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Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Blaise (M), Scorpius, Albus, Rose, OC, OtherCanon
Primary Relationship
Other Pairing
Secondary Relationship(s)
Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione
Horror/Dark, Mystery, Romance
Next Generation
Strong Language, Strong Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme, Contains Spoilers
Story Reviews
Work In Progress (WIP)
First Published
2012-02-26 6:50pm
Last Chapter
2014-01-14 3:30pm
Last Updated
2014-01-14 3:30pm

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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 Prologue: The Week of Tears

The next time you think Gryffindors are the heroes, the ones who persevered, who fought against injustice, remember us.

Remember the Slytherins.

1,615 11
2 Drama

“Come with me. I believe Nick has some business to attend to, so Mr. Potter will have to wait outside my office,” the professor decided, and Al and I shot each other looks. This was a great way to start the year.

4,268 7
3 Potions

“Insult me when your house isn’t known as a bunch of duffers. Mean duffers, I’ll give you that, but trusting? Really? Your not brave, or smart, and certainly not as brilliant as we Slytherins! Seriously, what the hell are you guys? Hufflepuff? Even the name sounds like a load of fluff! I don’t even know what you’re traits are supposed to be! It sure as hell isn’t kind or caring!”

5,540 9
4 The Plan

This plan would probably fail, but one thing was indefinite.

Slytherin was not going down without a fight.

4,290 6
5 Of Impromptu Defiance and Quidditch Tryouts

EVERY TIME YOU PRAY TO MERLIN, HE WON’T LISTEN! EVEN IF YOU PRAY YOUR BROTHER WON’T DIE, HE WON’T LISTEN! YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY?” Al looked more enraged than ever. “MERLIN WAS A SLYTHERIN! THAT’S RIGHT! HE WAS A-” I covered my ears, not wanting to hear Albus’s probably very inappropriate adjective. “-SLYTHERIN! A SLYTHERIN!”

3,953 6
6 Secrets and Surprises

“What? If I’m a Slytherin, my role model is obviously Voldemort, and he had no issues with killing small children, so why should I?” Thomas paused as if in deep thought. “Actually, if you take out the mass-murder bit, Voldemort actually should be my role model. He was ambitious, pretty smart, and he had a following of devoted minions. What else could I want?”

3,656 5
7 Lottie and Thomas

“Come on, I’ll help you,” she said, and I let out a sigh of relief. Maybe today hadn’t been so bad after all; I had friends willing to help me write a thirteen-foot essay that was due tomorrow, and our mission hadn’t failed. Yet.

That was a new record, in my world.

4,466 4
8 Biding Our Time

Seriously, why did we have to take the moral high ground? Wasn’t that Gryffindor’s job, so we Slytherins could go plot the world’s destruction in peace?

3,992 6
9 (Hypothetically) Things Fall Apart

Hypothetically, if we were planning something, as a professor wouldn’t you have to turn us in?” Lottie asked suspiciously, while simultaneously mocking Professor Zabini.

“Well, hypothetically, I would, unless there was no proof besides the words of two thirteen-year-olds, who said before they were writing essays until the early hours of the morning, and therefore could never have done anything,” he replied, not missing a beat.

3,211 5
10 Halloween

“I think Nicole’s a pretty name,” he said finally, before smiling. I let out a sigh of relief and he cracked up.

“You don’t know how worried I was that you would-” I started, but again, the stupid Hufflepuff knew.

“-start a pity fest? You’re like my brother; he never wanted to tell anyone he was adopted,” he finished, smiling. And for some odd reason, I returned it. “Dear Merlin, the apocalypse is coming!” he declared, jumping up. “Nicole Warrington just smiled!”

4,869 8
11 The Match

NICK!” I heard someone bellow, a split second before I felt the crunch at the back of my right shoulder. I screamed, not expecting the hit, and watched helplessly as Kenzie, who had turned at the sound of my scream, get hit in the head, and topple down towards the earth.

6,045 6
12 Consequences

How could I look Al and Piper in the face and tell them what was happening? How could I tell them I lied, just to make it worse? How would I tell them I couldn’t be around them anymore? How could I tell them they needed to move on? How could I tell them I was going to die?

2,899 9
13 The Fighter

I was Nicole Warrington. I was a stubborn, violent, angry fighter.

I was a fighter.

4,055 15
14 Interlude

“It’ll be alright. It will be fine. Just stay awake, Nick. Help is coming; you’re going to make it,” Al told her, and just kept repeating the same things. Just as her eyes were closing, Nick, her arm shaking with the effort, reached her other hand into her pocket and pulled out a photograph, slowly tracing something onto the back, before handing it to Albus.

3,540 8
15 Happy Christmas

“Why would they keep her under sedation?” Piper asked quietly, her previous anger gone.

Liam sighed. “They think she’s ‘dangerous’; mentally unstable. But, honestly, who wouldn’t be, after what he put her through?” Piper just nodded, and so did Liam. After a while, his face creased. “What was it you said earlier, Piper? About Nick and-”

“Me?” a voice asked, and Owen appeared from nowhere.

4,946 12
16 Mad World

But as she walked up the stairs, despite everything, Albus couldn’t help but think how beautiful she looked.

4,249 11
17 Lego House

I'm going to pick up the pieces, and build a lego house.

If things go wrong we can knock it down.

4,727 5
18 The Detention Party

A letter, awkwardness, and some more Potter drama.

3,760 6
19 Falling to Pieces

Rhys and Alyssa were more than aware of Albus’s insomniatic tendencies, as well as Piper’s nightmares, so if they could help each other, they were fine with it

3,448 9
20 Perhaps, possibly, just maybe not so broken after all.


3,697 6
21 The James Factor

But before he completely lost consciousness, as the pain spread through his blood like venom, he felt a strong pair of arms scoop him up, screaming. Something in the back of his mind told him it was Rhys, but Flynn found he couldn’t even try to reply.

Luckily, darkness warmly embraced him. It was finally over.

6,660 5
22 the world hanging upside-down

Signing the letter, Professor Zabini sent it off into the night. If anyone could save the Slytherins, it was Jane. She was his last hope.

5,993 13
23 Give Me Love

“You have to swear not to tell anyone. I wasn’t supposed to know this, and I don’t know if they can handle this information right now,” Liam responded. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone.”

“I promise.”

4,526 5
24 You feel like laughing, but then you start to cry

As advanced as the wizarding world is in treating things like lycanthropy and brain tumors, they really don’t give a bother about mental disorders, at least not enough to make up-to-date medicine for them.

3,308 4
25 I see (love) when I close my eyes

Sighing, he put his head in his hands. There were a lot of things he was going to do differently with Nick if--when--she was back.

3,866 14


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