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    Bill, Fleur, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Other Pairing
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Bill/Fleur, OC/OC
    Drama, Romance
    Next Generation
    Contains profanity, Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
    Story Reviews
    First Published
    2012-06-23 8:47am
    Last Chapter
    2014-05-01 7:47pm
    Last Updated
    2015-04-16 7:08am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 Life changing news

    “How did we let this happen, Louis?” She asked him, sniffing as she wiped her eyes with the hem of the jumper’s sleeve.

    “I don’t know, Freya,” he admitted, his mouth felt dry and he gave a small cough, his hands had stopped shaking but he still felt sick to his stomach.

    He was going to be a father.

    1,513 20
    2 Maybe you should have waited?

    “You’re going to be a dad?” Horatio asked incredulously.

    Louis just nodded, still coming to terms with it himself, it didn’t sound natural, like someone was playing a joke on him.

    “What an idiot,” Horatio cried. Louis looked up at him with a frown, he knew that already.

    3,255 13
    3 We all fall down

    Everything comes out into the open.

    2,822 7
    4 Too late to say sorry

    “Well, what is it?” Ted demanded sternly. “I had to leave work early for this. What could our children have done? Skip classes?”

    “It’s more serious, I’m afraid,” Flitwick said seriously, faltering again for a moment before looking at Louis again, who gave a small nod and screwed his eyes up tightly in fear at the repercussions.

    3,341 11
    5 Driven insane

    “You probably shouldn’t go down the insane route, especially if you want Freya’s parents to see that you’re going to be a mature grown up who can look after a kid,” Horatio stated.

    “They’re never going to see me as mature enough to look after my own kid,” Louis stated sadly.

    2,648 7
    6 Avoidance

    “You’re sticking up for them even though they are the ones who at this moment in time are trying to make your life difficult,”

    “I’m not sticking up for them; I’m just trying to survive being here.”

    “And I’m trying to help you by defending you,”

    2,722 7
    7 Mummy Horatio

    “Do you think she does want to give the baby up for adoption?” Horatio asked him a serious tone in his voice.

    “I don’t know,” Louis answered sadly.

    “What would you do if she wants to? Would you let her or would you take care of the baby yourself?”

    2,305 6
    8 Hiding in the dormitory

    “Oh come on you can’t hide up here forever you know,”

    “Who says that I’m hiding?”

    “I say that you’re hiding, you’re hiding from those idiots down in the common room.”

    “I think we can see why you don’t have any other friends.” Louis told him slowly

    “I don’t need other friends, I’ve got you forever.”

    2,290 7
    9 Seeing Freya

    “So what are you going to be doing today?”

    “I’m going to Freya’s house and try and see her.”

    “Would that be a good idea with her dad around?” Victoire asked in concern, she didn’t want her brother to have to face Ted Jackson on his own.

    Louis gave a shrug, “I honestly don’t care, and I need to see Freya.”

    2,564 5
    10 Standing up for what you believe in

    Ted glared down at the boy standing in front of him.

    “You may be able to bully Freya, but there’s no way on earth you can bully me. I can stand up for myself, you don’t scare me.”

    Louis hoped that he wasn’t going to end up regretting his words.

    3,198 5
    11 Getting back to normality

    Horatio screwed his face up slightly as though he didn’t believe his words, “You’re just trying to get my hopes up Louis.”

    “I’m not,” Louis said with a small laugh, “she really has been flirting with you. It pains me to say it as she’s my cousin, but I think that maybe you should ask her out.”

    “Why would she be interested in me?” Horatio asked as they made their way to the sixth year boys dormitory, the room was empty, the other occupant’s more than likely still at dinner.

    2,432 5
    12 Missing you

    He could see that the front room of his house was empty, save from the furniture that normally occupied it, nothing seemed different, and nothing showed that another person was now staying at the house.

    “Freya,” Louis choked out, calling out into the empty room. “Is anyone there?”

    2,491 3
    13 Three months

     Louis freaks out about becoming a father in three months time, whilst Horatio has to deal with meeting his older brother.

    3,945 5
    14 Apparation lessons

    “You two do seriously need to get a room,” Louis told Horatio quietly as the instructor called for everyone to pay attention to him. He was explaining to them the rules of apparation again before they could all try for themselves.

    “We’re in a room Louis, sadly the rest of you are all in it.” Horatio told him, before listening to the instructor.


    2,896 4
    15 The name game

    “I can’t believe that I am now legally allowed to apparate,” Horatio stated loudly as he let go of Steven and spun around happily holding his arms out.

    “Just think, all we've got left is our exams and then we can begin our summer holidays, I can apparate to yours all the time.” Horatio said happily.

    “I can’t wait,” Louis told them. “For the summer holidays I mean. Not for you apparating over all the time.”

    2,471 4
    16 The trouble with letters

    Horatio let out another groan, “why does my brother have to ruin everything?”


