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    Draco, Albus, Rose, Scorpius, OC
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    OC/OC, Other Pairing
    Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
    Next Generation
    Strong violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme, Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2012-06-23 2:50pm
    Last Chapter
    2015-04-21 2:46pm
    Last Updated
    2015-04-21 2:46pm

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Steam Out

    ‘I accidentally crashed into his trunk.’

    ‘Accidentally, or “accidentally”?’

    ‘Accidentally! Do you think I’d start something this early in the year?’ Scorpius waved a dismissive hand. ‘Don’t answer that.’

    5,959 25
    2 Heartburn

    ‘How long are you going to keep playing this game?’

    ‘I don’t know.’ Scorpius squared his shoulders. ‘For how long are you going to play yours?’

    She laughed, a soft, tinkling sound he could swear sounded menacing. ‘I don’t know what you mean.’

    4,277 9
    3 The Melting Pot

    Albus noticed him trying to bore holes in the back of Rose’s head with his baleful gaze, and as they unpacked their bags he leant down to him. ‘Scorp, please. Drop it.’ It was part instruction, part plead, and because that was usually enough, because Albus asked so little of Scorpius that he tended to do it readily, Albus must have made the assumption that he wouldn’t need to worry about it any more. At least, not right away.

    For once, he was seriously, seriously wrong.

    4,437 9
    4 Sackcloth and Ashes

    ‘I can’t believe he did that,’ said Hestia for about the fifteenth time.

    ‘I can. It’s Scorpius Malfoy. I totally believe there’s nothing he wouldn’t do.’ Cheryl smirked. ‘Isn’t that kind of the appeal?’

    3,581 14
    5 Like Wildfire

    ‘You have to go really quite deep to find the nastier creatures these days, and I’m sure Professor Lockett knows what she’s doing.’

    Scorpius glowered past Rose to where Professor Lockett, Methuselah Jones and Selena Rourke wandered at the front of the little procession. ‘Getting us killed?’

    4,289 11
    6 Afterburn

    ‘You took longer than anyone else to wake up.’ Rose stuck her nose in the air. ‘And Albus was worried.’

    She turned to go, and he fell into step beside her, smirking. ‘Oh, yes.
    Albus was worried. Come on, admit it, Weasley, you were agonising.’

    ‘Agonising, yes, over whether or not I’d be rid of you for good.’

    4,267 9
    7 Fever Pitch

    ‘Serious issue, Malfoy,’ Jones hissed down at him, as if he thought this was discreet.

    Scorpius blinked up. ‘Yeah, Jones.
    Plague. I know.’

    6,848 9
    8 Hot Pursuit

    Hugo's face was turning into a mask of fury. ‘My family are ill. Five of my cousins are ill. Rose and Albus are the only ones still on their feet - I was woken up in the middle of the night by Lily, my cousin, my best friend, sounding like she was going to die or something. You two don’t have any brothers or sisters, or cousins, not here at Hogwarts. Who have you got to worry about apart from yourselves?’

    4,277 8
    9 Out of the Frying Pan

    ‘And, what, relax?’ Rose turned, stricken. ‘I can’t relax, somebody needs to keep an eye on things, it’s been hours since I’ve heard from any of the teachers, God knows where Hugo is, I’ve not had a chance to go down and see Hector, and now Matty is ill, and every single second I’m in here and I feel tired, or hungry, or the sun seems a little bit too bright out there I think it’s me coming down with it too, and I can’t afford to -’

    5,454 10
    10 Cooking on Gas

    ‘I don’t remember having to answer to you.’

    ‘I’m a prefect -’

    ‘And that counts for, what, exactly, right now?’ Scorpius cocked his head. ‘Prefects, teachers, whatever, it doesn’t

    4,223 10
    11 Irons in the Fire

    Scorpius coughed. ‘It’s an otter.’

    Jones quirked an eyebrow. ‘A patronus.’

    Rose’s jaw dropped as she looked at the animal. ‘Mum?’

    4,564 7
    12 False Dawn

    ‘Artemis is lovely; just because she stole your food -’

    ‘She’s a miserable breakfast thief and she hates me.’

    ‘Hm. She likes sausages, she hates you. I think she has impeccable taste.’ Rose tilted her nose in the air.

