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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Voldemort, Cho, Ginny
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
General, Action/Adventure, Angst
Mild Language, Mild Violence
Story Reviews
First Published
2004-04-09 9:17pm
Last Chapter
2018-04-26 7:52am
Last Updated
2018-04-26 7:52am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Back at Privet Drive

continuation into Harry's seventh year, following Harry Potter and the Wizard's Debt. We see the return of one our most beloved characters and the loss of others from the Dark Lord. He finally accepts his fate under the prophecy and prepares for the final battle against Voldemort, but he still has to deal with secrets, friends, old and new enemies, the clueless ministry, vindictive teachers, all while trying to surrvive his seventh year NEWTS.

2,621 77
2 Aunt Marge's Visit

Harry's er- Aunt Marge comes to visit. )what joy!)

2,271 25
3 An Eventful Birthday

Harry gets a bunch of letters for his birthday, and has a rather unpleasant surprise.

3,566 32
4 Golden Revelations

Conversations about the Dementors and a few secrets revealed regaurding Petunia.

3,363 26
5 Back at Grimmuald Place

Harry returns to 12 Grummuald Place, and has a few lessons to learn. Enter life and trainers.

4,102 40
6 Setting the Stage

we see a few changes in a few characters and we're of to the Ministry for Apparation tests.

3,526 22
7 A Sirius Affair

a few arguments at the ministry...

3,222 21
8 Out of Order

hmmm...a few talks about animagi, a wedding, and a wierd moment for Harry

5,594 14
9 A Potter History

a little bit on Harry's family history my way

5,353 16
10 Choose Your Battles

eventful day in Diagon Alley?

3,758 20
11 Contemplative Discussions

what the title says...conversations with various people.

4,679 26
12 Off To Hogwarts We Go

the group heads back to Hogwarts.

6,351 24
13 Start of Term Notices

the first day of classes, aren't those always fun?

6,710 23
14 Musings and Misunderstandings

more classes...a few misplaced opinions in every direction, and a few fights to add a nice color in the mix

5,108 31
15 First Week Encounters

Harry has loads more fun with classes, Malfoy, Snape, Ginny, and gets a brilliant idea that will only cause trouble...oh and he's seeing things too...

6,311 18
16 A Reason to Doubt

Harry finally gets an accurate reason to doubt Stratum among other things...

7,908 23
17 Charmed Opposition

harry has different encounters with different people..both good and bad come out of each meeting.

7,671 17
18 Talking the Blues Away

Harry has a few classes and then a conversation with Dumbledore...

5,845 22
19 Shifting Burdens

Hermione finds out what Harry's hiding. Harry gets another brilliant idea. Uhmm...a showdown between Malfoy and Stratum. Fred and George make an appearance and a DA meeting to top it off.

8,146 17
20 Trials of the Lost and Found

a few various things happening. coming to the end of the school term before the holidays. a class, a few fights, and some important clues about things happening...

8,079 18
21 Of Snakes, Suspicions, and Secrets

Christmas holidays are approaching. Harry has a few conversations and learns a few things that confuse him even more as he makes a trip into the Chamber of Secrets.

8,430 13
22 The Yule Ball

a lot of awkward moments between friends at the Yule Ball

8,513 23
23 Christmas Surprise?

it's Christmas Day and everyone has a few surprises waiting for them througout the day...

8,852 20
24 Off to St. Mungo's We Go

lots of things happening at the wizarding hospital

7,466 4
25 A Sirius Rumor

discussion about attack with DA and Dumbledore

8,640 6
26 Wrong Turns in Every Direction

Potions class with Stratum and a secret revealed during a trip to the Forbidden Forest to an unwelcome person.

8,101 18
27 It's All in the Eye of the Beholder

Luna's wise? Does Trelawney ever make sense? Neville's finally clued in, and we go back into the Chamber.

8,241 21
28 A Surprise Encounter

Upcoming meeting with Skeeter comes up and Harry finally runes into Sirius.

6,615 21
29 ' O' Fudge'

article in Prophet about Sirius and Longbottom theory, uhmm a meeting with Dumbledore and Fudge, and another talk with Sirius

7,094 25
30 Quidditch Finals

focus is mainly around the quidditch match.

7,594 17
31 To Question a Snake

Harry has a few run-ins with various Slytherins, the Chamber again, and the snake within himself.

6,686 75
32 Anger Advancing

Dumbledore returns, along with a certain pig-faced Ministry official. Harry's anger escalates as he wonder's about Cho and pieces together the Runes.

4,309 41
33 Trouble's Brewing

Harry talks with Dumbledore and basically discuss some things with the DA as the NEWTS draw near.

4,346 45
34 Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Exams

NEWTS are upon us

6,758 22
35 What the Future Holds

Group discuss time after Hogwarts, but something always interrupts such an occasion

6,169 41
36 A Sight Unseen

Trelawney takes Harry into the Chamber of Secrets where he finds Cho and Voldemort waiting for him.

1,734 35
37 The Way of a Hero

final battle...last chapter

5,189 110


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