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    Harry, Ron, Hermione, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Molly, Percy, George, OtherCanon
    Primary Relationship
    Secondary Relationship(s)
    Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
    Drama, Fluff, Romance
    Strong Language, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
    Story Reviews
    Work In Progress (WIP)
    First Published
    2012-04-15 11:59am
    Last Chapter
    2013-09-17 3:19pm
    Last Updated
    2013-10-16 10:04am

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    Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
    1 A Cake For Freddie

    A new Weasley baby has arrived, and his grandmother is working hard to prepare for the celebrations. Her children and their partners are gathering from all over the country, and it seems that more than one of them has an announcement...
    Chapter One. Chapter Two will be written from the POV of Hermione.

    Please review,  this is my second fic and I would love to have some feedback! 

    1,631 16
    2 Hermione's Hideaway

    If Hermione had explained that they needed the fireplace for their morning commute, she felt sure that the estate agent would have called up the landlord and told him that unfortunately, that lovely young couple were clearly nuts and he couldn’t recommend that they be taken on as tenants. So, she’d simply smiled, thanked the baffled man for his advice, and asked him when they could sign the contract. 

    3,391 13
    3 A Growing Gathering

    Hermione was surprised by his warmth, the soft heaviness of the baby’s body in her arms. His wide, dark eyes seemed to be placidly inspecting her, rosebud lips parting to reveal the tip of a pink tongue. He blew a bubble at her, and Hermione instinctively wiped the spittle from his cheek with the edge of his blanket, her gentle touch yet another surprise.
    ‘Hello Freddie,’ she said quietly. ‘I’m Hermione.’ 

    3,864 11
    4 Beneath a Starry Canvas

    Harry’s mind, however, had wandered from Fleur’s beauty. Now, he thought of the time - many years ago now- when he’d thought a Grim had been stalking him. He’d been terrified by the great black dog staring at him with hunger in its eyes. Now Harry felt the familiar regret that tightened his chest every time he thought of Sirius waiting for hours in his Animagus form, just for a glimpse of his godson, the boy with Lily and James so visible in his features.

    4,793 8
    5 The Humming Heart

    Hermione thought suddenly of old Mad-Eye Moody barking his mantra, ‘CONSTANT VIGILANCE!’ and laughed nervously to herself at the thought of what he would have said, had he known that she would one day apply his wisdom to hiding a pregnancy test at the office. 

    2,994 10
    6 Tempers Frayed and Secrets Told

    'You work quite hard too, Granny,’ Victoire said slowly. ‘But you’re not tired.’

    Molly suppressed a grin. ‘Oh, really?’

    ‘Yes,’ said Victoire, nodding solemnly. ‘You’re always sort of... fizzy. Like a Whizbee.’

    Molly laughed and leaned down to kiss Victoire’s white-blonde curls just as the fireplace glowed suddenly emerald. Arthur stirred and, arms folded around Dominique, peered sleepily into the flames.

    5,490 8
    7 Harper's Hill

    The words hung in the air like shrapnel, and the Potters stared at each other in shock. Tears spilled suddenly down Ginny’s cheeks, and she turned on her heel and ran from the kitchen, slamming the door behind her. She left Harry alone, his mouth agape and his heart feeling frozen in his chest.

    3,874 9
    8 A Wilted Petunia

    A figure swayed unsteadily in the hallway, blinking reddened eyes at the brightly illuminated tip of Harry’s wand, which was levelled at her chest.
    ‘Harry... is that you?’ Petunia whispered.

    4,303 8
    9 Meeting the Midwife

    ‘Good afternoon!’ a cheerful voice trilled, and Hermione stepped out of the fireplace to find a woman beaming at her from behind a huge, curved desk. ‘Welcome to the Lady Artemis Hospital for Witches. Can I help you?’

    5,377 5
    10 Memories Amongst Mourners

    She looked better than when Harry had seen her last, mainly due to the fact that she appeared to be quite sober, but her eyes were still tinged with red and she was thinner than ever before.

    3,662 6
    11 Tears at Bathtime

    It was hard for Hermione, usually ruled by logic and reason, to accept that her hormones and emotions were quite out of her control, but it was a truth that she'd had to acknowledge as she'd increasingly found herself weeping over everything; just last week, she'd had to hurry into Madam Hipp's office to hide the tears prompted by being unable to locate a stapler.

    3,758 8


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