woman

 He chuckles and we continue to walk until Scorpius sees us, “Merlin, Louis, what’d you do to Chase? She looks half insane.”

3,498 4
12 The My-Best-Friend-Impregnated-the-Girl-of-My-Dreams Club

 “So, are you ready to start talking?” His voice is excited, like a little kid being allowed to sit at the adult’s table during Christmas dinner.

Giving him a flirtatious grin, I grab his hand, “Come with me."

2,964 4
13 The Irony

"Why do I never get mixed up with guys that know how to keep their thoughts to themselves?"

3,762 5
14 The Seer/Motivational Yoga Master

Once the hall is back to silence, McGonagall continues, “We can only hope that this unprecedented action might help all of you to become a more considerate and less impetuous group of adults. Thank you, you may all continue with your meal.” 

3,904 7
15 Chase and Louis Tell a Story

 He’s silent for a second, looking me over as if making sure I’m still Chase. When he finally does talk, his voice is quieter and less angry, “We’re not telling a very good story.”

I give him a look with a bit of longing in my eyes but mostly anger, “Really? I think it’s quite the satire.” 

3,451 10
16 Louis the Male Prostitute

 He puts his hand on my head and ruffles my hair like I’m a little kid, “Don’t worry, I won’t make your head combust. Also, you might want to pull your shirt up, because Hugo is starting to drool.”

3,952 8
17 A Bad Start

Speechless, I sit down on the blanket, which is slightly stiff from the layer of ice developing.
“Thank you,” he sounds relieved but still slightly frustrated, “Now, Chase Alice Longbottom, will you please just be my girlfriend already?”

3,874 5
18 We Tell Frichard About Our Wedding Plans

“Anyway,” Frichard continues before Louis or I have to say anything in response to literally the worst story I think I’ve ever heard, “Your Arnican Syrup needs to breath for a few hours before it’s safe to travel with. I recommend coming back at dawn. Hey, shouldn’t you kids be in school?”  

3,134 6
19 Maylin is in Love

My name is Maylin, and I have serious issues. My best friend/potential love interest and I aren’t talking, I have a serious case of cramps, and Rose is currently in a coma.

3,177 5
20 The Fight

My boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend, the resident womanizer of the family, and the sassy fourth year. I guess even this little ragtag team of friends was somewhat comforting.  

3,147 3
21 Changing Perspectives

 “Probably not. Oh, I meant to ask you. I get that Rose was in a bad position and whatever she was yelling about was probably irrational, but what was she actually angry about?”

“She was angry about some weird stuff that happened in her nightmares, like me having an affair with Scorpius and her baby being Nosferatu. Like you said, irrational things,” that wasn’t necessarily lying. It wasn’t the whole truth, either, but no one had to know that. 

4,174 4


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