Harry, Ron, Snape, Draco, OC
Romance, AU
Mild Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
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2004-04-10 10:06:24
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2005-08-24 16:37:50
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Nightmares, Death, and a Letter

Image hosted by Photobucket.com wouldn't YOU want Draco Malfoy? Chapter 16: It's Christmas?!?! IS UP!!!! After living as a muggle for 16 years, you are sent to live with your uncle, Richard Grimm, instead of being thrown into an orphanage. You are introduced to the wizarding world as the daughter of your uncle and are tutored for a month by none other than Draco Malfoy in order for you to be prepared for your one, and final, year at Hogwarts. Will sparks fly? But of course...

2724 44
2 Richard Grimm

meeting your evil uncle! yayness!

1658 12
3 The Grimm Manor

the intro to the Grimm manor where most of the story takes place... dun dun dun dun- NO! lol...

2764 22
4 Meeting the Malfoys

You meet the Malfoys and you and Draco go to Diagon Alley to get you a wand.

3420 22
5 1st Class Ticket to Hell

another vision, another tutoring session with Draco, go exploring the manor...

2387 15
6 Through the Crystal Ball

you find out some interesting things about you and also another tutoring session with draco...

2608 20
7 Diagon Alley

you and draco go into diagon alley to get your school supplies. this chapter includes ice cream, the golden trio, and broomstick-oggling.

4161 7
8 Birthday Wishes

yay! it's your birthday... wonder what happens? then READ IT!

2689 11
9 Haunting Memories

bruhahahahaha~ on a day off from tutoring, you decide to go back to the room of mirrors and horrors of your past are revealed again...

3999 28
10 The Hogwarts Express

yes, i finally got this one back up and runnin...

5662 6
11 Welcoming Feast

continuation of chapter 10...

3364 30
12 Of Moody Potions Masters

when snape is teaching, things get ugly...

3297 33
13 Welcome to my Life: part I

ummm... you learn about your past as you sit with Draco in the rain...

3227 37
14 Welcome to my Life: part II

continuation of chapter 13

4151 15
15 Slytherin vs. Gryffindor

a quidditch game... fun fun...

3253 42
16 It's Christmas?!?

christmas with the gang....

2856 12


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