    6,049 8
    13 Firefight

    Albus looked him up and down as it was clear Scorpius wasn't leaving, and a broad grin crossed his face. 'All right,' he said, and extended his clenched hand for a fist-bump. 'Let's do this.'

    'And try to not die.'

    3,980 11
    14 Burning Question

    ‘Trust you to find an excuse to get your shirt off,’ muttered Selena, unimpressed.

    ‘And all it took for me to cavort topless in the Great Hall was getting stabbed! Brilliant!’ Scorpius made a face as he dabbed at the cut across his ribs. ‘This was a
    superb plan.’

    4,395 7
    15 Hot and Cold

    Scorpius slid the drawer shut. ‘What’s going on?’

    Rose wrinkled her nose. ‘What?’

    ‘You. You followed advice and slept. You thanked me for bringing you breakfast. You’ve saved me from your bloody cat. And now you’re complimenting me on my ideas. Who are you, and what’ve you done with Rose Weasley?’

    6,617 12
    16 Cleansing Flames

    ‘Older members of staff might have heard of him if they were awake,’ said Scorpius. ‘He clashed with many of them regularly. He was arrogant and insubordinate and thought he knew best.’

    Albus gave him a fond grin. ‘So, nothing like you?’

    5,480 9
    17 No Smoke Without Fire

    Rose looked at him solemnly. ‘That’s a really good idea.’

    Scorpius blinked. ‘It is?’

    ‘Of course not.’ She turned back to her paper. ‘It’s a stupid idea and I think just hearing it has made me stupider.'

    5,600 11
    18 Powderkeg

    ‘Albus keeps the grounds safe. You and Lockett work on the cure. Jones is working on the ritual. Even bloody Selena is coordinating the House Elves in taking care of the infected. And what do I do?’ He met her gaze, ardent and frustrated.

    Rose worked her jaw wordlessly for a long second. ‘
    Not go off and get yourself killed in the Forbidden Forest?’

    5,819 9
    19 Fire and Ice

    He flashed her a grin. ‘Way I see it, tonight was a win. We got out with the reagents, some information, and our lives!’

    She watched him for a few seconds, the incredulous look on her face visible with the lights of Hogwarts shining down on her. Then she shook her head, lips twitching, and continued along the path up to the school. ‘Does anything ruin your mood?’

    4,916 12
    20 Crash and Burn

    ‘Mm. This ritual. Trying to figure out what it might mean based on the half-baked recollections of a half-wit.’

    Methuselah’s expression didn’t change. ‘I would deem you a two-thirds wit, maybe, Malfoy.’

    6,625 11
    21 Raked Over the Ashes

    ‘But you’ll demean me like that?’

    Selena gave a smile which would make Mona Lisa proud, if either of them knew who she was. ‘It’s like you set yourself up for these answers, Scorpius.'

    5,450 9
    22 Hot Issue

    ‘I never apologised to you myself,’ she said, falteringly. ‘I mean, just myself. For going into the Forest like that. For not telling you. For letting Malfoy nick the Map and for agreeing to keep you out of it. I mean, I said sorry, but he was there and - I mean, I owe you an apology.’

    5,061 11
    23 Burn Through

    'Are you even listening to me?'

    'Of course I am.'

    'Only you just agreed to break into the Headmaster's Office using a magic hammer of a thunder god.'

    6,129 16
    24 House on Fire

    Harley went tipping over backwards, little arms flailing, and hit the ground with a clatter. His chair spilled him onto the hard stone floor and for a few seconds he just lay there, sprawled out, stunned.

    When he did speak, his voice was low, wry, if pained. '...thank you for the reminder on why I hate your kind.'

    5,936 16
    25 Break the Ice

    'My point,' Rose mused, 'is that this is months of no school, no preparation.'

    'And you're planning a holiday?' He sounded dubious.

    'Of course! Oh, don't look at me like that, Al. Any little thing keeps the mind
    hopeful in a crisis. We don't have to be doom and gloom entirely.'

    4,812 21
    26 Rising Heat

    'Oh!' The House Elf brightened up as if he knew the answer - then his expression fell with clouds of guilt. 'Mister Malfoy left the building early this morning. Mister Malfoy is out in the grounds. Mister Malfoy was brought tea, but threw the cup at Bodger.'

