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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Blaise (M), Skeeter, Grindelwald , Aberforth
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
James/Lily, Ron/Hermione
Drama, Romance, Action/Adventure
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-05-14 12:58pm
Last Chapter
2013-08-08 10:44am
Last Updated
2013-08-08 10:44am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue

Grindelwald's story

1,118 8
2 Chapter 2: Escape!

 Something wicked this way comes...

1,731 6
3 Chapter 3: The Leaky Cauldron

 Gellert has escaped Nurmengard, and is racing Voldemort to the Elder Wand-but where is Dumbledore buried?

2,918 1
4 The Battle Of Hogwarts.

 Gellert has discovered the wands location, and heads quickly to Hogwarts. Little does he know, that all hell is about to break loose...

4,615 3
5 Aftermath

 Changing perspective, Harry starts the road to the future. But there's a firey red head to deal with first. 

4,287 1
6 Chapter 6: Godric's Hollow.

Harry tells his story and makes an emotional trip back to where it all began. Meanwhile, Grindelwald ponders his next move.

6,692 0
7 Chapter 7: The Burrow.

 Harry and Ginny return to The Burrow, the trio discuss Grindelwald and the damage of Fred's death is revealled. Meanwhile, Grindelwald searches for a new lead.

5,428 0
8 Chapter 8: Rita Skeeter

 Gellert makes a new ally, while Harry finds some interesting objects in Gringotts.

4,919 0
9 Chapter 9: Gawain Robards

Robards makes a surprising offer, Hermione visits the Department of Magical Transportation while Gellert and Rita begin to put their plan into action.

4,727 0
10 Chapter 10: A Fateful Night.

 Harry and Ginny visit Teddy, Ron and Hermione discover something suspicious on a night out and Gellert and Rita are joined by some familar faces...

6,627 0
11 Chapter 11: The Order Reassembles

 Kingsley reforms the Order of the Phoenix, Gawain tracks down a certain reporter and Harry pays a visit to Grimmauld place with Bill and Ginny.

7,426 2
12 Chapter 12: Final Farewells

 The war took many lives. Harry and the others say goodbye to those closest to them one final time.

6,631 1
13 Chapter 13: Depature

 Ron and Hermione set out for Australia in search of Hermione's parents, Harry and Ginny's night out is interupted by a familiar face and the spy in the aurors is revealed. 

5,121 1
14 Chapter 14: Azkaban

 The Order and The Aurors head to Azkaban to qwell the riot, Gellert makes his move during the distraction and Ron and Hermione begin their journey across Australial.

5,781 0
15 Chapter 15: A Race Against Time.

 Grindelwald and his band of followers start the hunt for Ron and Hermione, while Harry and Robards track them down. It's a race against time, with severe conseqences for the loser.

5,246 1
16 Chapter 16: Pushed Back From The Brink

 Harry's body and mind took severe damage from the magic he used to defy Grindelwald. Can an unexpected appearance from an old friend  save him? Meanwhile, Ron and Hermione finally reach Murgon, but what will be in store for them?

6,379 0
17 Chapter 17: Recruitment

 Harry, Ron and Hermione make a surprise decision, while Grindelwald travels alone across Europe in search of his old friends. And an old enemy contacts Harry, forcing the Aurors' hand.

5,741 0
18 Chapter 18: The Rescue.

 Hermione's parents are finally healed, the Aurors launch an operation to rescue their informant, while Ron makes a surprising revalation to Harry.

5,942 1
19 Chapter 19: James's Idea

 James comes up with an idea at an Order meeting, Harry holds a D.A meeting again, before meeting with an old friend. Arthur makes an announcement 

9,228 0
20 Chapter 20: Dudley

 Harry searches for Dudley, drops a bombshell on Malfoy, and the trio finally move into Grimmauld Place. 

5,486 0
21 Chapter 21: Old Friends.

 The Order of The Phoenix join forces with Dumbledore's army, Harry and Dean pay a visit to Little Whinging and Gellert ties up his loose ends.

5,776 3
22 Chapter 22: An interesting start.

 Ginny and Hermione return to Hogwarts for a final time. Harry and Ron start work at the auror office, and make an immediate impact. On top of all this, James's plan is finally put into action, as the Aurors and the Order join together in an attempt to strike down Grindelwald.

8,400 2
23 Chapter 23: Zabini

Zabini goes on trial, and Harry tracks a familar face. Meanwhile Ginny gets career advice and Gellert makes some new allies

5,100 2
24 Chapter 24: Will You Do Me The Honour

 The Aurors investigate a kidnapping, before Harry and Ron pay Hogwarts a visit. Ron ends up costing Ginny five galleons.

5,179 2
25 Chapter 25: Kreacher

 With Dedalus in trouble, the Aurors are unable to attack Grindelwald. But if Harry Ron and Hermione got out once, can Harry and Ron get back in now?

5,169 1
26 Chapter 26: Family's important

Ron and George reveal their news to the family, Grindelwald strikes back and Harry goes missing on Halloween...

5,227 3
27 Chapter 27: Quidditch and Tracking

 Germany play Ireland for the world cup as Harry and Ron chase up a lead, while Ginny's Gryffindor face Hufflepuff at Hogwarts.

4,452 1
28 Chapter 28: Christmas at The Burrow Again

 Grindelwald takes a back seat in the minds of our heroes, as they enjoy a happy christmas together.

4,216 2
29 Chapter 29: January Blues

With the holidays over, not long remains before the Aurors confront Grindelwald at Malfoy Manor. Could this be the end of Grindelwald, and his quest for the Elder Wand?

3,881 3
30 Chapter 30: The Spoils of War

The attack begins. Could this be the end? Read on to find out.

2,187 2
31 Chapter 31: Strike Back

 Grindelwald hits back, Harry gets some interesting mail, and Ginny's Quidditch team play Ravenclaw. Meanwhile, Ron does something he calls "the greatest achivement of his life."

3,763 0
32 Chapter 32: The Double Agent

 A new source brings Harry and Ron some vital new information, and Gawain's team investigate in Germany.

4,082 2
33 Chapter 33: Abduction

Gawain agrees they can use Sabine, Harry and Ron do some investigating in Hogsmede, but it all goes horribly wrong.

4,117 3
34 Chapter 34: Nurenmgard

 Harry, Hermione and Ginny head off on a rescue mission, closely followed by Gawain and his Aurors. But Grindelwald and the might of the Consecrat lie in wait...

5,334 3
35 Chapter 35: Gryffindor Vs Slytherin

 With Grindelwald defeated, Ginny faces one final battle-Slytherin for the Quidditch cup. But when one of her players suffers a serious injury, can the much sought after victory be achieved?

4,113 3
36 Epilogue

 Our heroes tie their various knots, in a happy ending to their story.

3,219 5


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