    2,409 4
    17 Sleepless

    “Freya sent me an owl yesterday. She’s not happy.” Louis stated, leaning across his bed to pick up the now tatty letter. Louis couldn't help but read it over and over again during the night, her words playing on his mind and causing him to freak out more and more as time went on.

    “Freya’s never happy,” Horatio told Louis honestly as he took the letter and began to read it.


    2,308 4
    18 Going home

     He felt a nudge in his side and he turned to look at Lucy, who was smiling and nodding in the direction of where Horatio and Molly were sat, Louis turned to see that Horatio and Molly had both fallen asleep, Molly’s head was resting on Horatio’s shoulder.

    2,822 4
    19 Preparing

     Louis took a deep breath as he realised that the end of June was drawing closer, it seemed that the days were going by so quickly and he would be a father before he knew what had hit him. There were times when it took him a while to realise that he was in fact going to become a father and that it wasn’t some joke that Freya was playing on him.

    2,149 4
    20 Final scan

     “Do you ever get worried that Freya will give birth on your birthday?” Horatio asked Louis later that night. He had turned up twenty minutes ago, telling Louis that he had missed hanging around with him and that he was bored at home. Horatio was currently juggling with a set of hand sized bean bags that emitted different coloured lights every time that they landed in his hands.

    2,753 6
    21 The one where Horatio makes Freya cry

    “You act like you’re going out with each other.” Freya stated to them.

    Horatio shifted on his seat in discomfort as Molly bit her lip and looked down at her ice cream.

    “No we don’t, we just like hanging around with each other.” Molly said with a shrug, Horatio agreed with her as he ate some of his ice cream.

    “Maybe you should stop flirting with each other then, it’s giving out the wrong impression.” Freya told them. 

    2,410 4
    22 Almost single digits

    “She seems to move around a lot more when I’m talking.”

    "She loves you, that’s why.” Louis told Freya, who looked up at him with a small smile that Louis noticed met her eyes as well.

    “Do you really think so?” she asked him honestly.

    “Of course, how could she not love you?”

    2,504 3
    23 Anger

     Horatio fumed before he stormed away from the kitchen table and out of the room, before any of them could stop him. Molly picked up her bag and chased after him, but not before throwing an angry look at Freya as she left.

    2,950 5
    24 Next day delivery

    Louis could only stare in shock as he felt the blood rushing from his head, she was on her way.

    Samantha was on her way.

    Could he do this?

    3,771 5
    25 What kind of dad will you be?

    “I’ve already decided that I’m going to be a cool uncle. You know, buy her lots of toys, and give her lots of sweets.” Horatio told him, interrupting Louis’s thoughts about how he was clearly going to be failing as a dad.

    “I’m not sure I approve of the sweets part.”

    “Ah, so you’re going to be one of those parents.”


    2,985 5
    26 Koukla

     “Let Molly hold her for a while, you can hold her again afterwards.”

    “Yeah,” Molly stated as Horatio tutted from next to her, “I’ve got to go home soon, dad wants to take me, mum and Lucy out for lunch.”

    “I suppose, but I want her back straight afterwards.” Horatio stated as he reluctantly handed Samantha over to Molly, who took her with a smile, before poking her tongue out at Horatio. He shook his head at her.

    2,124 4
    27 Meeting the family

     “You look beautiful, you always do.”

    “You have to say that,” Freya stated, looking down at their entwined hands.

    “I mean it Freya, I’ll always think that you’re beautiful.”

    Freya looked up and smiled at him in the mirror.

    “I’ll always love you, no matter what.”

    2,080 3
    28 Seven days

     “Hey, Horatio.” Louis said, hugging Horatio back before letting him go so that Horatio could come into the house and he could shut the door behind them.

    “I felt like I needed to come and keep you company.” Horatio told him honestly as he walked towards the front room, and looking around it. “It was a weird feeling, I thought it was indigestion at first.”

    “Indigestion? Well, whatever that feeling was, you have perfect timing, Horatio.”

    2,354 4
    29 Volunteering

     “If you drool on anything you’ll be buying it.” George stated from behind Horatio.

    2,176 4
    30 Seeing Nikolos

     “You look exhausted.”

    “Of course I do, I have a newborn baby.” Louis stated with a laugh, before taking Samantha from Horatio and attempting to soothe her.

    3,795 4
    31 Nicknames and party time

     “Well, I suppose it is all the trend nowadays. Your father needs to enjoy having such long hair before his genes take over and he goes bald like your Grandfather.”

    Louis had to hold in his laugh as he saw his fathers outraged face.

    “Thanks a lot mum,” Bill said. Molly turned to look at her son.

    3,756 3
    32 I need you

     He was dreaming, he had to be dreaming this. He was so sleep deprived, he just had to be imagining this. Why else would this be happening?

    2,881 7
    33 I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us

     Horatio watched his friend sadly, hating that Louis was falling apart in front of his eyes.

    3,800 5
    34 Not Going Back

     “I don’t want to go without you,” Horatio admitted sadly.

    4,157 7


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