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Fred, Teddy, Albus, James (II), Lily (II), Rose, Victoire, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Secondary Relationship(s)
Drama, Humor, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
Story Reviews
First Published
2012-03-20 4:33pm
Last Chapter
2013-02-10 11:25am
Last Updated
2013-02-10 11:25am

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Joy

My name is Faith and I have none.

1,068 10
2 On the Platform

“Well, you’re just as sweet as ever Val. Really, how can you stand being so kind-hearted and nurturing?”


1,892 6
3 The End of Avoidance

“Alright, alright. You can beat up any bloke, any day, with both hands tied behind your back. And you’re not beastly. You’re beautiful and delicate like a rose. A rose with thorns. A lot of sharp, vicious thorns.”

1,511 3
4 Encounter by the Lake

          She looked at me skeptically. “…Right. You know, just because I’m Greek, doesn’t mean I’m stupid.”
          “What does being Greek have anything to do with a person’s intelligence level?”

1,896 3
5 A Strange Request

         Fred ran a hand through his hair. “So, like, I can ask you an… unusual favor and it won’t be weird?”
          I blinked. “What are you getting at, Fred? Am I going to want to punch you?

2,199 7
6 Tutoring

     I rolled my eyes. “Zeke, I realize I may eat more than the average girl, but you, sir, are a bottomless pit. Your stomach is like a black hole.”
      “More than the average girl?” Zeke asked incredulously. “You eat like a bloody monster!

3,594 3
7 Memories

        “My sister is my everything,” I began, my voice quiet but strong. “Ever since I was born, she was the most important person in my life. I understood her and she understood me.”

5,284 14
8 Confrontation in the Library

          I lifted my head. “How?”
          “Fred told me,” she said. I smiled slightly. She and Fred weren’t dating, not by a long shot, but they had started talking to each other. Fred was practically floating down the hallways nowadays. I don’t know when he decided to get so cute.

3,696 6
9 Turning Tables

       All blokes are a bit creepy at that age. Just look at Hugo. He’s thirteen right now and is a complete freak when it comes to the opposite gender. The kid stole the socks of a girl he fancies and smells them every night.

4,287 7
10 Visit

             "Hi, Joy," I whispered.

3,143 11
11 Flight

      “Hmm, James Potter. Very attractive and, as Val said, excellent at Quidditch. He’s rather intelligent and kind, if a bit aloof. He also has taken a rather large fancy to Val.”

4,713 12
12 Friendly Acquaintances

       "Worst of all, though,” Al’s voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper, “he asked Uncle Percy about his job! And he was sincere! And interested!”

5,363 5
13 Talking

           “I sound like a dying cat when I sing,” James said in a matter-of-fact voice.

3,636 12
14 The Match

          “Wow. I must not know my own strength. Or you’re just a wimp. Probably both.”

5,544 13
15 Jealousy and A Letter

          He left with a salute. Al gave me an odd look. “Baker Blaker?”
          “Don’t be so critical of another person’s pet name, Allison.” Al winced. That’s right. Don’t mess with me, Potter.
           “I changed my mind,” Al muttered. “Call me Ally all you want.” Bam. Victory is mine.

4,624 9
16 Breakdown

          That was the difference between James and everyone else. Everyone accepted what I said and did at face value. None of my supposed friends questioned me after I ignored them for a week. But not James. He could see me better than anyone else. He understood

4,983 6
17 Unexpected Guest

          “He’s waiting for a letter from his girlfriend,” Albus put in. I glared at him.
          “She is not my girlfriend,” I insisted. “She’s my friend. Who’s a girl. She’s my friend-girl.”

7,192 8
18 A Very Weasley Christmas

          James gripped my face between his hands. “Because it’s made you stronger. You may not see it, but you are the strongest person I know. You have put other people’s happiness above your own since you were ten years old.

4,356 11
19 Important Discussions

           I looked out over the snow covered gardens, biting my lip. George… knew. He knew exactly how I felt. And here he was, one of the most upbeat, cheerful people I’ve ever met. He’s happily married and has a wonderful family. He lost the person closest to him, his other half, but he was fine.

5,172 4
20 Tension

         “You’re a git,” I told him, leaning my head on his shoulder.
          “Yes, but I’m your git,” he laughed. I smiled slightly, tilting my head so that my face was buried in his neck.
          “You smell good,” I murmured.

4,947 6
21 Tipping Point

“I love you.”

5,384 22
22 Nothing

           Time passed. It always does. I could feel every agonizing second as it slipped away, cutting into my skin like a million tiny papercuts.

5,714 11
23 Waking Up

                It was James’s shirt. The one he let me borrow when I spent the night in his room. It was only a couple weeks ago, but it felt so much longer. I stared at the back of the shirt, where “Potter” was emblazoned across the back. A familiar pain twisted in my stomach and I set the shirt aside. I missed him.

4,315 5
24 Shake It Out

               The fact of the matter is change is a frightening thing. Once you acclimate yourself to something, even something that’s entirely self-destructive, it’s so difficult to give it up

5,400 6
25 Happy

             I finally understood how it truly feels to be happy

6,760 10
26 Epilogue

      I prefer to see it as having a little faith.

3,148 41


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