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Dumbledore, Lupin, A. Longbottom, F. Longbottom, James, Lily, Sirius, Pettigrew, OC
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Sirius/OC, Other Pairing
Drama, Humor, Romance
Strong violence, Scenes of a sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-04-19 1:47pm
Last Chapter
2013-07-27 8:06am
Last Updated
2017-06-20 1:37pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Sirius Black

Join the Potters as they try and answer a very important question - where is Sirius Black?

2,048 88
2 Hogwarts Express

The train was already starting to slow down, and that could only mean one thing, they were almost home.

3,531 68
3 Head Boy and Girl

Lily felt another rush of the newly found guilt-coated happiness flooding her. Head Girl!

6,255 65
4 A Night of Surprises

Old memories, shadows in the corridor, and an empty flask.

10,769 55
5 Secrets Surrounding Us

“I’m sorry mate, I know he’s a git and all, but he’s still your brother and-”  

“No. You’re my brother.”

4,398 48
6 The Picture of Friendship

 "We’ll figure something out...eventually. We have all the time in the world, right?” James locked fingers with her as he spoke.

7,314 42
7 Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs

James kicked his front hooves a few times, prancing them over the hardened dirt. The sensation of power tingled through him and the muscles of his four, large legs ached to run.

7,509 29
8 No More Secrets

Not even the screams of the ambulances could break through his delirium. Cars stopped behind the cones, but he couldn’t hear any of it. That silence was as terrifying as the glass covering the street.

9,488 29
9 One of Theirs

“There has been an attack.” Lily heard the breath catch in Alice’s throat. She squeezed her friend’s hand tighter, eager for Dumbledore to continue.

4,681 27
10 Constant Vigilance

“Mr. Longbottom, put your wand away. Mr. Rosier, out in the hall, now.” Professor McGonagall’s voice snapped through the room, but neither student moved.

7,863 28
11 The Order

“I thought it was kind of silly before, when they called it the Wizarding War in the Daily Prophet. Now I realized how stupid I was. Because that’s exactly what it is.”

5,687 25
12 Hogsmeade

James stepped away from the counter before glancing sheepishly up at her. He reached into his cloak pocket, and out of it pulled a small bundle of golden fur that couldn’t have been any larger than a Remembrall.

8,639 22
13 Revelations

“I left my ‘ome… rather I was told to leave ‘ome and not return because I made a decision zat my parents could not agree with,” Belle began as she stood up from the sofa and seated herself next to the fire.

7,904 23
14 Build Up

“Course, and that’s how it’ll always be. Even after you and Lily have a big girly wedding and loads of kids, you’ll still have us,” Peter said with a nod.

7,905 14
15 Not Just Friends

“James? You’re not so bad, you know,” she said with a smirk that looked so practiced, he was certain she must’ve picked it up from Sirius.

8,169 18
16 A Day for Madness

And with a quick flash of white teeth and red hair, she was gone, an echo of catcalls from his team trailing behind her.

7,942 13
17 Breaking Curfew

Yes, James Potter was definitely wearing off on her.

6,852 14
18 Baby Steps

“We’re going to France,” Sirius echoed, giving her a smile that sent butterflies through her stomach.

6,599 14
19 Train Rides and Memory Lane

As laughter and chatter surrounded Lily, students all making their way from their compartments, she felt her spirits rise even higher. Yes, it was her first Christmas without her family, but it was also her first with James.

4,854 11
20 No Turning Back

Everything would work out how it was supposed to.

5,295 13
21 When Past Collides With Present

“But before we go in that house, I want you to think about how much of you they’d strip away, who they’d turn you into, in trade for those things they’d give.

9,985 14
22 Holding On To You

“So, you’re an amateur magician. At least you aren’t Petunia’s unfortunate little sister who isn’t ready to leave her special school in Scotland yet,” Lily grumbled, her breath circling around them as she spoke.

6,555 13
23 Surviving the First Defy

She was dizzy. She was exhausted. But she was alive. She was alive. And right now, she didn’t know if she could say the same for James.

5,806 14
24 Christmas Day

“Girls?” Olivia said, reaching forward and taking Lily’s hand in her soft, slender one. “I really am so happy to have you all here. Merry Christmas.”

5,675 17
25 Trouble on the Hogwarts Express

It wasn’t long until his attention was back on the small item Lily had given him for Christmas. After looking all around to be sure no one was near, he stopped and leaned against a window then gripped the ball in his palm; the cool metal felt oddly comforting to his clammy hand.

5,147 12
26 The Marauder's Map

Belle didn’t know why she was heading into the storm, but before she could think twice she was pushing the doors open, heaving wood creaking against rusty hinges.

6,415 11
27 A Game of Sorts

No matter how hard they tried to protect their students, no matter what they did to keep their Order members safe, it never felt like enough. Yes, as usual, Albus was correct. There really was always something to worry about.

6,161 16
28 Valentine's Day

“Did you ever think it would get like this?” she asked, glancing up at him as large tears pooled in her eyes. “Did you ever think it would be this bad? That we could hurt this much for people we’ve never even met?”

8,460 15
29 Dueling Lessons

Alice remained silent, a large tear running down her cheek. “I can’t lose him,” she mumbled, turning her head and burying it into Lily’s shoulder.

8,329 14
30 Compromising and Conniving

Lily laughed at Belle’s matter-of-fact tone, and she was certain that the blonde was right about Violet’s game. But it still baffled Lily. Didn’t Violet realize that there were more important things than trying to steal someone’s boyfriend out from under their nose?

8,516 12
31 How To Love You

“You’re a handful, Lily Evans,” James said as nestled his head into the curve of her neck, pushing the table over so he could lay down next to her.

6,817 18
32 Alrek's Plans

Then maybe, if that thought would have crossed her mind, she’d have been prepared. Her wand wouldn’t have been left lying on the floor beside Butterscotch’s bowls.

5,476 14
33 A Servant's Attack

“There’s nowhere to go now, pretty Lily,” Alrek said with a merciless laugh. “And now all you’ve done is make me very angry.”

8,496 16
34 Accepting and Understanding

A humorless chuckle slipped from Remus. “It’s incredible that you can still believe the best of people, even after what’s happened to you.” He reached over and grabbed her hand while they spoke, squeezing it lightly.

5,953 19
35 Lily's Creation

How on earth someone survived with such a suffocating bunch of friends, she had no idea. But she was certainly thankful they were hers.

7,955 14
36 The Last Match

After a torturous wait, Madam Hooch appeared. James had to fly down a few feet, then took the Ravenclaw captain’s hand in his own. The sweaty palm of his opponent calmed James’s nerves. They were worried... the Ravenclaws. They knew what they were up against.

7,710 14
37 A Test of Wills

A rattling sort of sound, like the breath of person whose lungs were filled with fluid, stole Lily’s attention. It came again, and Lily realized it was the inhaling of the hooded figure.

7,823 16
38 Forever Frozen In Time

He knew that knife. He knew the monster who wielded it.

9,916 21
39 The Force That Drives Us

“Professor,” Lily finally said, her impatience outweighing James’s need to take in every detail. “We need to help. We know you have something, a group, that work against Voldemort. We want--need--to be part of it.”

6,488 49


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