    She had no idea if Bodger was this particular elf or another one completely. But tea-throwing was not one of Scorpius' usual habits. 'Where in the grounds?'

    5,681 10
    27 Down in Flames

    'So why didn't you say anything?'

    'Because it wasn't my secret.' Selena shrugged. 'When Miranda started putting the stories about, I expected Scorpius to give as good as he got. When he didn't, I assumed he wanted the whole thing to blow over. Or that, maybe, behind his impersonation of the world's most smug Golden Retriever, he was actually so hurt by what Miranda did that he didn't want to open himself up to the scrutiny. So what, really, was I supposed to do?'

    5,984 9
    28 Out of the Kitchen

    'What do we win?' asked Scorpius.

    Albus hesitated. 'Satisfaction.'

    'Oh, good,' said Scorpius. 'Because you know what I said to myself this morning? I said, "Scorp-" I'm "Scorp" when I talk in my head, being best friends with myself and all that - I said, "Scorp, we're in a crisis. We've got no cure, we've got mad mercenaries at our door, we're five kids on our own, and this morning Harley implied we're running low on chocolate biscuits. You know what would really improve our lives? Satisfaction".'

    4,535 10
    29 New Flames

    'Point is, there was no good thing to do. Dump Hector and hurt him while he's suffering? Don't dump him and carry on with Scorpius behind his back? Don't dump him and shoot Scorpius down? I don't know what you should have done.' Selena paused. 'That said, I'm impressed you picked Secret Option D: Dump Hector, shoot Scorpius down, and be miserable. That might have been the worst option of all.'

    5,267 10
    30 On an Open Fire

    'Great brick wall impression, mate!' he said as he reeled, and Albus put out a strong hand to steady him. 'Very life-like.'

    'I suppose that's why you felt compelled to run right into me.' Albus grinned.

    6,800 9
    31 Cold as Ice

    'I'm here to do a job, Malfoy. I do the job. I'm taking care of sick kids and staff and otherwise I'm conducting my duties as directed by the ranking Ministry official, whom you took great pleasure in reminding me all those months ago is Professor Lockett.'

    'Even if she's -'

    'Even if she's in there polka-dancing with a Niffler, it's not my place to judge or take action or let you countermand her orders.'

    4,948 11
    32 Hot Blooded

    The House Elf bristled. 'That girl is Hermione Granger's daughter. Don't you imply I don't care.' It was the most overt admission, Scorpius realised, he'd ever heard Harley make that he valued a human, any human's wellbeing for any reason but absent-minded pragmatism. The shot of concern running through Harley's voice, the voice of this House Elf who had been so dismissive at the care-taking of the magical children of Hogwarts, was genuine.

    'Then don't get in my way,' said Albus, and Scorpius felt a chill run down his spine.

    5,075 9
    33 Melt Into Me

    Scorpius gave a jerky nod, lips thinning, and didn't take his eyes off Rose. 'Jones is asleep?'

    'He's in his room. I'm not sure he's asleep.'

    'You should join him.' Scorpius frowned. 'I actually meant get some sleep. Not literally with him.'

    5,975 22
    34 Freeze Out

    'You're just gonna try an' wing this? You're dealing with professionals, boy.'

    I am, a little bit, "winging this", Scorpius had to concede, lips thinning. 'I know what I'm doing.'

    5,803 11
    35 That Vital Spark

    'I heard you were awake.'

    Selena folded her arms across her chest and arched an eyebrow. 'She only just woke up, how on
    Earth did you hear?'

    'Maybe I didn't hear and I just happen to have exquisite timing. My point remains.'

    5,472 9
    36 Blaze of Glory

    'Oh, good,' said Scorpius. 'So we get to dodge Dementors and, if we're really unlucky, lingering mercenaries to rejig a horribly powerful evil ritual, but at least punctuality is optional!'

    5,068 27
    37 Embers

    'I'm spearheading proposals for not just magical global conferences to fight this, but a magical global council to fight them. International unity, and the Ministry's granting me the power to act on this, power to fight this Council. Stop them. Bring them to justice. I promise you, sweetheart, the people who did this will be brought to account.'

    4,913 56


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